FRC Dining

Ah-ha! Next is why am I promoting FRC Dining on my blog yet again…FRC Dining is another past time hobby I help whenever i am free or when the babe Fara wants me to come up with ideas or need opinions…or be her backbone when we go shopping for FRC’s stuff like all the retro goodies and bla bla bla…

FRC Dining belongs to my BFF’s MOM…we knew each other since like what, 13!! And back then, the mom owns the Scotts stall in the basement foodcourt famous for her rojak and whats not….

Even better, when I was younger Bambu Kuning in Gombak was super famous for steamboat, this was also under the range of businesses her mom had…sape yang around my age, I am sure uolls pernah dengar about Bambu Kuning…

So I have been growing up eating good food from her house everytime I come to visit…We started with Ramadhan buffet last year in 2013..It was good feedback and we had the confidence to carry on FRC Dining…Alhamdullilah for the rezeki…. After that the idea to bring steamboat got us thinking what is good and unique to eat and comforting food..There comes the Malacca Lok lok steamboat which i lovee having in Malaysia but non halal in Singapore….

Thus the birth of FRC Dining with its Halal Malacca Lok-Lok Steamboat Buffet!!!

With this Ramadhan, we are introducing the Laksa Steamboat as a soup base just like Yong Tau Foo but steamboat style…



So interested?! Whatsapp us now at 8457 7044 for reservations…We are only open on every Saturday & Sundays unless otherwise stated, it will be updated on FB….


Adults : $29.90+
Children: $14.90+
(between 7 – 12 years old)
* 10% service fees charged
*Ruang solat disediakan
*Payment in Cash only
*Opening hours: 6.30pm – 10pm

There will be an array of cooked food and steamboat ingredients waiting for you at the Buffet Line…. 🙂