Happy News to a goood beginning!

So these last week I have not seen the husband at home due to his dikir barat training and when I am already snoring away, suddenly Mr.A is at the side…

So previously I am used to not communicating or meetup whenever a competition arises.. I think gf/wives/fiancees of Dikir Baratist will understand this part…whenever ader competition, batang hidung pun tak nampak k! lols

Menang ke kalah, it is the passion that drives them to always berseni.. It has never been a profit making passion..sometimes I do nag but well it is a passion can you stop such things from not happening. So Mr.A has been in a few different groups and now he has been with Dendang Mutiara a couple of years…and just like a 2nd family to us..

The Juara and Tok Karut are members of kumpulan 2D..abang abang yg nyanyi lagu Cenderawasih?! Dulu aku tergila-gila *fangirl mode* the main singer and now we are good friends…hahahahha!

And it has been a very long time since we clinch any placing in any competition..selalu sipi sipi je like 4th place…so this year has been alhamdullilah a bettter year…

It was an entertaining set, kalau ikhlas dari hati, ikhlas orang menerima…

I even memorised the lyrics..last few years have been a rollercoaster ride..there were alot of emotional rides…from the sad moments like this… in 2014..where the boys and audience cried along…


We have moved and decided to be different in 2016 pulak…so yesterday with a happy enjoyable set! We have clinch 3rd placing! Masya allah super happy for these guys…Naib Kesenian..and Naib lyrics! Our brothers Juara and Tok Karut won the Gandingan Sakti…the best chemistry duo in competition.

Following hubby around for so many years in dikir barat, this was the most ECSTATIC FEELING EVAAA! Coz I witness victory 1ST TIME! as a wife…soit was a proud moment, all the heartaches of him not there at home hahaha..our arguements but I am always there to support him despite all this pettyness, making him his honey drink and buying drinks for the group…

It was the best feeling yesterday to have this group shot along as well…nothing could replace family that’s what they always say…

Sekarang Monday terus badan penat ngantok and everything!! Lols…. but no matter whatever it is…as a wife,  I would never stop Mr. A to stop berseni coz that is his passion…

Sekuntum Seni, Serumpun Budaya…Dari Kami Dendang Mutiara….



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