Akrab Kompang Wedding Promotions!!

We are nearing the Raya celebration…Are you feeling the Festive Mood..
To those BTBs having their weddings after Raya, it is the last race to the finishing line…
Don’t overstress, and you should reward yourself with massages and beautify yourself before the BIG DAY…

I know some BTBs are having their once in a lifetime moment (insya allah) SOOOON!!!
I can’t wait to see them in their pretty outfits and smiling for the camera…tearing at the moment after the akad nikah…feeling blessed at everything… Soooo CONGRATULATIONS in advance!!!

As for future BTBs, yang masih in planning stage looking out for good deals!!

Well here it goes!:

Perhatian!!!Kepada bakal mempelai yang akan mendirikan rumah tangga tidak lama lagi!! Sempena bulan syawal yang akan menjelang ini, AKRAB Kompang Services akan bergabung tenaga bersama 2-fly production untuk menawarkan promosi bagi pakej-pakej kami dari 30hb Julai hingga ke 25hb August 2014 Cepat dapatkan harga istimewa sempena bulan yang penuh baraqah ini dan khabarkan kepada sanak saudara dan juga sahabat handai. Sila hubungi kami untuk mendapatkan maklumat lanjut mengenai tawaran ini!! Salam Sayang, AKRAB Kompang services

Yes we are always collaborating with AWESOME videography/photographers to provide an affordable package for all BTBs + GTBs….If you all wanna find out more, just click on the FB page on my blog..and you can read more about US!! find videos of Akrab Kompang Services and our fun loving peeps.

*Persembahan dari Hati…Berkompang dengan Ikhlas

Kite tidak mengejar FAME! and our prices are competitive… Alhamdullilah ganjaran Akrab Kompang Services is to memeriahkan majlis and to see you guys out there smile and terhibur!!

So what are you guys waiting for! Grab this CHANCE! Jangan Ketinggalan…. 🙂

My Silent Prayer….

Yesterday 18th July 2014…aku tergerak hati nak try balik solat…Yes I did mention im no angel…I am used to party drinking…entertaining clients over food and wine..coz that has been a lifestyle i adopted after much has gone wrong many many years ago….

This few years memang aku nak berubah….you know those lingering whisperings to call you back to the correct path…but there are lingering whispers as well to add on to laziness and couldnt care less attitude causin you not to do it…

This ramadhan again Ive tried..hmm 1st week nye puasa..but subhanallah liat nyeee nak solat tak pegang langsung…2nd week cuti puasa(red flag) dragged sampai 3rd week…baru nak start lik…

Hari Jumaat lak..hati cam tak sedap gi2…resah semacam…1st time bangon pack telekung gy keje…niat 2 mmg nak solat ngn my friends yg nak iftar together…so pack la skali coz plan is buka minum air…solat maghrib baru la kita makan…

Tapi ntah la nape…at work i was busy working as usual…saw the time for zohor…at first meeting rooms all booked…so when i recheck eh meeting cancel… #positivethoughts maybe its just signs..

Booked the room and continued solat zohor…kekok nye masya allah..nak carik kiblat 5 min ngn COMPASS app terpusing2…dalam 1 corner..left right..terbalik..finally i saw the direction and alas la with the cardigan for the prayer map…As i was praying took some time to focus by the 3rd rakaat I couldnt help it and tears just flowed down….sebak hati…i finished my solat and remembered to make Dua for everyone…not just myself…

That was the first after so long…I couldnt help it…When i was praying with my friends…they just did the maghrib but i told myself qadak la sekali for Asar…and continued alone…and now after human procastination of isyak! I finally did it…almost completed my 5 waktu…which never happened before…

All the prayers I cried at the 3rd rakaat…unvoluntarily…Ya Allah..if this year was that year of change which you  have written for me…I hope for the strength to go through your obstacles…Insya allah Amin…

Make dua for me to be a better muslimah not for myself but so that I could bimbing the boys to be better boys…to bring up my niece well and to be the motivator they could set as an example to move on and succeed in life….





I was happily looking at rings the other day and searching online… Which girl does not fantasize abit of the rings they would someday be wearing…whether simple or not…

Most of us would just buy off the rack, ordering the required sizes and that’s it…That’s how the malay Singaporeans men handle it…hehehehe

However, rings can be customized in different shapes adding details making it your own unique ring that might not be worn by other BTBs,brides or grooms.

A year ago, i did some research on customized rings and fell in love with Fairy’s Inc. I went to accompany my Chinese guy friend who decided to propose to his gf which is also my friend. So we set an appointment with them and went down to take a look..The place is owned by two nice ladies who designs the rings on your request, provides opinions, advices, and tries to help you fit your budget. They are absolutely pretty…tak tipu!



So if you are interested do drop by, but it is better to make appointments so they can attend to you properly with better customer service…It is a small shop and the owners are the ones mending it. Trust me, you will fall in love with their customisation pieces coz they are simply just unique….

Second on the list was Orro… They are a shop that has man-made cut diamond stones as well as the real deal…Now you must be thinking yg bedek mesti nampak cheap kan! I have friends in the jewellery industry, and this is the piece of information you would want to know…Diamonds have no market value if it is not been evaluated. And it all depends on the 4Cs…so do you think you want to spend on a proper ring with all the 4Cs which has no value if you do not meet them??

Another reason to go for the cheaper option is the fact that man made cuts are as similar to the real deals. It can never be detected by the naked eye, no expert could differentiate it unless it is under the scope. This gives you better options to want the real deal and the fake 1 to be used daily maybe so that if it is lost! Your heart wouldnt be screaming of pain due to money flies off the pockets into the drain….kecoh kalau cincin hilang…I have seen cases of this plenty of times…

So ask yourself perlu ke tak perlu! What is the best thing ever…diamonds are marketed to blind us woman into thinking it is every girl’s dream! (learnt this in Marketing last time)


Well these are my 2 brands that caught my eyes, but of course there are the many Jewellery shops available kalau tersuntuk masa ke, or just fuss-free;

1) Lee Hwa
2) Soo Kee Jewellery
3) Citigems
4) Love & Co.
5) Poh Heng

*Dreams on for a perfect ring still…hehehehehe


Bucket List

Sakit sakit perut….bloated and airy…keep farting and burping…haish…tummy y u like that!!!

And so…ashik malam je my fingers gatal nak type….creative genius whenever I start to daydream…sambil urut perut to decrease the discomfort…another finger types..Superb multitasking abis!!

Anyways in life I am pretty sure all of us have some dreams to fulfill and targets to achieve…if not you will just lead an empty life always unsatisfied….chasing something you are not even sure of…

I have a list of bucket list semenjak makin tua nie…Last time at the age of 18 to early 20s..all you know is party! Have fun..lepak…spend money and more party….

So since insya allah I will be moving on to the next phase in life…I wanna fulfill certain dreams or wants before i step in and take on my new role! I believe and suggest BTBs to also at least chase abit of their dreams…and live their life to the fullest as a single.. love yourself first before loving the word US…

Going through experiences and lookin at loads of situation many couples struggle when they have a midlife crisis situation and quoted that they never had enough time for themselves…never did things for themselves…suddenly decides to act single padahal da kahwin!! And many more….so when you self check yourself you observe whether are you even ready to move on in next phase of life?? or belum puas cakap orang…and needs more time…

Marriage is a commitment for two…and that includes many many other selfless qualities involved…

Soooo create a bucket list to aim it b4 u said Saya terima so and so…and sign off…coz as I always remind myself insya allah dia lah jodohku…keranamu Ya Allah aku mendirikan rumah tangga…dan sebenarnya dia adalah jodohku…kurniakan aku bertemu dia kembali di Jannah…

Here is a string of some of my bucketlist items before i said “Saya setuju”:
1) Get a car license
2) Travel on my own
3) Fall in love with my job
4) Degree holder
5) Lose weight
6) See snow
7) Qatam quran yet again
8) Proper muslimah
9) Visit exotic places
10) F1 watching
11) Scuba diving

Thats jus some of it and theres actually more…I have started travelling due to my current work…Alhamdullilah…but I would not want to stop reliving my dreams…if you cant finish it…make it an adventure or journey with your HTBs…thats when maybe you will always fall in love again and again…like le bf always remind us…its all about consistency…

But I urge BTBs to have a solo trip travelling near or far…coz when you are brave to do it once you will brave abit more when faced with a challenge insya allah….boosts abit of confidence and allows yourself to go on a forced break reflect diri sendiri…and breathe in a new life…


So on last Monday as mentioned I did a small surprise for le BF!…

Our first official date as a couple was a ride to SG Flyer…so since its been 4 years I decided why not we go back to the same place for some sweet romantic dinner la konon kononnye….

Sooooo…i booked us SKY DINING!! Dinner in the capsule.. 😆😆


There are halal options which you need to inform them 3 days in advance…so we break our buka inside the capsule it was around the same timing when we were up there 4 years ago…

It is a shared capsule dining so do expect about 4 other couples dining as well but you have your own corner and table set up…so bole la 2…food i would rate as average…but it was a good experience and we had a sweet butler attending to us…

Member da excited bila nak dine in…coz first time it was a proper fine dining for him….he thought i was bringing him elsewhere and bug the hell outta me when he wants to take the escalator la aper la…padahal padahal…

So benefits of Sky Dining:
1) 2 rounds of Sky Flyer about an hour plus
2) 3/4 course meal
3) Lounge access for waiting area
4) Express queue
5) Butler service

Whole package is about $269++

If calculate balik pun with all the tickets and stuff included..ard that price also la…and since they have halal options additional benefits….

So if you are running out of ideas for surprises ke..y not try this out right….it is a bit dark in the capsule so nak amek gambar make sure your phone is good or use a dslr instead..:):):)


I would like to have a shout out to my babyboy love CINTAKU!! We turned 4 today 07072014! Nice date to celebrate 4 years anniversary!
Since it is Ramadhan..there is no activities to be done thus I am going to turn back the clock and walked down memory lane with him today to our first official date as a couple! Psst its a surprise…and i hope he will love it…gonna update the surprise on another day instead…

But I can still remember the day he asked me while chatting over smses! No whatsapp back THEN! We started off even before this actually bila chatting over MSN which was trending back then…hehehehe….yes you can call us Internet Couple…Niwaes I rejected him about 2 months before this asking for just abit more time to get to know him more….but you know when you find your SOULMATE it is a different feeling altogether….It is indescribable feeling ever…it is like you just seem to click with him…you know what he is thinking of and bla bla bla….

So this 4 years feels like ages…everyone feels like we are an old couple already…Mind you everyone whoe does not know us thinks we are engaged or married coz it just looks that way…

Despite being an “old” couple…we fell in love everyday..and it got stronger each day….we try not to fight or quarrel often..coz it jus drains the energy of both of us..and whatever we are doing…we always have each other support and be the backbone….what more can I ask for right…


Ramadhan..Blessings in Disguise

Ramadhan has always been a testing month tak kira in iman…takwah…our surroundings..perasaan..semua nye la…kadang-kadang ader pulak yang melebih2 nak comment itu la ini la…macam la dia sorang yang pandai…bukan la salah…memang pahala dia kita tak tahu..but kenapa hanya pada bulan Ramadhan…banyak sangat keyboard warrior..maybe due to the expansion of social media….

But I am not goin to touch on anything negative..niat dihati this year Ramadhan hanya ader #positivethoughts…also nak kuatkan badan yang selalu sakit-sakit nie…at the same time reblajar ilmu agama…yela empunya diri pun takde la angel sangat….

So Ramadhan nie I did not look for healthy choices….but Alhamdullilah..i chance upon it! Or them….

1st thing was a few days ago…I have been having fever since Ramadhan sambil puasa and working..imagine how weak I was….in a SNOW BLIZZARD   freezing office..mak ai! Sebaik kuat hati and diri…if not da pengsan da dalam office 2!…so i went down to get fresh air…and i saw a small booth selling organic vinegar from Taiwan…baca punya baca…sambil belit 2 vinegar i google la plum vinegar…It is so popular in China and Japan for their daily intake…try la beli 1 botol besar…been drinking it a few days now…alhamdullilah nafsu makan controlled…energy pulak slowly comin back…best demam pun da reda….syukur banyak- banyak…

Alhamdullilah for that…if you all interested bole la google benefits die…nak tau where to get leave a comment…and ill further inform k! 🙂

Secondly…nari memang la Allah agak nye nak tunjuk…kebesaran die masya allah…I learnt a new thing…I was at Nature’s farm browsing accompanying my colleague time lunch…die nie breast feeding new mommy…so everytime carik supplement for breastfeeding la…sekali kite pun berbual ngn this Chinese salesman…and he introduced to this product…but after awhile explaining…he said..“eh you cannot eat this supplement..it contains gelatin”…kita pun ngn muka puzzled tengok die balik…
He continued and REVEALED! something shocking!! (Tiada hal khinzir/babi or any babi injured)…

All capsules yang kita makan selama ini..baik doctors prescription or supplements are made of gelatin! It is made of either cow or vegetables gelatin…and he explained further…he said “yea no pig/pork..but the cow gelatin also not halal”

Subhanallah….my heart just stop…not because of the gelatin! But mulia nye salesman nie to even inform us willingly…took his time explaining…advised mane yang bole mane yang tak bole…and providing a knowledge we Muslims took for granted and never cared….but he as a non-muslim went further than what he supposed to be doing…masya allah…hidden blessings….in the end i bought some multi-vitamins to kuatkan my immune system…and the salesman advised what to do everything…i never could ask for more…

So if you guys are was-was…please ask your doctors..pharmacists…if the medicine/supplements they prescribed are vegetarian capsules? If you are bothered by it…if tak nak tanye…mintak je tablets…so tak leceh kan diri….

I thank HIM dalam mata kasar…kita tak akan pernah nampak kebaikan dia or bersyukur…but cuba la kita buka hati…he will show you he cared…thank you for your blessings in disguise…hopefully all the kind souls will be paid for the good deeds they have done…and the best part ive experienced was that both encounters were with Chinese Uncles…syukur alhamdullilah…amin… #positivethoughts #roadtohijrah

FRC Dining

Ah-ha! Next is why am I promoting FRC Dining on my blog yet again…FRC Dining is another past time hobby I help whenever i am free or when the babe Fara wants me to come up with ideas or need opinions…or be her backbone when we go shopping for FRC’s stuff like all the retro goodies and bla bla bla…

FRC Dining belongs to my BFF’s MOM…we knew each other since like what, 13!! And back then, the mom owns the Scotts stall in the basement foodcourt famous for her rojak and whats not….

Even better, when I was younger Bambu Kuning in Gombak was super famous for steamboat, this was also under the range of businesses her mom had…sape yang around my age, I am sure uolls pernah dengar about Bambu Kuning…

So I have been growing up eating good food from her house everytime I come to visit…We started with Ramadhan buffet last year in 2013..It was good feedback and we had the confidence to carry on FRC Dining…Alhamdullilah for the rezeki…. After that the idea to bring steamboat got us thinking what is good and unique to eat and comforting food..There comes the Malacca Lok lok steamboat which i lovee having in Malaysia but non halal in Singapore….

Thus the birth of FRC Dining with its Halal Malacca Lok-Lok Steamboat Buffet!!!

With this Ramadhan, we are introducing the Laksa Steamboat as a soup base just like Yong Tau Foo but steamboat style…



So interested?! Whatsapp us now at 8457 7044 for reservations…We are only open on every Saturday & Sundays unless otherwise stated, it will be updated on FB….


Adults : $29.90+
Children: $14.90+
(between 7 – 12 years old)
* 10% service fees charged
*Ruang solat disediakan
*Payment in Cash only
*Opening hours: 6.30pm – 10pm

There will be an array of cooked food and steamboat ingredients waiting for you at the Buffet Line…. 🙂

Akrab Kompang Services

Actually I am suppose to be resting and nursing a fever…but since mata belom nak terlelap…I decided to blog about Akrab Kompang Services…

BTBs must be wondering y is Akrab Kompang page on my blog…First and foremost….I am actually one of them! Videos yang korang semua google and search dekat youtube…is the hardwork of us the ladies AKA camera/video women of Akrab Kompang services…

Alhamdullilah we are currently 2 years old in the industry and basically we try to be ourselves while performing for all the lovely Brides and Grooms whom have hired our services…

Sebenarnye…setiap wedding yang kita hadiri is all pure fun and passion…and when you guys smile on the pelamin! It just makes us more semangat to perform even better….

These few weeks I have been reading other BTBs blogs to solidfy my wedding research..but syukur alhamdullilah I have stumble a couple of BTBs that have hired us for their upcoming weddings blogging about US too!!  and if i am assigned to your wedding…feel free to say HI!! to me ok!

Check out more on Akrab Kompang via the page…as well as our youtube uploads!! Such as this:

Akrab Kompang – 1st June 2014


There are more videos on our page..so do subscribe! Yea….

I promise to have more updates for any upcoming Akrab Kompang activities if I have the time…bole jugak tengok-tengok other Brides…and taste their food….coz Sharing is Caring uolls!

Wedding Research Part 2

I am currently looking out for bridals and andaman with the bf.

Susah nak carik bridal for plus sizes, best part is pasal baju, le bf is very particular…Forget to mention he is abit on the obsession mode with the Tanjak! which is a  must and fit his head nicely and not over the top look but still looking nice and Di-raja.

As for me I have this image of 3 themes for the type of feel i have for our wedding:
1) Nikah – 60s Pramlee era (songket dikepala)
2)Sanding – Change of the accessories + fresh flowers, sanggul & etc
3)Dinner – Gown ala Gatsby Feeling

I have a passion for vintage tak kira movies, music, clothes, food, decorations before vintage became a trend i was already growing up with such passion. Most said i have an old soul in a young body, who listens to Frank Sinatra and Lionel Richie with a vinyl black disc on a Sunday while cleaning the house and singing aloud. Yes i was doing that with a peyapu on hand during my teenage years while karaoked to old tunes.

So yes! second research I would like to touch on is Bridals. Getting the right bridals at your budget is also a huge task as we all want to look good and not jadi Baduts on the pelamin. And i do not know if such bridals carry such themes because i am quite cerewet la jugak….

Since we sort of decided to have separate sandings, most Bridals offer a package of  outfits with mak andam at about 10 hours. So i thought maybe some of the outfits we have to customise and get it tailored or something.

So basically for PLUS SIZES! We need to be ensured we dont look like walking giants uncomfortable and merepek on pelamin…

Here are my few bridals that i am interested and looking into further;
1) Lyanaz Bridal
2) Sqeen Bridal
3) Nour Wedding
4) Signature Bridal

So BTBs, if you have any interesting information for PLUS SIZE bridals…do comment! I need input and feedback…