The STRESS of Venue selection

Venues are really important for couples whom are getting married, void decks or wedding halls or CC halls…anything that you have previously envisioned. Honestly, I have always wanted to have a venue that is spacious with no pillars blocking any view so the CC hall is the most wanted dream choice la just so that everyone can see who is there without any blocked views.

Thus the hunt for venue was done at 7 months to go before the date. I obviously being lazy DIE DIE wanna have it at the CC behind my block which is the Bukit Batok CC but luck is definitely not on my side and they were booked!

So i had to redha buat bawah block la…coz after that my family members thought that CC was a waste of money….and i did not like my neighbouring bawah blocks as it is very sempit! And i know how hot it gets because every week aku ikot AKRAB…every week berpeluh-peluh buat video recording of them! I KENUT…..

So i compromised to have under my Nyai’s void deck which was abit more spacious and they agreed!! Yeaaay abis la azab aku nak venue research!…then the Father decides nope it won’t work as the void deck is dirty and loads of problem like ping pong table and stuff!

Back to square 1! I had to call so MAAAAANY CCs to check pricing and availabilities…penat eh call i think i have checked and call for like 10 over CCs and none is available…

And some were EPIC response:
“Nak book hall”
“Hall da roboh!Ngn Renovateeee” LOLs

I don’t know want to laugh or cry la..its damn funny but also sakit hati….

LO and BEHOLD! Only CC available in the WEST for 19 Dec and setup! is Marsiling CC!!!!
It was cheap and affordable and there is cooking area…Alhamdullilah…

After convincing the Father I have exhausted all options he has agreed to it….and they did the downpayment today!

Finally this is settled! I can now start moving forward for Phase 2 of Wedding planning…..Alhamdullilah….


19 thoughts on “The STRESS of Venue selection

      1. This is inclusive of 10 hours set up the day before…deposit and cleaning service…i have not add on additional stuff..this is the costing when i called yest…will update you if there are additional costs because my parents who were the ones went down today…

  1. Hello, i came across your blog while reading some BTBs blog and this post really caught my attention since im looking for a venue as well, my wedding’s next year 🙂

    Would u mind sharing the cost you paid and what it includes? Like is cooking allowed in the cc? Does it include set up and tearing down? And how early can we actually book the venue?

    Heh sorry if im asking too much! Would appreciate any help i can get cause this whole thing can be quite stressing! hahaha :):):)

    1. Hi Shila,

      No overnight cooking is allowed im paying for about 3.1k which includes 10 hours of setup on friday plus whole day of saturday majlis + teardown. Cc booking is 6 mnths in advance of wedding date. U can start calling in maybe a month earlier than 6th mnth to enquire availability. This is relative to Marsiling CCs and not all CCs. Different ccs different pricing and requirement. Just call to enquire dnt have to go up and down to check! 🙂

  2. Ahhh, i seeee. Thanks for your reply! The price seems quite reasonable compared to the one i enquired at another cc in woodlands, which is between 4-5k! I shall add this option to my list now hehe. Thank you again! 🙂

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