Akrab Kompang Services

Actually I am suppose to be resting and nursing a fever…but since mata belom nak terlelap…I decided to blog about Akrab Kompang Services…

BTBs must be wondering y is Akrab Kompang page on my blog…First and foremost….I am actually one of them! Videos yang korang semua google and search dekat youtube…is the hardwork of us the ladies AKA camera/video women of Akrab Kompang services…

Alhamdullilah we are currently 2 years old in the industry and basically we try to be ourselves while performing for all the lovely Brides and Grooms whom have hired our services…

Sebenarnye…setiap wedding yang kita hadiri is all pure fun and passion…and when you guys smile on the pelamin! It just makes us more semangat to perform even better….

These few weeks I have been reading other BTBs blogs to solidfy my wedding research..but syukur alhamdullilah I have stumble a couple of BTBs that have hired us for their upcoming weddings blogging about US too!!  and if i am assigned to your wedding…feel free to say HI!! to me ok!

Check out more on Akrab Kompang via the page…as well as our youtube uploads!! Such as this:

Akrab Kompang – 1st June 2014


There are more videos on our page..so do subscribe! Yea….

I promise to have more updates for any upcoming Akrab Kompang activities if I have the time…bole jugak tengok-tengok other Brides…and taste their food….coz Sharing is Caring uolls!

Wedding Research Part 2

I am currently looking out for bridals and andaman with the bf.

Susah nak carik bridal for plus sizes, best part is pasal baju, le bf is very particular…Forget to mention he is abit on the obsession mode with the Tanjak! which is a  must and fit his head nicely and not over the top look but still looking nice and Di-raja.

As for me I have this image of 3 themes for the type of feel i have for our wedding:
1) Nikah – 60s Pramlee era (songket dikepala)
2)Sanding – Change of the accessories + fresh flowers, sanggul & etc
3)Dinner – Gown ala Gatsby Feeling

I have a passion for vintage tak kira movies, music, clothes, food, decorations before vintage became a trend i was already growing up with such passion. Most said i have an old soul in a young body, who listens to Frank Sinatra and Lionel Richie with a vinyl black disc on a Sunday while cleaning the house and singing aloud. Yes i was doing that with a peyapu on hand during my teenage years while karaoked to old tunes.

So yes! second research I would like to touch on is Bridals. Getting the right bridals at your budget is also a huge task as we all want to look good and not jadi Baduts on the pelamin. And i do not know if such bridals carry such themes because i am quite cerewet la jugak….

Since we sort of decided to have separate sandings, most Bridals offer a package of  outfits with mak andam at about 10 hours. So i thought maybe some of the outfits we have to customise and get it tailored or something.

So basically for PLUS SIZES! We need to be ensured we dont look like walking giants uncomfortable and merepek on pelamin…

Here are my few bridals that i am interested and looking into further;
1) Lyanaz Bridal
2) Sqeen Bridal
3) Nour Wedding
4) Signature Bridal

So BTBs, if you have any interesting information for PLUS SIZE bridals…do comment! I need input and feedback…