Don’t forget about yourself!!Β 

While most mothers are busy prepping items for their LO(lil one).. don’t forget we needta prep items for us mummies too!!

So here are some essential items I needta get for myself which Ive been reading up or tips from my friends:

1) Nursing bras

Well if you are trying immediately for BF. Definitely needed get those nursing bras that allows you to open the buttons at the front or unclip hooks.Easier management and quick to disengage to provide the boobies to the baby..

Can buy them at Q10 but if you feel uncomfortable coz no trying right, put this item in Wishlist for the next Babyfair!

2) Nipple pads

These goes along with nursing bras…again to be placed in ur bras to make sure you dont have round wet rings Β on your shirt! BF leaks so you need these to absorb the milk and avoid those unsightly rings or wet boobs syndrome! I didnt know these existed till I keep reading…thanks to other mamas whom have shared such knowledge…plenty of brands again can be bought in Q10! coz its really cheaaap!!! my friend uses this Lansinoh brand which she said was good…she is giving me a pack of her leftovers…

3) Maternity pads + disposable underwears

SoΒ again if you are opting natural birth! needed in your bags. Depends on which hospital you are in… KKH charges these, they give you but chargeable items. TMC 2016 package gives a luggage of necessities to mummies complimentary so just bring more incase you use them up. Coz the blood post birth soaks up the pads really fast! The first week I was told is heaviest…also from my miscarriage experience this is true…Some mummies buy the maternity pads while other opt for the overnight menstrual extra long thick pads which Kotex and Whisper has them..

Maternity pads by Kotex is available in NTUC/Redmart…while Spring Mothercare carries some other brands I believed as well.

Disposable underwear you can get them the cotton versions in Watsons/Mustafa…according to sizes of coz since Im plus size Im getting the men versions…coz women generic sizes cant freaking fit my big bums! These are important!! coz if you are bleeding you wldnt wanna stain your undies and keep washing…so wear and throw jela these disposbale underwear!

So yup these are items you can pack along in your maternity bags! No need bring so many coz its just insya allah most probably 2 days if all is ok!

Dnt forget while prepping you need to remember this…You FIRST before baby…actually never forget yourself coz if you do…you tend to be more depressed and stressed out….

Don’t overbuy as well coz most items you will tend to get them as gifts…especially clothes!

I’ll share what Ive gotten so far… Im not a shopaholic my friends can vouch for that! So if you wanna get tips from a person who do not spend so much or on a budget…hopefully my way of shopping could help you guys!

My 3rd Trimester and its journey

Well well well!!I have reached my 3rd trimester soon in a few days time.. this is extremely exciting as all my morning sickness has disappeared and my appetitte is slowing kicking in with middle of the night hunger pangs..kebulur nak mampos at 2am and the sleepless nights!

My baby has been good to its mummy! I have lost 5kg in total from my pregnancy! and only gain less than 1kg! My baby S has absorbed the nutrients o so well! so that’s a good thing right!!

That is my healthy baby…can you see it has a nose bridge!!! mancung like the parents! lols…alhamdullilah giving me extreme pelvic pain and powerderful kicks..and good hiccups means that my Baby S is doing well! yes babies hiccups in the stomach…and it feels like light kicks but its constant they are hiccuping because they are learning to breathe and using their lungs! i believed this 1 will have good lung skills when its out!!!

So I wouldnt say I have sucha a wonderful pregnancy journey! but i wld say I am that few lucky ladies whom dont really change…

I still have my own face features…no bloated face no big nose…alhamdullilah no water retention on my feet…but u constantly look tired as baby is on a growing spurt chart following the growth trend. last check it was almost 700g at almost 6 months… so tomorrow is my checkup again let’s see the weight increase!

Edd in January! so the nervousness is kicking slowing just like the feeling if nak KAHWIN! betol ke ni skrg nak jadi MUMMY!!!

Soooo Dusty!! Salam Aidilfitri!

Da lama jugak da tak berblogging!

3 months ok silence in this blog, actually I have been extremely busy after marriage life with increasing workload from work until no time hor!

Raya also in negeri orang berkerja…SEDIH NAK MAMPOS! I was in Korea since 1st July until 10 July.

Takbir nak kene dengar through live streaming. I cannot imagine people who are not in their hometown, how sad it is celebrating without families and alone in some foreign country. I was nangis teresak-esak ok, sambil buka sampai tak tertelan makanan, terus lost appetite!

giphy (5).gif

Well the night of 6th July, my husband arrived in Korea and angkut la makanan raya for me…Thank goodness for my Mr.A existence, aku rasa kalau tak hari hari nangis HOMESICK!!!


My Mom, auntie and MIL packed for me my favs yang simple simple sahaja…kuah lodeh nie semua takde! But o wells, dapat rasa 2 raya feeling sikit kira da bersyukur, sujud syukur k bila MAKANAN masok mulut bole melalak lagi but control macho depan husband…

So this korea trip is a disaster worktrip emotionally for me…I do not like it one bit at all. and I just wanna be home…

Kita dapat beraya baru last weekend…Raya Sakan! 10 houses in 1 day whoosh…tak agak-agak…But we started on Friday evening to 1st two houses….started with orange baju kurung..step cam GERUA Diwale!…Bahahahaha


Dapat kluar rumah cam HEAVEN!…Saturday was the marathon rumah…I only felt heat of the chair for like 15 minutes ans we were out to the next house.. LOLS…

So common topics that was discussed as new couple was;
1) Rumah bila siap? Kat mane?
2) Bila due?? Doctor mane?
Eh nie nak announce ke? Hehe yes Alhamdullilah, I am reaching my 13 weeks! Syukur syukur syukur…that explains the HOMESICK rabak when I am overseas..I miss my mom coooking alot la..cannot help it…

3) Akbar kau ader driving license? Ntah aper logic but yup he got asked that question ALOOOT!!

But husband was complaining by end of the day, asal banyak nye rumah..yes we must go all k coz it’s my close family….but he loves that he has kids to entertain

Meriah kalau dapat beraya with kids nie, coz excitement dorang lagi gerek dari beraya with orang tua! So next year new addition to my berlambak lambak nieces and nephews.

Aku nak pakaikan tabung la kasi jalan jalan time raya, senang sikit! OK KIDDING you olls….but it will be a funny sight bahahaha! Parents pendengki kesian anak aku, confirm kene bully slalu…kene yakat ngn bapak die, nenek atok dia..hahahahaha

Next post will be my journey in 1st trimester! and how i cope with it…

The Road to Recovery

It has been almost a week since you left us… I had to stay at my mom’s place for recovery and during these few days, we were frantically searching for kakak/makcik urut. It was not easy as we had to ask around friends whom might have contacts.

Thank goodness Mak with her pasar friends, we found one who stays in Gombak and is affordable as well. She was available for urut session and that is the most important.

Having miscarriage thought me to be patient. It was as similar to giving birth just without the Baby…your body feels drained out, your tummy feels pain from the bleeding, your body felt like it was being beaten up and sore. Legs, arms, hips were too sore that I had to take 1 step at a time. Feet without socks make it sooo painful to even place a step. That was the pain that Mothers had to endure, and I had the chance to face it. Drinking Polleney or Chicken Essence was so tak sedap as well. I literally gag after the last drop hits my throat…

So despite all the motivation, I understand how miscarriages can be as depressing…People might advise to try again and bla bla bla…but no one would understand the pain physically and mentally a Mother who lost their child has to face…To go through the same confinements of a new Mother who gave birth yet again without the Child.

I don’t know I was lucky or whether I am naturally a strong willed lady, I bounced back to life a day after of grieving Β but I still shun having people around me, I just hate entertaining the same questions all over again.

  1. How did it happen?
  2. How long were you into it? How did you find out?
  3. Are you ok? Are you fine?
  4. Is Akbar ok?

I dealt with grieve differently from normal humans I guessed, I don’t naturally cry over such things, I hate it…I hate showing my expressions. I bottled my emotions but at the same time I rather be alone…

The makcik urut did a good job in massaging all my stress points, pushed out my water retention, tried to place back the uterus coz its terjatoh…and gave me words of advice to prepare for the next pregnancy….

I also was recommended to eat this…


Manjakani was proven to tighten the vagina walls and lessen vaginal discharge, good for post delivery…Well let’s see how it goes la kan…The sengkak urut is super damn painful…I am not in favour of pain and I think most of the ladies here knew I have low tolerance masih la terpekik pekik if sakit sikit.. But it is to get well so must endure la..ketap bibir tahan sakit…But at times it was soo painful I literally felt like passing out PENGSAN…it was soo excruciatingly painful…masya allah..but definitely now I felt better and badan da rase ringan…

doa mengelakkan  keguguran.jpg

Amalkan la surah nie to prevent from future miscarriages. I thank loved ones whom has supported or taken care of me. Hopefully we will try to help in different ways for friends or loved ones that are in is not an easy road masya allah..but I prayed that one day I will have rezeki and amanah to take care of..and for my fellow ladies to be strong…there will always be challenges but none will be difficult for any ummah-nye to endure.. Insya Allah…

Twins Fascination!!!!

Who doesn’t love twins!! I do….I am obsessed with twins and their cuteness and their ability to take care of one another…or their petty fights! EFVERYTHING is double combo! hahahaha…

giphy (3).gif

the fact that my momma side has a twins genetic, we have a pair of twins in every generation it is THAT BLOODY AWESOME!

So I wished to have one pair myself, sekali kluar terus tutup factory ah! Hahaha but if you have not catch “It’s Judy TIME!” Please la gy tengok, the twin sisters are super cute masya allah! I always feel like biting those cheeks

I am an obsessed wife now who wants TWINS…..sape sape ader tips ke aper ke please share ok….