19 Days away~Fittings!

So previously I did mentioned that we have customised all baju of us! Nothing is rented or was it off the rack collections…

Thus I have customised 2 pairs of songkets for our sanding! 1 suit for Mr.A and bollywood wear…

But we have only tried out the skeletons of our baju…without the inserts of laces and maniks..last fitting will be the final product which I totally cannot wait!

Fit was good I am comfortable with both my songkets! And it fits like a glove to its hands! Mr.A was the more particular other half..if there was a fussy GROOM title or GROOMZILLA…it is him! I am more of a chilled bride in terms of baju! Cam pape la…..i was more concerned with my makeup than baju!






Mr.A is annoying like hell muka cam aku nak cepuk! Can never take a proper photo….and thus i have no idea how our wedding photos will turn out..he totally is such an arse in pretending to take romantic shots…i give up at times! Hahahaha…

I shall not reveal the colours or final products till 19 Dec itself!!! Or probably later…hehehehe

Turnaround Events

This post has got nothing to do with wedding related stuff…but I just needed to pen down my thoughts on the recent events happening.

While I was away on my business trip feeling the aftermath of Japan earthquakes…and also the Paris attacks..my small little heart here cannot take it much more as I had friends holidaying in Europe where Paris is one of their stops.

Through out the whole day of meeting, I was blogging on another topic to get my mind off abit but at the same time, my fingers were whatsapping non stop to ensure my family I was fine in Osaka, secondly checking on my friends whom were travelling in Europe. It was an uneasy feeling and just something keep keep ringing in my ears and heart.

FB was being sucha good newsfeeder, feeding loads of posts shared here and there…Of muslim friends explaining here this is not the work of ISLAM.. to haters of Islam….to news of fellow muslims in danger of being attacked by racists comments, racists acts where they have no clue of what is happening around them.

This is where humanity is challenged and it just stopped me in my tracks these few nights. People are condemned for just #prayforfrance where other parts of the world is being shot down, bombed and whats not. Yes there might be truth why are we just siding one country, but look it is as contradicting that you are condemning this as well, shouldn’t positive vibes be shared along the lines.

I am not a good preacher of the quran nor am I a saint. But this dying thought keeps repeating in my head, have we reached that finishing line is this where the test is completing its round, where everyone is against your religion being brainwashed to see evil in it. We forget our true being in this world, instead social media is taking its control on you. Where prayers are made via words typed out.

Shouldn’t we instead strengthen our beliefs to be prepared for worse, sedangkan zaman nabi di-uji dengan kekejaman semata-mata, but it’s just a different outlook, we are tested with situations pin-pointing it back to us. Zaman firaun dulu kan lain, just that things have changed but situation is the same.

Wallahualam, we can never be sure only YOU know it, masya allah, how scary it has been …I am not good enough to be near your Jannah, but I am sure am afraid of the fires of hell..please strengthen the iman of all muslims including myself to go through this journey of yours. To forever remember you and the very being of us in this Dunya..it’s my two cents worth but it has been a thinking process these few days…and a deep one…

31 Days Away~Ala Emaaak Kahwin kan AKUU

We are at 1 month notice sooon! Initially Mr.A and I wanted to pantang and not meet for a month however due to circumstances, I have a BFF wedding on 28/29 November that pantang has to wait!

Yes this is my Ahmad Aizat, guy BFF, da la BFF nak kahwin sama year and 2-3 weeks apart lak tu… but this mamat here is my most kentals Bff whom I have gone thru hardships together…..I’m happy he has met his queen to spend his rest of his life with πŸ™‚

The fact as well when we met the first thing was, “HOW MANY BACH NITES YOU HAVE LAAAA?! 30 IS IT?” Ok chill la dude, that is why you are a guy and I am a girl…perangai siak this mamat..make so much noise for what…kentals kan…

We are such Bobo Pengantin to be…couldnt care less keep eating from heavy meals to desserts…amek kau!

For him lak, his sacrifice was he could not go honeymoon until after my wedding! Bahahaha….delayed honeymoon! sorry but well what are BFFs for right?! Countdown for us both!

Next on agenda was the dulang items, what am I giving to Mr.A;
1) Neutrogena products
2) Iron man cufflinks
3) Belt & wallet set, tie
4) Customised ring
5) Perfume
6) Shoes – haven’t buy!
7) Chocs
8) cupcakes
9) sejadah and alquran

Banyak jugak eh aku nak kasi, but well I am quite a practical girl, I do not spend anything above $100 because it is comfort and familiarity first before anything else like brands. All items are all his loved items and his choice especially comfort because this tunang here is quite particular la..tak suka tak akan pakai or touched!

So again, mama-in-law is doing all the dulangs, I am very thankful for that, Amin! She is doing my flower bouquet, dulangs for both sides and the sireh dara/junjung…My mama-in-law pampers me alot but alhamdullilah we have been on good terms. I will doa for this harmonious relationship till eternity…

31 days is not far it is supeeeer near! And from the #btbsupportgroup we have the following weddings coming up;

  1. Hasanah and Aimi on 29 Nov
  2. Eza on 5th or 6th Dec ( I cannot rmbr laaa, sorry babe!)
  3. Yours truly on 19th Dec
  4. Rina on 27th Dec which I am not able to make it tooo!

It is a supeeeeer busy few weeks for these BTBs!

But most importantly! we have a chalet coming up on 21 Nov this Saturday, to celebrate and have fun together. Thankful this group has supported each other in all sorts of ways. I may not be active as much as I am trying to catch my breath but I still read and join in the convos whenever I can!

Shall update soon laa when the weekend is over with all the fun and squeals of the girls! hehe


Sugaring~ Yea or Neh?!

Yes that is my title, writing this while listening to boring presentation slides of prostate cancer.

How apt, remembered prostate to my unforgettable Sugaring session… so what is sugaring it is of natural products (water, sugar & lemon) mix together to get a Malt-like paste which is spread across area wanted to wax.

Benefits of sugaring

So last week, I have set up appointment with Jasmine from Sugared to have my session after reading and getting feedbacks from the rest of the BTBs on how wonderful sugaring is…

Sucha lovely lady, I had whatsapped her and the response was swift and easy. I was kinda nervous with the appointment as my treshold of pain is immensely low. I have never done waxing, even with shaving I had to do it very little due to slow hair growth. So to meet the friend down there is very rare.

The day came, went over appointment after work. Her new place is super near me! Its Trivelis Clementi and this is sucha PLUS POINT! Β hadta wait downstairs for awhile before I could proceed upstairs. Did the formality of Q&A, fill up the form before proceeding to the room.

The room is professionally taken care of, private and just the right temperature. By this time I was nervous, and HELL YEAH! i screamed at the first pull. My mind just went WTF! and I keep repeating why do girls even do this yourself! Beauty sure come with a hefty price tag. To those whom are virgin to waxing or sugaring or anything and naturally gets bruised easily during pinching I think we are on the same level.

Pain: 15/10 (i kid you NOT!)

Of coz different people have different levels of pain. Mine is the worse, I did not tear thank goodness…no crying at all but my reaction to every pull of the sugar, I literally screamed and curl my legs in pain. However Jasmine is really nice, she was still patient and talked to you in a calm voice and encouraged you to go on!

I have not much hair but I have very very stubborn hair, that is sooo stubborn she has to repeat sugaring on that part a couple of times. I almost wanted to give up let me tell you! But I cannot walk off the door with half of it sugared and half of it not!

So!! I gelt my 1/2 hour session was an eternity….After the feeling of sugaring, it was sore and uncomfortable coz my skin was thin…however it was also a nice feeling to feel that it was smooth and clean down there. Yes ms Vajajay you are clean!!

Jasmine did asked me if I would come again, honestly I told her let me think about it for the fact I am that 1/5 customer that has low pain tolerance, and got me shocked and in pain.

No skin tear or anything just the pain was scary. However overall service by Jasmine was:

Overall Service Standard: 4.5/5

She is really professional and very friendly. No doubt I would recommend her, ladies but just beware for those whom are weakling like me!!!

Do check out her FB! Sugared – Body Sugaring Singapore

So I have listed out the pros/cons….if you have any other Sugaring experience whether with Jasmine or with other vendor! Do share your experiences, would love to read more of the stories….

Staycays in the month of Oct~ Bach Nite Part 2 & 3

What? Bachelor nite again??? Korang mesti pikir tak abis-abis pe nie btb keep having her bach nites…

Yes I have been away practically every weekend attending the bach nites! from my lovely girlfriends…masya allah i could not thank them more for all the things and planning and money spend on me to make it memorable!

24 October ~ NTSS loves
These lovely gfs of mine have knew me eversince I was 13 years old! We were in the same secondary school and it was a friendship of what 14 years! OMGEEE…they have seen my kental self up to now the mak nenek lady. They knew how important the wedding planning is to me..they have knew I have planned my wedding since forever despite not having a boyfriend or tunang back then…

So I did not know where we were heading.. and they exclaimed to me 10 minutes before picking me up! “Na! Bawak passport…”!!and i got panicky! My passport was with my mom whom has went out to send the cards and ziarah orang meninggal…Astagfirullah got the shyt outta girls that I do not have my passport with me. So they had to call my sister and she had to call me to direct me to my passport..Thank goodness the almari tak lock k! If not no bachelor nite! Baru betol betol ‘SURPRISEEEE’!!! harloooooow padan muka koraaang plus aku skali…

So we masok JB! had lunch and shopping at JPO…me being very cheapo i did not shop at all except from Ripcurl for a colourful maxi dress at RM55!! cheap like tooooots…aku sebenarnye tak suka shopping!! malas nak tgk nak try nak carik size ke aper bende laaa…

We had WONDERFUL massage session for 2 hours at Thai Imperial for only RM109…bloody cheap also! And their service was super goood lor…my berangin body felt sooo relaxed after the session..I was served with hot tea and thai bubur chacha( i have no idea at all what is that)

And off we went to our HOTEL sooo dalaaam in JB….pUteri Harbour Bay Hotel Jen! AWesome big room! We had connecting rooms where as usual i sleep with my bimbo bucuk Fara…and the room was seriously super nice please…

Lunch at Tony Romas the next day and I was relieving our teenage years..so kental la please lols….the best part of bach nites is always the story telling! Always i must say…14 years of friendship passed by just like that..sometimes I forget I am 27 year old already…maybe that’s why i look so full of energy! hehehehehe

Come i SUMBAT some photos for you to seeeeee…




31st Oct ~ PearlFCladies

These ladies I have befriended as we are all WAGS of Dendang Mutiara…Mr.A is in a dikir barat group…thus being friends woth the gfs and wives allow this wonderful sisterhood to be form…of coz we have a bigger group of girls..but these ladies are one of the closest ones Ive been…

Got pranked by the masterchip Ahoy! Fiza! Who is sooo annoyingly irrinoying babe ive known..but yet the superfunny kakak and hipster babe as well!!

Annoyiny kan nie MAK BUDAK!!

Said that Faj the driver in Green Tudung is my Grabcar driver….yela 2! Aku kene tipu rabak rabak…

I got bullied..dala buta for awhile..kene langgar ngn ERP gantry laaa…curb laaa…because they forget I was blindfolded harloooow!!

Since it was also Halloweeeen!! I was also forced to take a photo with a kakak PON! Thanks la eh..korang..

My priceless face!!! Yes!! I am super surprised i really felt like crying coz omg such effort these ladies have planned! Lawaaaa laaa the place!! I am in STUDIO M!




So we went swimming had supeeer late dinner! From spize! Chit chat all the waaay!!! PERUT DECIDES TO BE LAPAR! so we grab MacDs from Liang Court!!

thank you sooo much for the night…it was filled with gossips as usual la kan! Joke merepek! We played heads up! More chit chatting..sampai nak tido pub ketawe ketawe tak betol!
Next day was chek out day!

We grabbed lunch from Krave!! Craving rabaaak kenyang sampai perut nak meletops wei!



Thank you my sayaaangs for the super duper CLOSING to my bachelorite nights!

I had 3 staycays/bach nites…i had uncountable dinner dates with my friends…im thankful to squeeze those times with you guys…remembering singlehood memories are awesome..Im a tiny bit more prepared to start prepping for my couply halal certified memoried with Mr.A now…

Insya allah beautiful friendships will always last…