102 Away!

So what have I done since we are just 102 Days away to the big DAY!!! I think i am gonna blabber my blog away for this post, since I have a breather from work this morning.

1) Make Up Trial Done
My MUA is kak Su Afand whom is home based as well as freelancer from RK Bridal(shall not reveal further) I am comfortable with her alhamdullilah, and I would say relatively happy with her makeup on me. Syukur thor-amat! Got feedbacks from a few of my closed friends, and mentioned my seri da start naik…so i do have my own Pantang thus I give half face 1st k!!

To whomever that is coming for the wedding baru nampak LIVE! k….hehehehehe best la sangat….and I am happy she is quite the old school mak andam and we sat down for almost 2 hours after that discussing my itinerary and things to note! I have also advised her my problematic areas like oily t-zones, sweaty JENDUL! and bla bla bla..these are tips to mention k ladies as your MUA would then take note and prepare the necessary products for the face. Trial make up without informing all these also like waste your time kan…

2) 1/2 Dulangs of Shopping DONE!!!

So one of the Saturdays I went to do ring shopping plus MAHAR shopping and some of the dulang items. I did mention I guess da tak ingat, that Mr.A is the cerewet hubz, he was not into the Platinum rings designs, and his face was down! literally unhappy about it. No signs of sparkly eyes of excitement. So I have thus searched for alternatives and thanks to my fellow BTB Ana, I have brought him to Starlight Gem to meet Mr Sultan for customisation rings. FYI, Platinum cannot be worn as well as I found out recently from my closest friend in the Jewelry business that it still containts gold!

Currently, gold and platinum are similar in price per gram. However platinum is much more dense, and so more of it is required to make the same ring compared to white gold. Additionally, platinum rings are usually 95% pure platinum, while 14k gold is only 58.5% gold. Also consider that platinum is a bit harder to work with, requiring higher casting and welding temperatures and different equipment. Platinum also can take 3 times longer to finish polish. Therefore, platinum rings are still 80% to 120% more expensive than the exact same 14 karat white gold jewelry.

Cranky penat boy from work sampai terlelap jap sambil pilih batu2….But overall he has designed his own ring took measurements and supeeeeer happy! Da kasi makan after that all happy happy liao!

Ring and rantai for me were bought from Meyson! and of coz I had to have my bodyguards on standby…bro in law and gf! I always love getting the family involved and treated to food whole day!

3) Met up with Uncle Lan Comel Molek

Lastly!! I met up with my Deco!! AAAARGH!!! nie part exciting gila coz it shows we are supeeeer near the date yo!! Met Uncle Lan at Marsiling CC on a Monday evening with mom and kak noi.. sat down to discuss concepts and colours…I would not be getting Chiavari chairs despite being OOO PRETTY AND GLAMZ! As respecting my mom decision, she was afraid old folks from our family will not be comfortable sitting on those for long… Takpe la aku sacrifice this part coz COMFORT comes first…

And Unlce Lan said he will add surprise touches to my concept idea…Hmmm I wonder what and I superbly KENUT wait k!!! Ya allah nie part of the planning i very sungguh-sungguh!!

So that is all my excitement at the moment. Slowly slowly the preps are taking shape and looking well into the plan. Insya allah..

There are more to be done I shall update on another post sooooon k babes.. 🙂

Ramadhan..Blessings in Disguise

Ramadhan has always been a testing month tak kira in iman…takwah…our surroundings..perasaan..semua nye la…kadang-kadang ader pulak yang melebih2 nak comment itu la ini la…macam la dia sorang yang pandai…bukan la salah…memang pahala dia kita tak tahu..but kenapa hanya pada bulan Ramadhan…banyak sangat keyboard warrior..maybe due to the expansion of social media….

But I am not goin to touch on anything negative..niat dihati this year Ramadhan hanya ader #positivethoughts…also nak kuatkan badan yang selalu sakit-sakit nie…at the same time reblajar ilmu agama…yela empunya diri pun takde la angel sangat….

So Ramadhan nie I did not look for healthy choices….but Alhamdullilah..i chance upon it! Or them….

1st thing was a few days ago…I have been having fever since Ramadhan sambil puasa and working..imagine how weak I was….in a SNOW BLIZZARD   freezing office..mak ai! Sebaik kuat hati and diri…if not da pengsan da dalam office 2!…so i went down to get fresh air…and i saw a small booth selling organic vinegar from Taiwan…baca punya baca…sambil belit 2 vinegar i google la plum vinegar…It is so popular in China and Japan for their daily intake…try la beli 1 botol besar…been drinking it a few days now…alhamdullilah nafsu makan controlled…energy pulak slowly comin back…best demam pun da reda….syukur banyak- banyak…

Alhamdullilah for that…if you all interested bole la google benefits die…nak tau where to get leave a comment…and ill further inform k! 🙂

Secondly…nari memang la Allah agak nye nak tunjuk…kebesaran die masya allah…I learnt a new thing…I was at Nature’s farm browsing accompanying my colleague time lunch…die nie breast feeding new mommy…so everytime carik supplement for breastfeeding la…sekali kite pun berbual ngn this Chinese salesman…and he introduced to this product…but after awhile explaining…he said..“eh you cannot eat this supplement..it contains gelatin”…kita pun ngn muka puzzled tengok die balik…
He continued and REVEALED! something shocking!! (Tiada hal khinzir/babi or any babi injured)…

All capsules yang kita makan selama ini..baik doctors prescription or supplements are made of gelatin! It is made of either cow or vegetables gelatin…and he explained further…he said “yea no pig/pork..but the cow gelatin also not halal”

Subhanallah….my heart just stop…not because of the gelatin! But mulia nye salesman nie to even inform us willingly…took his time explaining…advised mane yang bole mane yang tak bole…and providing a knowledge we Muslims took for granted and never cared….but he as a non-muslim went further than what he supposed to be doing…masya allah…hidden blessings….in the end i bought some multi-vitamins to kuatkan my immune system…and the salesman advised what to do everything…i never could ask for more…

So if you guys are was-was…please ask your doctors..pharmacists…if the medicine/supplements they prescribed are vegetarian capsules? If you are bothered by it…if tak nak tanye…mintak je tablets…so tak leceh kan diri….

I thank HIM dalam mata kasar…kita tak akan pernah nampak kebaikan dia or bersyukur…but cuba la kita buka hati…he will show you he cared…thank you for your blessings in disguise…hopefully all the kind souls will be paid for the good deeds they have done…and the best part ive experienced was that both encounters were with Chinese Uncles…syukur alhamdullilah…amin… #positivethoughts #roadtohijrah