Soooo Dusty!! Salam Aidilfitri!

Da lama jugak da tak berblogging!

3 months ok silence in this blog, actually I have been extremely busy after marriage life with increasing workload from work until no time hor!

Raya also in negeri orang berkerja…SEDIH NAK MAMPOS! I was in Korea since 1st July until 10 July.

Takbir nak kene dengar through live streaming. I cannot imagine people who are not in their hometown, how sad it is celebrating without families and alone in some foreign country. I was nangis teresak-esak ok, sambil buka sampai tak tertelan makanan, terus lost appetite!

giphy (5).gif

Well the night of 6th July, my husband arrived in Korea and angkut la makanan raya for me…Thank goodness for my Mr.A existence, aku rasa kalau tak hari hari nangis HOMESICK!!!


My Mom, auntie and MIL packed for me my favs yang simple simple sahaja…kuah lodeh nie semua takde! But o wells, dapat rasa 2 raya feeling sikit kira da bersyukur, sujud syukur k bila MAKANAN masok mulut bole melalak lagi but control macho depan husband…

So this korea trip is a disaster worktrip emotionally for me…I do not like it one bit at all. and I just wanna be home…

Kita dapat beraya baru last weekend…Raya Sakan! 10 houses in 1 day whoosh…tak agak-agak…But we started on Friday evening to 1st two houses….started with orange baju kurung..step cam GERUA Diwale!…Bahahahaha


Dapat kluar rumah cam HEAVEN!…Saturday was the marathon rumah…I only felt heat of the chair for like 15 minutes ans we were out to the next house.. LOLS…

So common topics that was discussed as new couple was;
1) Rumah bila siap? Kat mane?
2) Bila due?? Doctor mane?
Eh nie nak announce ke? Hehe yes Alhamdullilah, I am reaching my 13 weeks! Syukur syukur syukur…that explains the HOMESICK rabak when I am overseas..I miss my mom coooking alot la..cannot help it…

3) Akbar kau ader driving license? Ntah aper logic but yup he got asked that question ALOOOT!!

But husband was complaining by end of the day, asal banyak nye rumah..yes we must go all k coz it’s my close family….but he loves that he has kids to entertain

Meriah kalau dapat beraya with kids nie, coz excitement dorang lagi gerek dari beraya with orang tua! So next year new addition to my berlambak lambak nieces and nephews.

Aku nak pakaikan tabung la kasi jalan jalan time raya, senang sikit! OK KIDDING you olls….but it will be a funny sight bahahaha! Parents pendengki kesian anak aku, confirm kene bully slalu…kene yakat ngn bapak die, nenek atok dia..hahahahaha

Next post will be my journey in 1st trimester! and how i cope with it…