Don’t forget about yourself!! 

While most mothers are busy prepping items for their LO(lil one).. don’t forget we needta prep items for us mummies too!!

So here are some essential items I needta get for myself which Ive been reading up or tips from my friends:

1) Nursing bras

Well if you are trying immediately for BF. Definitely needed get those nursing bras that allows you to open the buttons at the front or unclip hooks.Easier management and quick to disengage to provide the boobies to the baby..

Can buy them at Q10 but if you feel uncomfortable coz no trying right, put this item in Wishlist for the next Babyfair!

2) Nipple pads

These goes along with nursing bras…again to be placed in ur bras to make sure you dont have round wet rings  on your shirt! BF leaks so you need these to absorb the milk and avoid those unsightly rings or wet boobs syndrome! I didnt know these existed till I keep reading…thanks to other mamas whom have shared such knowledge…plenty of brands again can be bought in Q10! coz its really cheaaap!!! my friend uses this Lansinoh brand which she said was good…she is giving me a pack of her leftovers…

3) Maternity pads + disposable underwears

So again if you are opting natural birth! needed in your bags. Depends on which hospital you are in… KKH charges these, they give you but chargeable items. TMC 2016 package gives a luggage of necessities to mummies complimentary so just bring more incase you use them up. Coz the blood post birth soaks up the pads really fast! The first week I was told is heaviest…also from my miscarriage experience this is true…Some mummies buy the maternity pads while other opt for the overnight menstrual extra long thick pads which Kotex and Whisper has them..

Maternity pads by Kotex is available in NTUC/Redmart…while Spring Mothercare carries some other brands I believed as well.

Disposable underwear you can get them the cotton versions in Watsons/Mustafa…according to sizes of coz since Im plus size Im getting the men versions…coz women generic sizes cant freaking fit my big bums! These are important!! coz if you are bleeding you wldnt wanna stain your undies and keep washing…so wear and throw jela these disposbale underwear!

So yup these are items you can pack along in your maternity bags! No need bring so many coz its just insya allah most probably 2 days if all is ok!

Dnt forget while prepping you need to remember this…You FIRST before baby…actually never forget yourself coz if you do…you tend to be more depressed and stressed out….

Don’t overbuy as well coz most items you will tend to get them as gifts…especially clothes!

I’ll share what Ive gotten so far… Im not a shopaholic my friends can vouch for that! So if you wanna get tips from a person who do not spend so much or on a budget…hopefully my way of shopping could help you guys!


1.1kg Baby S…

I took an evening drink that has caffeine and now Im awake…yes I hear your naggings about caffeine in pregnancy..i do have a cuppa which is usually Tea..coz I am a Teh C avid lover but not on a daily basis! however I do have that occassional cafe coffee flavoured drinks when Im hanging out with my friends/hubby.. 1 cuppa/day dnt kill you in your pregnancy..it is recommended to stick to 2 cuppas/day…everything in moderation…

Here is my principle if I am too careful in my diet during pregnancy I believe Im just curbing my baby too much resulting in problems where allergics could happen or a fussy eater in the future? so i just balanced my meals and eat most stuff in moderation….that’s my theory and I dont need other young mamas to judge me…. insya allah my baby’s health is something I look after and doa daily but all these are also from HIM above…

So back to my appointment on Friday! i had to do the diabetes blood test resulting in drowning myself in a glucose bottled drink! after the first shot of blood drawn…

“This is the worse drink in my entire life” I seriously had the hangover feeling..nauseous attack plus light headedness and burping sensations!”

So I hold it up and mind you I went for the appointment alone coz hubby just came back from night shift and hadta rest…no problem there…

So I really felt like I was in my younger days holding up a hangover and not to fall flat! for 2 hours later I had to take the 2nd blood test again! Thank goodness no vomitting if not redo!

I bravely survived the glucose drink mania dreaded by all pregnant mommas!

And I saw My BABY S!! baby has grown miraculously well and has reached its 1st milestone!! 1.1kg yeaaaa

Grow and become my chubby squishy baby!! Mummy and baba cant wait to meet you!! and bite you my lil 1…

Starting to prep my neccessities for the lil 1…and of coz myself!! Shall blog maybe tomorrow..it is tomorrow already! maybe later la ok….

Needta get some rest! & not become an owl!!

Nitees ladies!!


My 3rd Trimester and its journey

Well well well!!I have reached my 3rd trimester soon in a few days time.. this is extremely exciting as all my morning sickness has disappeared and my appetitte is slowing kicking in with middle of the night hunger pangs..kebulur nak mampos at 2am and the sleepless nights!

My baby has been good to its mummy! I have lost 5kg in total from my pregnancy! and only gain less than 1kg! My baby S has absorbed the nutrients o so well! so that’s a good thing right!!

That is my healthy baby…can you see it has a nose bridge!!! mancung like the parents! lols…alhamdullilah giving me extreme pelvic pain and powerderful kicks..and good hiccups means that my Baby S is doing well! yes babies hiccups in the stomach…and it feels like light kicks but its constant they are hiccuping because they are learning to breathe and using their lungs! i believed this 1 will have good lung skills when its out!!!

So I wouldnt say I have sucha a wonderful pregnancy journey! but i wld say I am that few lucky ladies whom dont really change…

I still have my own face features…no bloated face no big nose…alhamdullilah no water retention on my feet…but u constantly look tired as baby is on a growing spurt chart following the growth trend. last check it was almost 700g at almost 6 months… so tomorrow is my checkup again let’s see the weight increase!

Edd in January! so the nervousness is kicking slowing just like the feeling if nak KAHWIN! betol ke ni skrg nak jadi MUMMY!!!


Soooo Dusty!! Salam Aidilfitri!

Da lama jugak da tak berblogging!

3 months ok silence in this blog, actually I have been extremely busy after marriage life with increasing workload from work until no time hor!

Raya also in negeri orang berkerja…SEDIH NAK MAMPOS! I was in Korea since 1st July until 10 July.

Takbir nak kene dengar through live streaming. I cannot imagine people who are not in their hometown, how sad it is celebrating without families and alone in some foreign country. I was nangis teresak-esak ok, sambil buka sampai tak tertelan makanan, terus lost appetite!

giphy (5).gif

Well the night of 6th July, my husband arrived in Korea and angkut la makanan raya for me…Thank goodness for my Mr.A existence, aku rasa kalau tak hari hari nangis HOMESICK!!!


My Mom, auntie and MIL packed for me my favs yang simple simple sahaja…kuah lodeh nie semua takde! But o wells, dapat rasa 2 raya feeling sikit kira da bersyukur, sujud syukur k bila MAKANAN masok mulut bole melalak lagi but control macho depan husband…

So this korea trip is a disaster worktrip emotionally for me…I do not like it one bit at all. and I just wanna be home…

Kita dapat beraya baru last weekend…Raya Sakan! 10 houses in 1 day whoosh…tak agak-agak…But we started on Friday evening to 1st two houses….started with orange baju kurung..step cam GERUA Diwale!…Bahahahaha


Dapat kluar rumah cam HEAVEN!…Saturday was the marathon rumah…I only felt heat of the chair for like 15 minutes ans we were out to the next house.. LOLS…

So common topics that was discussed as new couple was;
1) Rumah bila siap? Kat mane?
2) Bila due?? Doctor mane?
Eh nie nak announce ke? Hehe yes Alhamdullilah, I am reaching my 13 weeks! Syukur syukur syukur…that explains the HOMESICK rabak when I am overseas..I miss my mom coooking alot la..cannot help it…

3) Akbar kau ader driving license? Ntah aper logic but yup he got asked that question ALOOOT!!

But husband was complaining by end of the day, asal banyak nye rumah..yes we must go all k coz it’s my close family….but he loves that he has kids to entertain

Meriah kalau dapat beraya with kids nie, coz excitement dorang lagi gerek dari beraya with orang tua! So next year new addition to my berlambak lambak nieces and nephews.

Aku nak pakaikan tabung la kasi jalan jalan time raya, senang sikit! OK KIDDING you olls….but it will be a funny sight bahahaha! Parents pendengki kesian anak aku, confirm kene bully slalu…kene yakat ngn bapak die, nenek atok dia..hahahahaha

Next post will be my journey in 1st trimester! and how i cope with it…


Khayalan Jumaat…..

Lari lari kakiku lari…
Titisan embun menitis pipi
Pergi tiada kembali…
Angin hembusan pagi

Nafas..adakah dikau masih berada?
Pertama kali kita bertemu disana
Rindu mengamati hatiku
Hela hela aku biarkan

Sentuhan lalang di jari manisku
Sentuhan pasir di hujung tapakku
Sinaran suam lepasi mataku

Sayu sayu jeritan kecilku
Sepi sepi dalam fikiran ku
Adakah dikau mungkin kembali
Mungkin tidak mungkin ya…

Lalu kau pulang
Bukan bersamaku…..
Bingung aja kau buatku
Serabut dibuatku…

Jejak kaki ulang kembali
Di tempat dikau bersepi
Hatiku bertaut hatimu
Harapan untuk ketemu…
Bukan tentuanku….


Inspirasi buat semata-semata…


Triple Combo Packages!!!

Hey hey hey!!

Back in life and bouncing onto work lately!! Anyways, I have started my own photobooth business and also will venture out designing and also event planning.

One step at a time hopefully! GREAT NEWS for 2016/2017 brides to bes! I have collaborated with my dear friends from the same industry. So we have Bizkode for Videography and Nifty Degree for Photography!!


AWESOME right…all 3 under one roof for $3,000. I paid mine much more expensive than this! So if you guys are interested, do drop us a Whatsapp for further enquiries.

We are more than willing to meet face to face to discuss further! With no Obligations.

Furthermore, Ohana & Co. which I am currently developing further understand there is always budget for every couple yet wanting to add in more fun! So we have this;


Personalised PRICING…. you can just again email or whatsapp me, inform your needs and I will try my best to accommodate to your budget with personalisations. As a ex-bride I do understand the pain in the hole pockets so I would like to help future brides too!…

We even do photobooth for all sorts of events NOT JUST  wedding related!!

Even you need event planning or event coordinator, I am more than happy to also provide a QUOTE!!

lotsa loves from the Bride da basi!!!














Japan Honeymoon ~ Accommodation

Part 2 of this is obviously my selection of accommodation.  For this honeymoon, I have decided to go for AIRBNB….coz obviously lagi murah la dari hotel.

Hotels in Japan are not as cheap and space is not as big as well. Nightly rates in Tokyo hotels will always be about SGD 280 and above. But if you are interested in some hotels recommendation, based yet again from my work trips please check them out:
1) New Otani (my fav nak mampos!)
2) Hotel Chinzanso (psst!!! famous halal teppanyaki here)
3) Hotel Okura
4) Shinjuku Prince Hotel

Tapi since I wanna feeling feeling masak konon for my husband, yes I opted for AirBnB and I found a supeeer nice and affordable apartment. Kalau nak carik tempat of convenience, you can try areas like Shinjuku (or other areas like Shibuya, Ueno, Shingawa) in Tokyo, this town is super central and naik train pun senang, its lines linked to a lot of other towns and super easy to get around.

The aparment I rented is owned by this Taiwanese gay guy. Ok la gay but super clean, but he has everything for your needs, Shampoo, shower gel, conditioner provided. Towels were provided. Kitchen utensils, international tv channel provided. Good instructions on how to use his stuff. There is a cleaning lady to come in before your check in to clean up, lepas tu pandai pandai korang la kemas and tak selerak kan rumah dia.

Cute kan rumah dia, I was sooo comfortable that it really felt like home and our personal space. So apartments in Japan itself is naturally smaller. But it was a bargain during this peak season for 6 days 5 nights stay, I only paid for  SGD1063!! Super cheap and super worth it. Currently, he is nominated as Super Host, and I would highly recommend his apartment but it seeems it has been fully BOOOKED!! Kecoh kan…dia tak keje hidup makan sewa pun kaya seh….
There are also a couple of recommended Shinjuku hosts so do take a look and baca reviews. Reviews are important and if it seemed fishy no need book la..and if they request more money to be transferred, please quickly alert AirBnB. It is a NO NO!!!

Usually look out for hosts yang baik hati kasi pocket WIFI as well. This is da bomb, because we depend highly on this for GPS, takot sesat or something. Nak upload gambar pun kan SENANG!! lols…

giphy (2).gif
Pocket Wifi is also good to find the halal eateries in Japan. If your host is not able to provide pocket wifi. You can rent it and have it delivered to your accommodation. You can check out this for Pocket wifi rentals in Tokyo. Wifi Rental

So you can compare prices if you wanna have AirBnb, if for hotels, my best price comparison is Trivago.com . 

And guess what?! I’m travelling to Tokyo again this Friday for meeting. I might as well ask for citizenship soon hahahaha mcm balik kampung like that!



Japan Honeymoon, Yeay! or Neh?

I have been contemplating should I talked about my Honeymoon experience in Tokyo, Japan or not??

I have been quite lazy lately to blog. Makin da kahwin makin pemalas keje nye eh! Lols….All i wanna do is hang out at home with husband or not just laze on my AWESOME king size katil…

I think i will blog with some tips on where to head on and what are things to look out for when I have moooooood!




Happy News to a goood beginning!

So these last week I have not seen the husband at home due to his dikir barat training and when I am already snoring away, suddenly Mr.A is at the side…

So previously I am used to not communicating or meetup whenever a competition arises.. I think gf/wives/fiancees of Dikir Baratist will understand this part…whenever ader competition, batang hidung pun tak nampak k! lols

Menang ke kalah, it is the passion that drives them to always berseni.. It has never been a profit making passion..sometimes I do nag but well it is a passion can you stop such things from not happening. So Mr.A has been in a few different groups and now he has been with Dendang Mutiara a couple of years…and just like a 2nd family to us..

The Juara and Tok Karut are members of kumpulan 2D..abang abang yg nyanyi lagu Cenderawasih?! Dulu aku tergila-gila *fangirl mode* the main singer and now we are good friends…hahahahha!

And it has been a very long time since we clinch any placing in any competition..selalu sipi sipi je like 4th place…so this year has been alhamdullilah a bettter year…

It was an entertaining set, kalau ikhlas dari hati, ikhlas orang menerima…

I even memorised the lyrics..last few years have been a rollercoaster ride..there were alot of emotional rides…from the sad moments like this… in 2014..where the boys and audience cried along…


We have moved and decided to be different in 2016 pulak…so yesterday with a happy enjoyable set! We have clinch 3rd placing! Masya allah super happy for these guys…Naib Kesenian..and Naib lyrics! Our brothers Juara and Tok Karut won the Gandingan Sakti…the best chemistry duo in competition.

Following hubby around for so many years in dikir barat, this was the most ECSTATIC FEELING EVAAA! Coz I witness victory 1ST TIME! as a wife…soit was a proud moment, all the heartaches of him not there at home hahaha..our arguements but I am always there to support him despite all this pettyness, making him his honey drink and buying drinks for the group…

It was the best feeling yesterday to have this group shot along as well…nothing could replace family that’s what they always say…

Sekarang Monday terus badan penat ngantok and everything!! Lols…. but no matter whatever it is…as a wife,  I would never stop Mr. A to stop berseni coz that is his passion…

Sekuntum Seni, Serumpun Budaya…Dari Kami Dendang Mutiara….



19 Days away~Fittings!

So previously I did mentioned that we have customised all baju of us! Nothing is rented or was it off the rack collections…

Thus I have customised 2 pairs of songkets for our sanding! 1 suit for Mr.A and bollywood wear…

But we have only tried out the skeletons of our baju…without the inserts of laces and maniks..last fitting will be the final product which I totally cannot wait!

Fit was good I am comfortable with both my songkets! And it fits like a glove to its hands! Mr.A was the more particular other half..if there was a fussy GROOM title or GROOMZILLA…it is him! I am more of a chilled bride in terms of baju! Cam pape la…..i was more concerned with my makeup than baju!






Mr.A is annoying like hell muka cam aku nak cepuk! Can never take a proper photo….and thus i have no idea how our wedding photos will turn out..he totally is such an arse in pretending to take romantic shots…i give up at times! Hahahaha…

I shall not reveal the colours or final products till 19 Dec itself!!! Or probably later…hehehehe


31 Days Away~Ala Emaaak Kahwin kan AKUU

We are at 1 month notice sooon! Initially Mr.A and I wanted to pantang and not meet for a month however due to circumstances, I have a BFF wedding on 28/29 November that pantang has to wait!

Yes this is my Ahmad Aizat, guy BFF, da la BFF nak kahwin sama year and 2-3 weeks apart lak tu… but this mamat here is my most kentals Bff whom I have gone thru hardships together…..I’m happy he has met his queen to spend his rest of his life with 🙂

The fact as well when we met the first thing was, “HOW MANY BACH NITES YOU HAVE LAAAA?! 30 IS IT?” Ok chill la dude, that is why you are a guy and I am a girl…perangai siak this mamat..make so much noise for what…kentals kan…

We are such Bobo Pengantin to be…couldnt care less keep eating from heavy meals to desserts…amek kau!

For him lak, his sacrifice was he could not go honeymoon until after my wedding! Bahahaha….delayed honeymoon! sorry but well what are BFFs for right?! Countdown for us both!

Next on agenda was the dulang items, what am I giving to Mr.A;
1) Neutrogena products
2) Iron man cufflinks
3) Belt & wallet set, tie
4) Customised ring
5) Perfume
6) Shoes – haven’t buy!
7) Chocs
8) cupcakes
9) sejadah and alquran

Banyak jugak eh aku nak kasi, but well I am quite a practical girl, I do not spend anything above $100 because it is comfort and familiarity first before anything else like brands. All items are all his loved items and his choice especially comfort because this tunang here is quite particular la..tak suka tak akan pakai or touched!

So again, mama-in-law is doing all the dulangs, I am very thankful for that, Amin! She is doing my flower bouquet, dulangs for both sides and the sireh dara/junjung…My mama-in-law pampers me alot but alhamdullilah we have been on good terms. I will doa for this harmonious relationship till eternity…

31 days is not far it is supeeeer near! And from the #btbsupportgroup we have the following weddings coming up;

  1. Hasanah and Aimi on 29 Nov
  2. Eza on 5th or 6th Dec ( I cannot rmbr laaa, sorry babe!)
  3. Yours truly on 19th Dec
  4. Rina on 27th Dec which I am not able to make it tooo!

It is a supeeeeer busy few weeks for these BTBs!

But most importantly! we have a chalet coming up on 21 Nov this Saturday, to celebrate and have fun together. Thankful this group has supported each other in all sorts of ways. I may not be active as much as I am trying to catch my breath but I still read and join in the convos whenever I can!

Shall update soon laa when the weekend is over with all the fun and squeals of the girls! hehe



Sugaring~ Yea or Neh?!

Yes that is my title, writing this while listening to boring presentation slides of prostate cancer.

How apt, remembered prostate to my unforgettable Sugaring session… so what is sugaring it is of natural products (water, sugar & lemon) mix together to get a Malt-like paste which is spread across area wanted to wax.

Benefits of sugaring

So last week, I have set up appointment with Jasmine from Sugared to have my session after reading and getting feedbacks from the rest of the BTBs on how wonderful sugaring is…

Sucha lovely lady, I had whatsapped her and the response was swift and easy. I was kinda nervous with the appointment as my treshold of pain is immensely low. I have never done waxing, even with shaving I had to do it very little due to slow hair growth. So to meet the friend down there is very rare.

The day came, went over appointment after work. Her new place is super near me! Its Trivelis Clementi and this is sucha PLUS POINT!  hadta wait downstairs for awhile before I could proceed upstairs. Did the formality of Q&A, fill up the form before proceeding to the room.

The room is professionally taken care of, private and just the right temperature. By this time I was nervous, and HELL YEAH! i screamed at the first pull. My mind just went WTF! and I keep repeating why do girls even do this yourself! Beauty sure come with a hefty price tag. To those whom are virgin to waxing or sugaring or anything and naturally gets bruised easily during pinching I think we are on the same level.

Pain: 15/10 (i kid you NOT!)

Of coz different people have different levels of pain. Mine is the worse, I did not tear thank goodness…no crying at all but my reaction to every pull of the sugar, I literally screamed and curl my legs in pain. However Jasmine is really nice, she was still patient and talked to you in a calm voice and encouraged you to go on!

I have not much hair but I have very very stubborn hair, that is sooo stubborn she has to repeat sugaring on that part a couple of times. I almost wanted to give up let me tell you! But I cannot walk off the door with half of it sugared and half of it not!

So!! I gelt my 1/2 hour session was an eternity….After the feeling of sugaring, it was sore and uncomfortable coz my skin was thin…however it was also a nice feeling to feel that it was smooth and clean down there. Yes ms Vajajay you are clean!!

Jasmine did asked me if I would come again, honestly I told her let me think about it for the fact I am that 1/5 customer that has low pain tolerance, and got me shocked and in pain.

No skin tear or anything just the pain was scary. However overall service by Jasmine was:

Overall Service Standard: 4.5/5

She is really professional and very friendly. No doubt I would recommend her, ladies but just beware for those whom are weakling like me!!!

Do check out her FB! Sugared – Body Sugaring Singapore

So I have listed out the pros/cons….if you have any other Sugaring experience whether with Jasmine or with other vendor! Do share your experiences, would love to read more of the stories….


Staycays in the month of Oct~ Bach Nite Part 2 & 3

What? Bachelor nite again??? Korang mesti pikir tak abis-abis pe nie btb keep having her bach nites…

Yes I have been away practically every weekend attending the bach nites! from my lovely girlfriends…masya allah i could not thank them more for all the things and planning and money spend on me to make it memorable!

24 October ~ NTSS loves
These lovely gfs of mine have knew me eversince I was 13 years old! We were in the same secondary school and it was a friendship of what 14 years! OMGEEE…they have seen my kental self up to now the mak nenek lady. They knew how important the wedding planning is to me..they have knew I have planned my wedding since forever despite not having a boyfriend or tunang back then…

So I did not know where we were heading.. and they exclaimed to me 10 minutes before picking me up! “Na! Bawak passport…”!!and i got panicky! My passport was with my mom whom has went out to send the cards and ziarah orang meninggal…Astagfirullah got the shyt outta girls that I do not have my passport with me. So they had to call my sister and she had to call me to direct me to my passport..Thank goodness the almari tak lock k! If not no bachelor nite! Baru betol betol ‘SURPRISEEEE’!!! harloooooow padan muka koraaang plus aku skali…

So we masok JB! had lunch and shopping at JPO…me being very cheapo i did not shop at all except from Ripcurl for a colourful maxi dress at RM55!! cheap like tooooots…aku sebenarnye tak suka shopping!! malas nak tgk nak try nak carik size ke aper bende laaa…

We had WONDERFUL massage session for 2 hours at Thai Imperial for only RM109…bloody cheap also! And their service was super goood lor…my berangin body felt sooo relaxed after the session..I was served with hot tea and thai bubur chacha( i have no idea at all what is that)

And off we went to our HOTEL sooo dalaaam in JB….pUteri Harbour Bay Hotel Jen! AWesome big room! We had connecting rooms where as usual i sleep with my bimbo bucuk Fara…and the room was seriously super nice please…

Lunch at Tony Romas the next day and I was relieving our teenage years..so kental la please lols….the best part of bach nites is always the story telling! Always i must say…14 years of friendship passed by just like that..sometimes I forget I am 27 year old already…maybe that’s why i look so full of energy! hehehehehe

Come i SUMBAT some photos for you to seeeeee…




31st Oct ~ PearlFCladies

These ladies I have befriended as we are all WAGS of Dendang Mutiara…Mr.A is in a dikir barat group…thus being friends woth the gfs and wives allow this wonderful sisterhood to be form…of coz we have a bigger group of girls..but these ladies are one of the closest ones Ive been…

Got pranked by the masterchip Ahoy! Fiza! Who is sooo annoyingly irrinoying babe ive known..but yet the superfunny kakak and hipster babe as well!!

Annoyiny kan nie MAK BUDAK!!

Said that Faj the driver in Green Tudung is my Grabcar driver….yela 2! Aku kene tipu rabak rabak…

I got bullied..dala buta for awhile..kene langgar ngn ERP gantry laaa…curb laaa…because they forget I was blindfolded harloooow!!

Since it was also Halloweeeen!! I was also forced to take a photo with a kakak PON! Thanks la eh..korang..

My priceless face!!! Yes!! I am super surprised i really felt like crying coz omg such effort these ladies have planned! Lawaaaa laaa the place!! I am in STUDIO M!




So we went swimming had supeeer late dinner! From spize! Chit chat all the waaay!!! PERUT DECIDES TO BE LAPAR! so we grab MacDs from Liang Court!!

thank you sooo much for the night…it was filled with gossips as usual la kan! Joke merepek! We played heads up! More chit chatting..sampai nak tido pub ketawe ketawe tak betol!
Next day was chek out day!

We grabbed lunch from Krave!! Craving rabaaak kenyang sampai perut nak meletops wei!



Thank you my sayaaangs for the super duper CLOSING to my bachelorite nights!

I had 3 staycays/bach nites…i had uncountable dinner dates with my friends…im thankful to squeeze those times with you guys…remembering singlehood memories are awesome..Im a tiny bit more prepared to start prepping for my couply halal certified memoried with Mr.A now…

Insya allah beautiful friendships will always last…


Staycays in the Month of October! ~#enamjahanams

As I am left with about 52 days away from the wedding! It is making my weekends extremely packed and weekdays extremely tired from work.

To keep me going working in the day, EDM songs have been my companion..while my mind is berjoget joget kat dalam.. my fingers are busy replying emails and drafting whats not..in between time of drafting my itinerary, finalizing my invites and getting all the nitty gritty stuff completed.

So in this blessed October, i have been blocking my weekends for staycays planned by my wonderful gfs!

1st up was a waaay throwback session with the #enamjahanams, i call us the 6 destroyers because we are extremely noisy people!! destroyer of peace betol! Why I said so is because everytime we meet kita nye hello je da terpekik pekik! I believe we are borned with human boom mics in our throat!

17 Oct~ Ana, me, Nurrul & Dy met up for lunch because perut yang SENTIASA LAPAAR needs food to keep the day going!

Shana was waiting at lobby, whom arrived from a wedding and RINA busy siap bilik pengantin dia, main painting-painting with contour brushes.

When we came and checked in into our courtyard room! We rushed in and keep running around and screaming and selfies and photos PLUS videos…buang tebiat betol la! How jakon we can be but for me personally! I love doing that on my work trips being a crazy maniac dpt room CHANTEEEK! Sape tak suka seh….

While keeping ourselves entertained waiting for Rina yang tak sampai sampai…we decided to have our swimming pool time!!

I suck at breathing underwater thou! cam nak lemas please…so after swimming pool time! We were makeup by our Kakak ANA!!! i swear she can become MUA, she did my kening and face for everyone except for Rina….so that’s a total of 5 faces including hers within 3 hours span…touched up biasa jeee but awesome la pleaaaash! I choose a dark lippy coz she has it and i loveeee her dark lippy!

Da melawa! Mcm nak gy Atticca clubbing, hungry nak mampos! Tahan taxi and end up in Lau Pa SAT! gone were the days of wild dancing k kawan-kawan..I now kakak-kakak nak kahwin!!

Came back da tawaf 1 whole Lau Pa Sat walked for a good 15 minutes nak carik ATM! Da berpeluh-peluh…we start at the courtyard from 11 plus all the way to 4am chatting all kinds of stuff..past present and history…it was a good sharing session the fact that we are acquainted to each other for me I believe is a miracle..I would have not known them before this but actually when I do, I have a couple of common close friends that we share and this closeness formed is I believe another form of rezeki from HIM. I may not be the richest gal on the block, but I am rich in quality friendship, insya allah! Alhamdullilah…

The next was the usual breakfast and and i still can’t believe ANA in her onesie..when she 1st mentioned it, I was like wth was that? I have not known what is a onesie but she was sooo cute la pleaseeeee…

We took a short nap aft breakfast and back in the pool we went this time with agenda! torture everyone with Monkey sprayed water at each other! AND i did my ballerina performance for them underwater..sebab ader wedding with LOVE SONGS! SO a hippopotamus ballerina in ME who felt super light in water danced nonstop!!

See that amoy yg heartshaped 2…tak abis abis 1 step korean this gal…

Thank you for giving me so much fun!! sampai berendam i think in total hours was about 4 hours plus…and i have been tegur-ed by Mama in law…eh pengantin da gelap…yes Mama i is not gonna go swimming lama-lama again k!

This is a 1st for us, but thank you for doing this! Super awesome..i love lepak sessions now its equally needed before a wedding….after all the stress!

Thanks my babies!!!


Maid of Honour Duty Affairs~Passed

Last weekend, one of my closest GF from ITE got married..and I had the privilege for becoming the Maid of Honour for her two days event. Alhamdullilah I have never said ‘No’ to sucha request because firstly being a bride is stressful and you need a right hand man/woman whom you trust to go through that joyous occasion with you ensuring everything is covered and smooth sailing insya allah..

Let me share with you my wonderful segala virgin Bride…she was a virgin to makeup! Never had her face poked, painted with colours, glued with lashes before in her entire life…thus can you imagine how stressful I was trying to calm her down everytime she reflexes from the MUA during her makeup trial…yelp at the slightest weird touch on her eyes like curling her lashes..struggled to sit still for 45 minutes of makeup..and for every detail the MUA was doing, millions of questions flew in…so from a 45 minutes makeup trial..it become 1.5 hours…close to 2 hours of makeup..She cried due to sensitive eyes..giggled and laugh because the makeup was ticklish..hanya tuhan sahaja yang tau isi hatiku! Despite all that I have never complained but I was laughing at her and joking you are such a segala virgin bride please…hahaha we had our laughing moments after that..

So yesterday when she was given the golden touch by Kak Lina from Lyanaz Bridal Gallery, it was so much more better, didn’t cry when lashes were glued and curled…no hesitation unlike her 1st trial make up…And I felt like a proud Momma, my daughter PASSED WITH FLYING COLOURS!! during the makeup session…and I must say my Bride was all radiant and glowing bersinar sinar…

Super proud of this woman here…an awkward ugly duckling turned into a swan…any woman when she see herself in the mirror, where beauty is enhanced will have 100% confidence elevated more than her usual days…I am honoured to be your MOH and walking through this journey with you makes me realize how beautiful a wedding can be….

We have grown closer much much closer this year as both us are BTBs in the making…Pat myself on the back for the JOB well done!

If you girls have noticed and followed my IG, I was donning the hijab for the wedding for both days not because I have berhijrah…it’s because it was a request by the dad..sort of orang kuat bertudung…Let me explain that the father has his ways of being strict and proper…and I came unprepared for this..no tudungs or inners were brought over as I have stayed over her place since Friday…and voila! the shock of my life when he requested that, I was like alamaaak…no tudung la…then how?! Luckily la, the sister is a master collector of tudungs, and we were saved for the day! Both tudungs for both MOH and bridesmaid were sponsored by the lil sister!! hehe….

So wajah perempuan melayu terakhir lor!! ewaaaah…..sape nak masok meminang gadis disebelah saya?!? I did a light makeup for her to increase her gadis ayu persona! Pheeewiiit…

Well the two days have passed..couple is married, happiness is found…majlis berjalan lancar on both sides alhamdullilah…groomsmen and bridesmaid are exhausted!!! but we hope you love us more!! Ehem ehem…for entertaining all your nonsense and making you guys feel like KING & QUEEN for the day!

LASTLY!!! aku nak cakap! baju gorjes nak mampos from Lyanaz Bridal Gallery was just launched and my GF managed to grab it during her last final fitting to wear on her wedding day…that looooks sooo amazingly princessy!!!

I cannot stop looking at it…and i felt like wearing it but it’s just super GORJES!!! omg……sooo lawaaa for what!!!


77 days AWAY!!Assciting October!!

September has been awesome what more is October!!

25Sep~ Mr.A, me, bapak and mak went to ROMM for the oath taking and declaration of information. Mak obviously wants to tag along as she wants to jalan jalan! Excuses eh Mak! Ader hati cakap, nanti Bapak kau tak dengar…Mak kene ikot! Hahahah…that is my mother whom will take every opportunity to go out jalan jalan.

We reached at 930am took a Qno. And waited for awhile for information checks. It was a short wait..checked everything through and then we had to wait for the interviews which took a much longer wait..and by then the ROMM was filled with couples…20 or more! Mak obviously la did her people watching and observed all the different couples….and provided a whole SUMMARY PROGRESS REPORT…cam kat Custom Immigration like that!

When it was our turn..bapak and mak went in to declare Im their anak yang sah..hari nikah yang betol..he is my wali yang sah…

By this time! I have sweaty palms..nervous la! Like harlow! Its ROMM means that I am getting married sooooon!!! Lols..when it was my turn I just needed to confirm all my particulars..declare my father and what was the relation of my Saksi/witness…lastly did I ever had another pertunangan before this..simple and straight forward..all this was by Cik Karim(tak tau nak panggil Ustaz/kadi)
Mr.A was simple questions as well!We were done after bout 45 minutes wait in total at ROMM…so yes Friday is quite packed so do try to avoid this day.


My mak and bapak! So I follow who? My mak or bapak face???


We did not managed to get a photo by the Famous Love Shape thingy…. And we are super done with the ROMM formalities!

1st Oct~ Next!! I received a package from HDB to have our 1st Lease Agreement on 1st October!! Exciting gile lor!!! Coz it’s sorta really confirmed we are having a house soon…

Yesterday our appointment was at 4.30pm and I just rushed from work at 3.30pm thank god for understanding managers!
Waited for Mr.A and we got our Qno.


Awesomeee we got called up within a minute! And as normal went through the documents…the confirmation plus cpf 5% deductions(da terbang 10k!!!)

So projected completion was October 2018! But the Kak HDB…please expect earlier completion and as early as march/ju e 2017!

Masya Allah! My eyes lit up with STARS AND HEARTS….best nye…i was like insya allah if God really blessed it and rezeki well insya allah Ill have my house soon….


The start of the phase foundation was done in May when all units were chopped! So at this stage, I must say it is moving fast! And i cannot wait!! Wooohooo….

Mr.A has kept teasing..Awak nak ader rumah eh?! Hahaha i was like shuddup la…it is my dream k…having to own one Alhamdullilah!


Strike off my Bucket List

Aside from wedding preps…I have been relatively busy meeting up with my friends to pass Bridesmaid baju…buat activities or just lepaking which is my almost every weekend duties… It is tiring but time does not wait for you…cherishing friendships or the people I love matters most..

Some of my friends call me nuts coz I literally have no time for myself..travelling for work…traveling to meet my friends..coordinating every single thing on my own for the wedding…and juggling date time with fiancee…its hard but I guess worth it

So last few month I did mention I joined Lyanaz Bridal Plus Size Model Search. I have a reason for this because! Firstly I am a strong believer that everyone is pretty just some are lazy or clueless in looking good.. so being fat or called fat my entire life despite me being a UK 10 when I was younger I did not know what was thin.. I was slashed at called names and my nickname was Mok. It hurts alot and pulled down my confidence level damn shittiest the lowest pit ever!

But then as I grow older i was like F*** that shyt…I look back at my old photos I was a lean healthy physique! Just chubby but lean!



That was probably at the age of 19-20 i was weighing my best! 2 pun kene panggil gemok!

So I realise because of humans that are full of crap and rubbish…I do not care whether I am 90kg now or back then I knew I was looking good!

And my bucketlist before marriage was to be a model for FUN for plus size models! To empower your mind body and soul!  I got into the FINALS for Lyanaz Bridal Plus Size Model Search! And i just realise no matter what I am feeling superbly good about myself no1 else matters..If people don’t respect you! You gotta be strong to respect yourself! Aint a care in the world with those kind of criticism! They don’t owe you a living….

I thank my Kak Ezan from Lyanaz Bridal for the awesome makeup!




I can’t wait for the final photos that will require votes! But I would not be disheartened if I lost because I knew all of us are winners!


91 Days Away~

Everytime the counter goes crazily down I have a heart attack..Heart attack of happiness plus nervous wedding jitters, butterflies in the tummy, kaki jam heartbeat quickens!!! Drama la reaction aku…mixed feelings!!

However with the btbs getting married one by one I sooo wanna screaaaam nak PEKIK PEKIK feeling of happiness for them! Excited right like all these wonderful brides going to get married and we are having another wonderful BTB Hana PURP…my kakak awesome is going through hers this SUNDAY!!!! Pekik pekik lagiiii…hahahhahaha!!

Can’t wait to meet the babes of BTBsupportgrp! We have loads to catch up sebab chalet kita danak dekaaaat!! Yes we have a chalet in November you know..how kecoh is that?! Lotsa lotsa plans. Chalet da booked left with logistics planning.


Kad saya pun da disend printing am collecting next week after Hari Raya Haji! Awesome powsome like that. I love simplicity and I love dark colours with gold. So i choosed this to kene with my wedding theme also known as Gatsby. No one gets the gatsby theme its ok as long la bride nie which is ME is happy with it. My sister says I love weird unique stuff and I am an old soul at heart.

That is done nak jalan kan card pun da! And this weekend I shall have fun in F1, attending the Bourdoir Noire!! Woohooo Moulin Rouge, Burlesque theme can’t wait la!

Boudoir Noire is honoured to have the privilege of being the first Grand Prix Singapore Season trackside afterparty to be hosted at the newly reopened Capitol Theatre. As Boudoir Noire’s official venue partner there could not be a more fitting location for our event than Capitol Theatre, especially with its close proximity to
the racing circuit and above all its incredible heritage of being an epicentre for creativity since 1933.

102 Away!

So what have I done since we are just 102 Days away to the big DAY!!! I think i am gonna blabber my blog away for this post, since I have a breather from work this morning.

1) Make Up Trial Done
My MUA is kak Su Afand whom is home based as well as freelancer from RK Bridal(shall not reveal further) I am comfortable with her alhamdullilah, and I would say relatively happy with her makeup on me. Syukur thor-amat! Got feedbacks from a few of my closed friends, and mentioned my seri da start naik…so i do have my own Pantang thus I give half face 1st k!!

To whomever that is coming for the wedding baru nampak LIVE! k….hehehehehe best la sangat….and I am happy she is quite the old school mak andam and we sat down for almost 2 hours after that discussing my itinerary and things to note! I have also advised her my problematic areas like oily t-zones, sweaty JENDUL! and bla bla bla..these are tips to mention k ladies as your MUA would then take note and prepare the necessary products for the face. Trial make up without informing all these also like waste your time kan…

2) 1/2 Dulangs of Shopping DONE!!!

So one of the Saturdays I went to do ring shopping plus MAHAR shopping and some of the dulang items. I did mention I guess da tak ingat, that Mr.A is the cerewet hubz, he was not into the Platinum rings designs, and his face was down! literally unhappy about it. No signs of sparkly eyes of excitement. So I have thus searched for alternatives and thanks to my fellow BTB Ana, I have brought him to Starlight Gem to meet Mr Sultan for customisation rings. FYI, Platinum cannot be worn as well as I found out recently from my closest friend in the Jewelry business that it still containts gold!

Currently, gold and platinum are similar in price per gram. However platinum is much more dense, and so more of it is required to make the same ring compared to white gold. Additionally, platinum rings are usually 95% pure platinum, while 14k gold is only 58.5% gold. Also consider that platinum is a bit harder to work with, requiring higher casting and welding temperatures and different equipment. Platinum also can take 3 times longer to finish polish. Therefore, platinum rings are still 80% to 120% more expensive than the exact same 14 karat white gold jewelry.

Cranky penat boy from work sampai terlelap jap sambil pilih batu2….But overall he has designed his own ring took measurements and supeeeeer happy! Da kasi makan after that all happy happy liao!

Ring and rantai for me were bought from Meyson! and of coz I had to have my bodyguards on standby…bro in law and gf! I always love getting the family involved and treated to food whole day!

3) Met up with Uncle Lan Comel Molek

Lastly!! I met up with my Deco!! AAAARGH!!! nie part exciting gila coz it shows we are supeeeer near the date yo!! Met Uncle Lan at Marsiling CC on a Monday evening with mom and kak noi.. sat down to discuss concepts and colours…I would not be getting Chiavari chairs despite being OOO PRETTY AND GLAMZ! As respecting my mom decision, she was afraid old folks from our family will not be comfortable sitting on those for long… Takpe la aku sacrifice this part coz COMFORT comes first…

And Unlce Lan said he will add surprise touches to my concept idea…Hmmm I wonder what and I superbly KENUT wait k!!! Ya allah nie part of the planning i very sungguh-sungguh!!

So that is all my excitement at the moment. Slowly slowly the preps are taking shape and looking well into the plan. Insya allah..

There are more to be done I shall update on another post sooooon k babes.. 🙂


112 Days Awaaay ~ Yeay Mak!! Saya da pass kursus daaaaa

Da macam sarang semak betol my wordpress..It has been tooo long I have yet to frequently update as much as I want.

Cut the bullshitting crap away, so a few weeks ago, for 2 full weekends! Pagi pagi buta, I attended the Marriage course with Mr.A.
Started from 8.30am up till 6pm, my brain was overworked and put into school system mode. We were really hesitant about this course, and it took me quite awhile to actually sign up for the course and convincing Mr. A along for this. So who did we choose after all the GREAT reviews from fellow BTBs. We opted for Suchi Success!

Headed by Mr Khair and wife, Mdm Suriati, I would say Power Couple laaa..they facilitated very very well. Topics such as communication was touched on, and of cause the feedback session of putting inputs and feedbacks about each other partners.It was frustrating and during the whole time of the course, I was communicating via whatsapp with MR.A and we have our differences as usual…klakar! tapi benar, what ever topics that was laid out sure got feedback! lols

But all is well, it literally open up my eyes to alot more of issues faced by different couples, different problems outta which is not fake, I am literally facing some situations it myself! Not me but of other couples I’ve known who are facing common issues potrayed during the class, I got really sad as well at what the society it facing but not faced with the truth.

Did you guys know?!?! Statistically, out of 4 couples, 3 would file for divorce/are divorcing!!!! Kau gila peeeee, but it is the hard truth!!! and the fact Marriage Course is not even compulsory now, it worries me more of the future generation!!!

I learn alot more of my personality apparently, without me realising I have changed over the years and tend to be a thinker and analyse situations more! So I was categorised as a perangai PISANG!! PISANG DOK! I will not admit defeat…pisang pun powderful k!

While Mr.A is perangai! ANGGUR!!! Mr Serba Boleh,OR Jack of all trades!

We are not entirely that different as a couple, ader la perangai MONYET sama-sama, but whatever differences have completed each other flaws and weaknesses as well, Insya Allah, AMIN!.

So I urged all BTBs to really consider for marriage course and this center has 1 of the better kursus which I was happily attending despite the early timing and long journeys. It has made my and Mr.A communication better!!! I could see it! and we have look at perspectives better too.

Promoting! SUCHI SUCCESS for the WIN!!!!


Peektures Promotion!!

To all brides that are looking for photographers..seeking quotes! or quality photography.

I have a PROMOTION ENDING 15 SEPTEMBER !!! Spread some love ladies! friends,GFs, adik, kakak, cousin cousin…mana la tahu yang akan datang kahwin nie! Tua muda…1st time, 2nd time..yg berkali-kali….JOMS!!!!

2Fly Production has worked with Chantique Bridal for shoots. Do check them out at their FB yea!



~Ho***YMoooon Booked!!!~

A few weeks ago, after confirming with Mr. A regarding the destination, i have finally sourced out deals and book our accommodation!


It is gonna be winter and I so couldn’t wait for it I super loveee the clean cold air during Winter.

6 Days 5 nights of Sushi,Sashimi,onigiri, seaweeds,tamago!! tako yaki! and MORE!!
I don’t think its snowing then but the temperature is just nice to walk around and have fun!
Finally this time round, i can take a chill break in Japan and not on a work trip..That means I am able to DisneyLand yo!


Da settle honeymoonku! Yippeeeee…I prefer free and easy and I never did fancy travel packages so I had my own itinerary plus flight and accommodation all by myself…

I love that feeling and excitement of doing myself and superbly PURE satisfaction after I had the best deals and such….

Accommodation was done via AIRBnb, booked a 1 room studio aprtment of a Taiwanese guy whom stayed there…super friendly dude..and loveees his super cute house!307872ef_original1ac62c5d_original

I cant wait to hug you Japaaaan!!! Wooohooo


P.S. Check out this blog for more updates, I’m hearing a Photography DISCOUNT coming up!!!


The History Making Venue + Tok Kadi

I am literally neear the Wedding Date..mak de kau danak 4 bulan la …
Jantung berdegup every single day which is stressing my small heart..I Is Kenut handle this nerve wrecking moment..

Dala this year bulan puasa zoom by..Raya is not even a celebration! Aper nieeeee! Next year pay back time I TELL YOU! But anyhows, I have selected and rented my History Making MOment di Masjid An-nur in Marsiling. It is just beside the Majlis Reception venue, Marsiling CC so I am happy with it.

Masjid An-Nur Solemnisation Hall:
1.5 hours for SGD 200
AV included
(the rest korang sediakan la eh! kalau dulang hantaran dia sediakan KAN bagus!)

Tok Kadi jugak sudah saya bereskan! I have waited patiently for the clock to strike midnight on 23 July to register our ROMM…super exciteds!! Beforehand of course, we have prepared the following
1) Witness IC details x2 (any male witness whom knows the couple)
2) Wali IC details x1 (father, brother, sedara lelaki belah bapa)
3) Couple’s IC details x2
4) Address of solemnisation
5) Mahar amount/benefits
6) Hantaran amount

Yes! I have selected Naib Kadi Mohammed Suhaimi as requested by Mr.A. He has 3 choices so Naib kadi Mohammed Suhaimi is his second choice.AMIN! when ROMM was completed i felt the jitters even more…ya allah! betol la ni nak kahwin….

Sooooo surreal the feeeling i tell you!! I have yet to complete the following;
1) Dulang gifts (sesungguh nye i super malas gal, tak demand or request for anything!)
2) DIY dulang materials
3) Kadlawo appointment to finalise cards
4) Sending and customizing my cake cutting gown/dress and baju nikah
5) Wedding rings

Will blog next what else i have completed so far…till i have more brainjuice to squeeze! Semenjak BTBs nie da form i have become lazier eh!


Ramadhan Mubarak….

Firstly wanna wish all my BTBs Salam Ramadhan, we have reached our 6th day and is going to be a week already! How time flies kan… Hope everyone is enjoying Ramadhan and breaking FAST! I look forward to cabut from office cepat so i can reach home early…hehehehehe

Anyways I am planning to start drafting my wedding card and I was wondering if any of you have like templates on where to get hi-res maps of your wedding locations…PLEASE SHAREEEE 🙂

Again I have sooo many likes to their card designs!!! I loveee the salesperson in JB branch super nice..so now! did I mention Mr.A is also doing his card there…under my influence of coz..trust my FMIL is not easy and loves simple stuff, not a favourite of complicated stuff..he just loves quality and simple stuff…that’s it! And he quite degil also la…So when we went JB a month ago and he step foot into the kedai…Wahahahaha! All hell broke loose…i just saw a kid in a Candy Shop!

He got quite excited cant stop pacing up and down the shop looking at the designs…having a few choices and then rambang mata lagi!

But that is settled!!!…nOw i shall start templat-ing my wedding card!! Do share k where to get all this maps thingy!!!

Now let me just start browsing their websites again and look at designs again!


DJ Entertainment~Woes

I have been reading a lot of grunts for BTBs on DJ entertainment on sky rocketing prices despite only requesting for music and emcee-ing….

So what are you actually paying for yg cam still beratus…The reason is it is illegal to play Music in public without license and if god forbids, you have a complain and you cannot produce the license, you can be fined for this also because of copyrights reason.

That is why la we have to pay a price, da tolak license costs, you also need to consider the manpower setup/teardown, the DJ onsite and the emcee profits yang da tak seberapa already.

Last time I use to think why ah so expensive like that sama je harga cam kompang until I was up and running doing set-up for DJ entertainment, nak panjat sana sini, pasang wire…pasang speaker make sure strategic places..Of coz la if we small flies in the industry, we charge a lesser fee but if you are hiring those bigger names with O wells, famous Emcees harga dorang mestilah lagi MAHAL!

So there are cheaper options less than $1000 if you go for smaller companies but yang penting..kita ikot la kemampuan sendiri.. What cheap for us may not be cheap for others..What is expensive for others might not be expensive for us…betol tak??


Al Fateha untuk Arwah Saudara Ashmi Roslan

I may not know him personally but I have always envy his acting skills and his personal behaviour.

When I knew that Syirah, a junior of mine during ITE got together with him, I was very happy finally she has found some one that makes her happy. But yesterday night, we received news he has passed away, the last we had was were memories of him collaborating with Akrab for Projek Kasih…

It has deeply left an impact on some of the boys and I had felt the same.. Masya allah sekelip mata jika kita dijemput pulang begitu sahaja die menyambut kita….Alhamdullilah he was chosen earlier than any of us..that we must redha..only prayers can we forward for your soul to be placed among the righteous… Inna lillahi wainnai rojiun..amin..

When i showed this to Mr A. He said it could be just like you or me having this post..may Syirah be given strength..may the family be given strength in this difficult times…insya allah amin….


The STRESS of Venue selection

Venues are really important for couples whom are getting married, void decks or wedding halls or CC halls…anything that you have previously envisioned. Honestly, I have always wanted to have a venue that is spacious with no pillars blocking any view so the CC hall is the most wanted dream choice la just so that everyone can see who is there without any blocked views.

Thus the hunt for venue was done at 7 months to go before the date. I obviously being lazy DIE DIE wanna have it at the CC behind my block which is the Bukit Batok CC but luck is definitely not on my side and they were booked!

So i had to redha buat bawah block la…coz after that my family members thought that CC was a waste of money….and i did not like my neighbouring bawah blocks as it is very sempit! And i know how hot it gets because every week aku ikot AKRAB…every week berpeluh-peluh buat video recording of them! I KENUT…..

So i compromised to have under my Nyai’s void deck which was abit more spacious and they agreed!! Yeaaay abis la azab aku nak venue research!…then the Father decides nope it won’t work as the void deck is dirty and loads of problem like ping pong table and stuff!

Back to square 1! I had to call so MAAAAANY CCs to check pricing and availabilities…penat eh call i think i have checked and call for like 10 over CCs and none is available…

And some were EPIC response:
“Nak book hall”
“Hall da roboh!Ngn Renovateeee” LOLs

I don’t know want to laugh or cry la..its damn funny but also sakit hati….

LO and BEHOLD! Only CC available in the WEST for 19 Dec and setup! is Marsiling CC!!!!
It was cheap and affordable and there is cooking area…Alhamdullilah…

After convincing the Father I have exhausted all options he has agreed to it….and they did the downpayment today!

Finally this is settled! I can now start moving forward for Phase 2 of Wedding planning…..Alhamdullilah….


LBG Plus Size Bridal Model Search

It’s been a few days that the voting has started.  So I am asking if all of you BTBs could help me with voting too!! Hehe… 🙂

Lyanaz Bridal Gallery (Click Here)

PS13 Nur Nadhirah Rohani
Make up by Tini Kembar

Please help me to vote! I am very excited for this competition. 1st time in my life  I do such a thing la kan…. Please show me some LOVEEE 🙂 <3!


Sneakpeaks of our PreWed Shoot

I have been procrastinating regarding this post, coz I did not have any idea or words to spit out on how well done the PreWed Shoot went.

So as I mentioned earlier, I had my shoot done on Good Friday Hols..it started on hiccups as my friend turn our transporter for the day woke up late and thus itinerary was lagged by 1/2 hour back. Instead of meeting everyone at 930 am at Arab st, we arrived at 1030 am, with my photographer in tow! Luckily I have a tendency to add in buffer time of predicted lateness.. hehehe

Make sure everyone is well fed before we began the photoshoot. It was loads of fun! Agrobazaar was really cool and despite being a small retail/cafe area, the crowd started coming in like past noon. It is usually quiet but unexpectedly customers start entering when we were busy carrying out the photoshoot.. Glad we attracted that kind of attention for them. Since I had my cousins in tow, i always have to keep them entertained so I had to spend a dime on food and drinks to occupy them…

I had to steal the photos from my trusted photographer to show what a GREAT job he has done!!
So Nifty Degree is whom we have hired for our wedding photographer.. I am still in awe at how nice he has captured all these wonderful moments. Elfean from Nifty Degree worked professionally and make us feel at ease.. Of coz his comments were we gave him helleva fun time shooting us, the most gile gile couple..

So after 1/2 day at arab st we proceed to botanic gardens where we had alot of natural lighting and greenery to play with! Dempsey hills for aircon and ice cream break plus more shots!

I am still patiently waiting for all my photos to be transferred to me! I seriously cannot duduk diam because all the shots were super nice!

* Taken from phone! see the difference of a professional and my miserable bro-in-law camera shot…

Anyways, wardrobe and makeup is Urs Truly. No rental of baju, no hiring of MUAs because I was that cheapskate.I did my home-made curls the night before, makeup early in the morning. Shoes, props are all on my own.

So if you are planning a outdoor shoot, and its all DIY like me! here are the tips i would recommend:
Pre Day Shoot
1) Research on the locations you are shooting
2) If it is some indoor location, seek approval if there is a need to, 1 month in advance
– get all the necessary location contacts, email approvals
3) Ensure a vehicle is arranged to transport yourself, fiancee, cameraman, people involved
– I had my friend who had a van to help us on that day. We got everyone transported together
4) Set an itinerary with timings and bufferings 
– Includes travelling time
– the period of estimated time for photography in one location
– buffering time for predicted extensions, late arrival, traffic jams, getting lost
– break times for meals/solat
5) Provide Plan B locations for Wet Weather Programme
6) Inform your photographer the theme of the shoot
– Explain your ideas well, provide some idea photos to the photographer so that they can prepare well
– Tell them your itinerary a week before the day, clarify doubts if need to
7) Imagine the locations of shoot, select your wardrobe and planned them including your other people who are involved in the photoshoot.
– Prepare at least 2 outfits if you have multiple locations
– Prepare different shoes to suit places, I had flats and heels combo
8) Open a Whatsapp Grp Chat to communicate with all involved.

That’s all I have covered it so far for my PreWed Shoot!! Hope you guys have yours planned out as fun as well…coz I certainly did and it is my first activity to the wedding..superbly exciting and it is a surreal feeling..

I can’t stop thanking these people who have helped with our PreWed Shoot. I had some of the Akrab Boys helping as assistants, OUR Awesome Photographer, my videoman were there to capture certain moments. Our wonderful superdriver for the day, without his van and him, i cannot imagine how do we even go about with this outdoor shoot….my lovely cousins and of coz Mr A for being fun as you are!!

I seriously wanna go through these fun moments again…..Alhamdullilah…

28 weeks & unexpected!! Part 2

So I was mentioning I was in the delivery suite for 1.5 days…the plan from the doctors at that moment of time was to prolong the birth/delivery as long as possible and maximum at 34th week..with me being warded of coz…However anytime that I felt contractions or in labour immediate delivery will be carry out and most times is csection and if time was on my side…natural birth…this is practised to all similae cases like me unless complications set in… 

Thus the administration of antibiotics per 4 hours via drip and tablets…this is to prevent infection and protect baby in womb since the waterbag has burst….

1.5 days of monitoring and no signs of contraction I was then moved to normal Ward, Ward 34 class C…

On Sunday I had all my friends and relatives came to visit me…with all kinds of food provided since I had no appetite to eat the hospital food…I welcome this with open hands! 

I had to do prick tests before every meal and my sugar was at 1 time highest with a hypercount at 12 max..causing them to inject me with insulin on my stomach for every meal till it drop to normal range of below 7.8 in my case…I was at that time a high risk diabetes but suspected due to the steroid jabs and not because of food intake…eventually I was off insulin and back to normal! phew!

Being in healthcare industry for a total of 4 years was benefiting at this moment because I understand at all times the medications given..the condition I was in and I was aware and kept track of my own medications and procedures to be done…At times I called the the nurses if they forgotten to do something and they were grateful I did so….of coz I could have acted blur la kan! But I did not want to risk the baby or myself if missed a step! 

See all the pillows yes I was ready to camp in the hospital for 6 weeks to reach that 34th week! 

However as Sunday 6 Nov was ending.. I was resting and watching Gegar Vaganza….fell asleep half way and was jolted up at 115am, 7 Nov…. to a stomach pain! Nak terberak intestines were tightening knots kinda pain…I had to relax for awhile..sempat to the toilet thinking yes I was having stomachaches…cleared my bowels even…walked back..and that pain came again…went toilet but nope thats not it! Whatsapp husband again…

Ok do not judge me…me and pain were never good friends…when I get pinched it is a dead blue black for me…so at that moment of pain which were not contractions btw because my stomach did not tighten..I have no idea what pain it was…but all I know I had the urge to push…the nurses came to check and said it wasnt contractions…eventually I couldnt take it and requested to be pushed to delivery suite immediately…which Akbar has called 5 minutes earlier to confirm this…

When I reached the delivery suite with surah Maryam blasting through my hp, my pillow..earpiece and whats not..miraculously Akbar was there and has reached…

I like to thank Rifaah and fiza for driving him over…I can’t imagine at what speed you drove but he reached just nicely in time!! 

After I was pushed to Ward 15 in Delivery suite…I went abit hysterical coz the pain was shooting me up a notch! And I didn’t had painkillers to cool it down…so laughing gas was the only painkiller I had….where I breathed in like a druggie! Akbar tried to stop me but of coz I pushed him away! OMG at that moment of time if I could kick him I would!!! 

Doctors came in to check! I was dilating at 4cm and yet it was not contractions…what I felt was eventually they called unbilical cord prolapse where it is coming out of the uterus 1st something that is rare and if baby was not out ASAP…I could have lost her that night…after that they mentioned CRASH csect…and it just got blurred right after..I knew I asked to salam Akbar coz I may not come out alive or my baby might not come out alive…after which they pushed me to OT…the whole hospital heard my Code Green announcement…

Doctors were trying to get me focused before GA was injected and less than that 5 minutes of chaos it was darkness that engulfed me…

There she is 245am 7 Nov 2016…7 Safar 1438..

Sumayyah was borned..Alhamdullilah….

It was an unexpected 28 weeks! A journey I truly did not think I would go through…

Before I got pregnant..I told Akbar that if it was ever a girl..I would name her Sumayyah based on the first female martyr of Islam…that name kept bugging me for ages even when I was carrying her… never knew this name would really meant for her…she is 1 fighter we are blessed with…

Sometimes what we planned for never happen or did not go through the same way we wanted it to be…All because He was the BEST planner for us….I never stop thanking him for whatever has happened these few days coz it has really been an eye opener masya allah….good things has happened so far and both of us have took it positively…

Some people would say kesian…bills are going to go skyrocketted but they wouldn’t know all the other great things that has happened these few days…Never ever stop believing in the Almighty even when your faith is tested in crucial times…

I only hope doas from all of you so that she will be discharged a healthy lil fighter…😍😍😍

Thank you to family and friends whom have wished us well and the never ending support…

So that’s my story…I hope husbands out there appreciate your wives more now…going through personally the birth of a miracle our amanah…make me salutes all Mothers…..


28 weeks & unexpected! PART 1


It took me awhile for me to pen this down a journey that happened but unexpectedly! 

So I was mentioning the other day that my baby was weighing Alhamdullilah well at 1.1kg and everything was A-ok..

Well guess what the next day on 4 Nov! while I was at work after having lunch alone at my pantry..then walking back to my table! I just felt a gush of water leaked out and soaking my freaking  underwear !! I waddled to the toilet and o wells (CAUTION! TMI, MAY BE GROSS) I thought I terkencing (urinated) you know! BUT it was not..it was just water water water coming out from God’s knows where….it took me some seconds to realise! SHYT MY WATERBAG BROKE!!! I was wearing panty liner it got super soaked..my pants can literally squeezed and perah kluar air!

So as I was still bursting with water..and soaking my pants…I waddled back to the office…approached a colleague! Told her I needed to cancel our Afternoon meeting as I needed to rush to the Hospital..packed my stuff..whatsapp my Husband..whom got a shock of his life for a second…got into a CAB (every1 scolded me for taking a cab instead of calling an AMBULANCE)..and rushed to KK Hospital…

He had to call to confirm thou what was happening…but yes that was my minimal convo of a chaotic Friday! 

I was at 28 weeks when my Waterbag burst and I was a Thomson Medical patient but my decision at that time to proceed to KK Hospital was because I knew I was only 28 weeks and this could cause preterm labour…causing my baby to be in NICU which is expensive and KK hospital is the best in handling complications and cost saving! 

Yes I was going through all these in my head when it happened and to make a decision…I thank Allah for that.moment of strength and calmness… 

I was immediately pushed to Delivery suite and that’s where we got all the administration sorted out..I was monitored in Triage for like 30 minutes before pushed  to a Delivery ward for further monitoring and care….

Stayed for 1.5 days…I was given steroid jabs for baby’s lungs…antibiotic drips every 4 hours…blood tests and diabetes prick test…yup I was poke here and there for my entire stay in KK hospital…..

Part 1 of my 28 weeks journey! and its drama….

Wedding Trailer!

It has been an eventful couple of months since I have gotten married..

I just did my UPPP surgery with a whole load of shyt done to my throat and nose..so It has been about 2 weeks of recovery. I was a suferrer of sleep apnea that causes me to NOT breathe 20 times a night! This results in risky problems in the future.. and also a very bad sleep that makes me tired all the time.

I have decided to go for the Op so that I could plan my future pregnancy better..yela IMAGINE kalau I was in labour and I had breathing problems teruk kan! And not breathing 20 times a night is crazy…this surgery also helps me to cope with sorethroats and inflamed tonsils better! I wouldnt experience sucha problems in the future!! Yeaaaay to no inflamed tonsils anymore!!

Aside from that..Mr.A has been sucha a sweetie pie…keep waking up to ensure I was alive after my postop! #postop day 11 I am able to eat finally and breathe through my nose! And he had mentioned NO SNORING!

ALHAMDULLILAH! that is the most awesome feeling ever!!

Sooooo all these aside..I had my wedding trailer completed the other day by Bizkode! It was a surprise trailer coz Mr.A voiced over some touching dedications….love it to the max la….

The Road to Recovery

It has been almost a week since you left us… I had to stay at my mom’s place for recovery and during these few days, we were frantically searching for kakak/makcik urut. It was not easy as we had to ask around friends whom might have contacts.

Thank goodness Mak with her pasar friends, we found one who stays in Gombak and is affordable as well. She was available for urut session and that is the most important.

Having miscarriage thought me to be patient. It was as similar to giving birth just without the Baby…your body feels drained out, your tummy feels pain from the bleeding, your body felt like it was being beaten up and sore. Legs, arms, hips were too sore that I had to take 1 step at a time. Feet without socks make it sooo painful to even place a step. That was the pain that Mothers had to endure, and I had the chance to face it. Drinking Polleney or Chicken Essence was so tak sedap as well. I literally gag after the last drop hits my throat…

So despite all the motivation, I understand how miscarriages can be as depressing…People might advise to try again and bla bla bla…but no one would understand the pain physically and mentally a Mother who lost their child has to face…To go through the same confinements of a new Mother who gave birth yet again without the Child.

I don’t know I was lucky or whether I am naturally a strong willed lady, I bounced back to life a day after of grieving  but I still shun having people around me, I just hate entertaining the same questions all over again.

  1. How did it happen?
  2. How long were you into it? How did you find out?
  3. Are you ok? Are you fine?
  4. Is Akbar ok?

I dealt with grieve differently from normal humans I guessed, I don’t naturally cry over such things, I hate it…I hate showing my expressions. I bottled my emotions but at the same time I rather be alone…

The makcik urut did a good job in massaging all my stress points, pushed out my water retention, tried to place back the uterus coz its terjatoh…and gave me words of advice to prepare for the next pregnancy….

I also was recommended to eat this…


Manjakani was proven to tighten the vagina walls and lessen vaginal discharge, good for post delivery…Well let’s see how it goes la kan…The sengkak urut is super damn painful…I am not in favour of pain and I think most of the ladies here knew I have low tolerance masih la terpekik pekik if sakit sikit.. But it is to get well so must endure la..ketap bibir tahan sakit…But at times it was soo painful I literally felt like passing out PENGSAN…it was soo excruciatingly painful…masya allah..but definitely now I felt better and badan da rase ringan…

doa mengelakkan  keguguran.jpg

Amalkan la surah nie to prevent from future miscarriages. I thank loved ones whom has supported or taken care of me. Hopefully we will try to help in different ways for friends or loved ones that are in need..it is not an easy road masya allah..but I prayed that one day I will have rezeki and amanah to take care of..and for my fellow ladies to be strong…there will always be challenges but none will be difficult for any ummah-nye to endure.. Insya Allah…