Don’t forget about yourself!!Β 

While most mothers are busy prepping items for their LO(lil one).. don’t forget we needta prep items for us mummies too!!

So here are some essential items I needta get for myself which Ive been reading up or tips from my friends:

1) Nursing bras

Well if you are trying immediately for BF. Definitely needed get those nursing bras that allows you to open the buttons at the front or unclip hooks.Easier management and quick to disengage to provide the boobies to the baby..

Can buy them at Q10 but if you feel uncomfortable coz no trying right, put this item in Wishlist for the next Babyfair!

2) Nipple pads

These goes along with nursing bras…again to be placed in ur bras to make sure you dont have round wet rings Β on your shirt! BF leaks so you need these to absorb the milk and avoid those unsightly rings or wet boobs syndrome! I didnt know these existed till I keep reading…thanks to other mamas whom have shared such knowledge…plenty of brands again can be bought in Q10! coz its really cheaaap!!! my friend uses this Lansinoh brand which she said was good…she is giving me a pack of her leftovers…

3) Maternity pads + disposable underwears

SoΒ again if you are opting natural birth! needed in your bags. Depends on which hospital you are in… KKH charges these, they give you but chargeable items. TMC 2016 package gives a luggage of necessities to mummies complimentary so just bring more incase you use them up. Coz the blood post birth soaks up the pads really fast! The first week I was told is heaviest…also from my miscarriage experience this is true…Some mummies buy the maternity pads while other opt for the overnight menstrual extra long thick pads which Kotex and Whisper has them..

Maternity pads by Kotex is available in NTUC/Redmart…while Spring Mothercare carries some other brands I believed as well.

Disposable underwear you can get them the cotton versions in Watsons/Mustafa…according to sizes of coz since Im plus size Im getting the men versions…coz women generic sizes cant freaking fit my big bums! These are important!! coz if you are bleeding you wldnt wanna stain your undies and keep washing…so wear and throw jela these disposbale underwear!

So yup these are items you can pack along in your maternity bags! No need bring so many coz its just insya allah most probably 2 days if all is ok!

Dnt forget while prepping you need to remember this…You FIRST before baby…actually never forget yourself coz if you do…you tend to be more depressed and stressed out….

Don’t overbuy as well coz most items you will tend to get them as gifts…especially clothes!

I’ll share what Ive gotten so far… Im not a shopaholic my friends can vouch for that! So if you wanna get tips from a person who do not spend so much or on a budget…hopefully my way of shopping could help you guys!

1.1kg Baby S…

I took an evening drink that has caffeine and now Im awake…yes I hear your naggings about caffeine in pregnancy..i do have a cuppa which is usually Tea..coz I am a Teh C avid lover but not on a daily basis! however I do have that occassional cafe coffee flavoured drinks when Im hanging out with my friends/hubby.. 1 cuppa/day dnt kill you in your is recommended to stick to 2 cuppas/day…everything in moderation…

Here is my principle if I am too careful in my diet during pregnancy I believe Im just curbing my baby too much resulting in problems where allergics could happen or a fussy eater in the future? so i just balanced my meals and eat most stuff in moderation….that’s my theory and I dont need other young mamas to judge me…. insya allah my baby’s health is something I look after and doa daily but all these are also from HIM above…

So back to my appointment on Friday! i had to do the diabetes blood test resulting in drowning myself in a glucose bottled drink! after the first shot of blood drawn…

“This is the worse drink in my entire life” I seriously had the hangover feeling..nauseous attack plus light headedness and burping sensations!”

So I hold it up and mind you I went for the appointment alone coz hubby just came back from night shift and hadta rest…no problem there…

So I really felt like I was in my younger days holding up a hangover and not to fall flat! for 2 hours later I had to take the 2nd blood test again! Thank goodness no vomitting if not redo!

I bravely survived the glucose drink mania dreaded by all pregnant mommas!

And I saw My BABY S!! baby has grown miraculously well and has reached its 1st milestone!! 1.1kg yeaaaa

Grow and become my chubby squishy baby!! Mummy and baba cant wait to meet you!! and bite you my lil 1…

Starting to prep my neccessities for the lil 1…and of coz myself!! Shall blog maybe is tomorrow already! maybe later la ok….

Needta get some rest! & not become an owl!!

Nitees ladies!!

My 3rd Trimester and its journey

Well well well!!I have reached my 3rd trimester soon in a few days time.. this is extremely exciting as all my morning sickness has disappeared and my appetitte is slowing kicking in with middle of the night hunger pangs..kebulur nak mampos at 2am and the sleepless nights!

My baby has been good to its mummy! I have lost 5kg in total from my pregnancy! and only gain less than 1kg! My baby S has absorbed the nutrients o so well! so that’s a good thing right!!

That is my healthy baby…can you see it has a nose bridge!!! mancung like the parents! lols…alhamdullilah giving me extreme pelvic pain and powerderful kicks..and good hiccups means that my Baby S is doing well! yes babies hiccups in the stomach…and it feels like light kicks but its constant they are hiccuping because they are learning to breathe and using their lungs! i believed this 1 will have good lung skills when its out!!!

So I wouldnt say I have sucha a wonderful pregnancy journey! but i wld say I am that few lucky ladies whom dont really change…

I still have my own face features…no bloated face no big nose…alhamdullilah no water retention on my feet…but u constantly look tired as baby is on a growing spurt chart following the growth trend. last check it was almost 700g at almost 6 months… so tomorrow is my checkup again let’s see the weight increase!

Edd in January! so the nervousness is kicking slowing just like the feeling if nak KAHWIN! betol ke ni skrg nak jadi MUMMY!!!