I would like to have a shout out to my babyboy love CINTAKU!! We turned 4 today 07072014! Nice date to celebrate 4 years anniversary!
Since it is Ramadhan..there is no activities to be done thus I am going to turn back the clock and walked down memory lane with him today to our first official date as a couple! Psst its a surprise…and i hope he will love it…gonna update the surprise on another day instead…

But I can still remember the day he asked me while chatting over smses! No whatsapp back THEN! We started off even before this actually bila chatting over MSNΒ which was trending back then…hehehehe….yes you can call us Internet Couple…Niwaes I rejected him about 2 months before this asking for just abit more time to get to know him more….but you know when you find your SOULMATE it is a different feeling altogether….It is indescribable feeling ever…it is like you just seem to click with him…you know what he is thinking of and bla bla bla….

So this 4 years feels like ages…everyone feels like we are an old couple already…Mind you everyone whoe does not know us thinks we are engaged or married coz it just looks that way…

Despite being an “old” couple…we fell in love everyday..and it got stronger each day….we try not to fight or quarrel often..coz it jus drains the energy of both of us..and whatever we are doing…we always have each other support and be the backbone….what more can I ask for right…


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