Bucket List

Sakit sakit perut….bloated and airy…keep farting and burping…haish…tummy y u like that!!!

And so…ashik malam je my fingers gatal nak type….creative genius whenever I start to daydream…sambil urut perut to decrease the discomfort…another finger types..Superb multitasking abis!!

Anyways in life I am pretty sure all of us have some dreams to fulfill and targets to achieve…if not you will just lead an empty life always unsatisfied….chasing something you are not even sure of…

I have a list of bucket list semenjak makin tua nie…Last time at the age of 18 to early 20s..all you know is party! Have fun..lepak…spend money and more party….

So since insya allah I will be moving on to the next phase in life…I wanna fulfill certain dreams or wants before i step in and take on my new role! I believe and suggest BTBs to also at least chase abit of their dreams…and live their life to the fullest as a single.. love yourself first before loving the word US…

Going through experiences and lookin at loads of situation many couples struggle when they have a midlife crisis situation and quoted that they never had enough time for themselves…never did things for themselves…suddenly decides to act single padahal da kahwin!! And many more….so when you self check yourself you observe whether are you even ready to move on in next phase of life?? or belum puas cakap orang…and needs more time…

Marriage is a commitment for two…and that includes many many other selfless qualities involved…

Soooo create a bucket list to aim it b4 u said Saya terima so and so…and sign off…coz as I always remind myself insya allah dia lah jodohku…keranamu Ya Allah aku mendirikan rumah tangga…dan sebenarnya dia adalah jodohku…kurniakan aku bertemu dia kembali di Jannah…

Here is a string of some of my bucketlist items before i said “Saya setuju”:
1) Get a car license
2) Travel on my own
3) Fall in love with my job
4) Degree holder
5) Lose weight
6) See snow
7) Qatam quran yet again
8) Proper muslimah
9) Visit exotic places
10) F1 watching
11) Scuba diving

Thats jus some of it and theres actually more…I have started travelling due to my current work…Alhamdullilah…but I would not want to stop reliving my dreams…if you cant finish it…make it an adventure or journey with your HTBs…thats when maybe you will always fall in love again and again…like le bf always remind us…its all about consistency…

But I urge BTBs to have a solo trip travelling near or far…coz when you are brave to do it once you will brave abit more when faced with a challenge insya allah….boosts abit of confidence and allows yourself to go on a forced break reflect diri sendiri…and breathe in a new life…

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