Twins Fascination!!!!

Who doesn’t love twins!! I do….I am obsessed with twins and their cuteness and their ability to take care of one another…or their petty fights! EFVERYTHING is double combo! hahahaha…

giphy (3).gif

the fact that my momma side has a twins genetic, we have a pair of twins in every generation it is THAT BLOODY AWESOME!

So I wished to have one pair myself, sekali kluar terus tutup factory ah! Hahaha but if you have not catch “It’s Judy TIME!” Please la gy tengok, the twin sisters are super cute masya allah! I always feel like biting those cheeks

I am an obsessed wife now who wants TWINS…..sape sape ader tips ke aper ke please share ok….

Japan Honeymoon ~ Accommodation

Part 2 of this is obviously my selection of accommodation.  For this honeymoon, I have decided to go for AIRBNB….coz obviously lagi murah la dari hotel.

Hotels in Japan are not as cheap and space is not as big as well. Nightly rates in Tokyo hotels will always be about SGD 280 and above. But if you are interested in some hotels recommendation, based yet again from my work trips please check them out:
1) New Otani (my fav nak mampos!)
2) Hotel Chinzanso (psst!!! famous halal teppanyaki here)
3) Hotel Okura
4) Shinjuku Prince Hotel

Tapi since I wanna feeling feeling masak konon for my husband, yes I opted for AirBnB and I found a supeeer nice and affordable apartment. Kalau nak carik tempat of convenience, you can try areas like Shinjuku (or other areas like Shibuya, Ueno, Shingawa) in Tokyo, this town is super central and naik train pun senang, its lines linked to a lot of other towns and super easy to get around.

The aparment I rented is owned by this Taiwanese gay guy. Ok la gay but super clean, but he has everything for your needs, Shampoo, shower gel, conditioner provided. Towels were provided. Kitchen utensils, international tv channel provided. Good instructions on how to use his stuff. There is a cleaning lady to come in before your check in to clean up, lepas tu pandai pandai korang la kemas and tak selerak kan rumah dia.

Cute kan rumah dia, I was sooo comfortable that it really felt like home and our personal space. So apartments in Japan itself is naturally smaller. But it was a bargain during this peak season for 6 days 5 nights stay, I only paid for  SGD1063!! Super cheap and super worth it. Currently, he is nominated as Super Host, and I would highly recommend his apartment but it seeems it has been fully BOOOKED!! Kecoh kan…dia tak keje hidup makan sewa pun kaya seh….
There are also a couple of recommended Shinjuku hosts so do take a look and baca reviews. Reviews are important and if it seemed fishy no need book la..and if they request more money to be transferred, please quickly alert AirBnB. It is a NO NO!!!

Usually look out for hosts yang baik hati kasi pocket WIFI as well. This is da bomb, because we depend highly on this for GPS, takot sesat or something. Nak upload gambar pun kan SENANG!! lols…

giphy (2).gif
Pocket Wifi is also good to find the halal eateries in Japan. If your host is not able to provide pocket wifi. You can rent it and have it delivered to your accommodation. You can check out this for Pocket wifi rentals in Tokyo. Wifi Rental

So you can compare prices if you wanna have AirBnb, if for hotels, my best price comparison is . 

And guess what?! I’m travelling to Tokyo again this Friday for meeting. I might as well ask for citizenship soon hahahaha mcm balik kampung like that!


Japan HoneyMoon ~ Flights/Transfers

Ok la I have a few excited wives and btbs whom wanted to know how I planned for Japan trip…so I shall keep mysef busy writing this post dari tido dalam train otw to work!

Firstly let’s talk about flights and accommodation since these are the two items that are taking the bulk of the holiday costings.

So I started sourcing the flights and accommodation quite late in June or July 2015 six months before honeymoon. For destinations such as Japan it is waaay better to get flights way way ahead of time 10 months or so pun bole..coz international flights are usually booked for year end due to businesses and tours.

I recce on these 3 airlines for pricing:
1) Japan Airlines
2) All Nippon
3) Singapore Airlines

giphy (1).gif


Personally I still prefer Singapore Airlines in terms of comfort la, pricing wise JAL has the cheapest fares. I would also recommend to just book an International airline as baggage, food and comfort is confirmed. At this point, since the flight was in December, even the budget airlines were as expensive as the International carriers. In total i spent about SGD2.2k for 2 pax with JAL.

For Budget airlines

You may research on Scoot or Air Asia, they have deals as well which is super awesome. SCOOT deals is usually Tuesday morning, so watch out for that k!

Another airline which I rase munasabah is also Malaysia Airlines la. Affordable jugak and putting the scares of the recent accidents with MH, prices to Japan is worthwhile. Cuma kita nak kene redha je la ajal maut di tangan Tuhan ye kawan kawan….

Airport landing 

This is the difference of airports. Tokyo has two international airports and not all airlines travel to both airports. First is Narita where all airlines that heads to Tokyo lands. BUT!!! Narita is much much further to travel to Central Tokyo. It takes 90 mins(1.5 hours) via their bullet train/taxi/limousine bus.
Second is  Haneda Airport, my favourite airport. Why?! Cos firstly, it is not as busy as Narita, it is about 45 minutes to Central Tokyo via whatever transport!. Customs and immigration is easier and faster to clear here.

Car Transfers

Since I am quite pampered, I usually take the cab to hotels that I am staying, and since this AIRBNB that I choose was unfamiliar cab was a much safer choice! There is a trick to having cheaper cab fares, I paid for about SGD 90 but I guess it is worthwhile I can sleep, drink and eat in the cab, with complimentary WIFI, and also Meet & Greet Session is available. The trick is…… PREBOOK your transfer. Yes, in Japan if you prebook, there will be so called fixed rates which is much cheaper than hailing a cab. You may use this awesome COMPANY that I always used in my work travels to Japan. MK TAXI
Sebaik jugak la booked a cab, I came down with high fever and when I landed I was hit with Vertigo! yang buat aku cam in a moving Ship over strong waves, rabak seh!! So thank goodness I need not have to drag all my luggages through Public transport.

You can catch the trains to Shinagawa Station which is Central Tokyo as well. Here is the link to understanding train transfers from Haneda Airport Keikyu Line

Limousine Bus

Limousine bus is the same you may find out the details via Haneda Airport website as well. Usually this is much cheaper option la. Limousine bus usually drop at Major hotels or areas so you can check with them.

Always make sure you have your address ready as this is required by Immigration also taking the public/car transfers allow you to communicate for directions better. Get the Japanese version as well for easier communication.

Ok la, this is just the 1st step to many more of my Honeymoon planning…..nanti saya continue weekends nak balik and rest k!

Japan Honeymoon, Yeay! or Neh?

I have been contemplating should I talked about my Honeymoon experience in Tokyo, Japan or not??

I have been quite lazy lately to blog. Makin da kahwin makin pemalas keje nye eh! Lols….All i wanna do is hang out at home with husband or not just laze on my AWESOME king size katil…

I think i will blog with some tips on where to head on and what are things to look out for when I have moooooood!



Happy News to a goood beginning!

So these last week I have not seen the husband at home due to his dikir barat training and when I am already snoring away, suddenly Mr.A is at the side…

So previously I am used to not communicating or meetup whenever a competition arises.. I think gf/wives/fiancees of Dikir Baratist will understand this part…whenever ader competition, batang hidung pun tak nampak k! lols

Menang ke kalah, it is the passion that drives them to always berseni.. It has never been a profit making passion..sometimes I do nag but well it is a passion can you stop such things from not happening. So Mr.A has been in a few different groups and now he has been with Dendang Mutiara a couple of years…and just like a 2nd family to us..

The Juara and Tok Karut are members of kumpulan 2D..abang abang yg nyanyi lagu Cenderawasih?! Dulu aku tergila-gila *fangirl mode* the main singer and now we are good friends…hahahahha!

And it has been a very long time since we clinch any placing in any competition..selalu sipi sipi je like 4th place…so this year has been alhamdullilah a bettter year…

It was an entertaining set, kalau ikhlas dari hati, ikhlas orang menerima…

I even memorised the lyrics..last few years have been a rollercoaster ride..there were alot of emotional rides…from the sad moments like this… in 2014..where the boys and audience cried along…


We have moved and decided to be different in 2016 pulak…so yesterday with a happy enjoyable set! We have clinch 3rd placing! Masya allah super happy for these guys…Naib Kesenian..and Naib lyrics! Our brothers Juara and Tok Karut won the Gandingan Sakti…the best chemistry duo in competition.

Following hubby around for so many years in dikir barat, this was the most ECSTATIC FEELING EVAAA! Coz I witness victory 1ST TIME! as a wife…soit was a proud moment, all the heartaches of him not there at home hahaha..our arguements but I am always there to support him despite all this pettyness, making him his honey drink and buying drinks for the group…

It was the best feeling yesterday to have this group shot along as well…nothing could replace family that’s what they always say…

Sekarang Monday terus badan penat ngantok and everything!! Lols…. but no matter whatever it is…as a wife,  I would never stop Mr. A to stop berseni coz that is his passion…

Sekuntum Seni, Serumpun Budaya…Dari Kami Dendang Mutiara….