So on last Monday as mentioned I did a small surprise for le BF!…

Our first official date as a couple was a ride to SG Flyer…so since its been 4 years I decided why not we go back to the same place for some sweet romantic dinner la konon kononnye….

Sooooo…i booked us SKY DINING!! Dinner in the capsule.. 😆😆


There are halal options which you need to inform them 3 days in advance…so we break our buka inside the capsule it was around the same timing when we were up there 4 years ago…

It is a shared capsule dining so do expect about 4 other couples dining as well but you have your own corner and table set up…so bole la 2…food i would rate as average…but it was a good experience and we had a sweet butler attending to us…

Member da excited bila nak dine in…coz first time it was a proper fine dining for him….he thought i was bringing him elsewhere and bug the hell outta me when he wants to take the escalator la aper la…padahal padahal…

So benefits of Sky Dining:
1) 2 rounds of Sky Flyer about an hour plus
2) 3/4 course meal
3) Lounge access for waiting area
4) Express queue
5) Butler service

Whole package is about $269++

If calculate balik pun with all the tickets and stuff included..ard that price also la…and since they have halal options additional benefits….

So if you are running out of ideas for surprises ke..y not try this out right….it is a bit dark in the capsule so nak amek gambar make sure your phone is good or use a dslr instead..:):):)