Kad Invitations – Vendor

So I am a frequent JB visitor sebab my uncle is a malaysian and we always visit him and do our shopping across the border.

One of the factors I wanted was to have my cards printed in Msia instead and taking advantage of the exchange rate kan bole save sikit duit. Their designs have also reached standards and are even nicer compared to Singapore.

I am particularly in love with one of the vendors that my Uncle recommended. He of coz would not know this company popular ke tak. To him is its nearby and cheap and that’s all. So he send us to this shop, its called Kad LawoΒ .Β Apparently, they have been used by Farid Kamil and Diana Danielle and very famous for young couples in Msia. Al-kisah nye……

I look at the website and omg! they are not just printing cards. They are PRO in other customisations such as paper bags, stickers, tags, boxes, different sizes of invitations. Very creative and clean designs.

So i obviously have chosen them. Of coz there have been many other vendors of cheaper rates you can get in JB nevertheless i prefer them due to the friendliness and customer service. I came to their shop at 10 plus in the morning and they were cleaning up the shop but the gals were very sweet and welcoming, explained the selection and is always ready to answer your questions. So i make a downpayment of RM50 (murah kan nak downpayment) to book the package I have selected.

So my package comes with:
– 500 invitation cards
– four sided rectangle
– colour printing, higher paper weight
-1 bunting
-2 directional arrows
In total, it will be about SGD 230 for all. So i am very pleased with it, as in Singapore for a card according to your selera is between 50cents and above. So that would be more than what I am paying without any additional printings like bunting or directional sign.

However do more research on JB printing. There are better shops with competitive pricings that you can definitely get it better than Singapore. JB is like my second home and I have no problems going back and forth so the reason why I basically do most of my shopping there πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

So after my busy busy periods in November! I will be visiting my videographer soooon in December! πŸ™‚
Will update on that once i have meet my lovelies…yeaaays!!!

Wedding hadangs + silat

Ok nari kan..mood nak membebel terlebih sikit ah!

After last week’s experience with wedding…this topic came to mind, pasal hadangs and silat…

Would BTBs discuss with family members pasal how many hadangs is allowed or da pre-warn family first..coz memang ah nak meriahkan majlis tapi kalau da sampai terlebih hadang like 5/6 gantry tak melampau….it’s wasting time yang kita tahu we have an itinerary to follow or kesiankan pihak lelaki kan…
Sampul pun prepare brape aje kadang2 1st gantry je dabes…then nak gy rempuh lagy gantry yg still waiting…

So for my perceptive im not a bridezilla but yes i would discuss with my family like look, this is how many hadang je I allow you guys to do…main point is everyone has fun..second bridesmaid discussion..I still remember when I was on bridesmaid duty..we seek approval of my gf and her family of what we planned to do…2 pun dapat rejection coz parents say nak hadang bole but jgn la menyusahkan pihak lelaki sampai nak kene joget or stuff..so we respected that and proceeded with pantun balas membalas! Whoi testing my malay laaa..

Then pasal silat pun sama…ive seen silat sampai 10 mins!! Hahaha kesian pengantin terpinga2 nak salam lain nak tgk ngn muka senyum lain… sampai naik penat tgk…

So yeaaa nie la my membebel moment..so am I wrong to feel agitated or bitchy kalau hadang plus silat da sampai 20 mins??? But its just my 2 cents worth of thoughts….

AKS having promo!!

So here’s a short advert…Akrab Kompang is collaborating with a photography company;


FuegoArts Photography with a Promo price OF $1600!! Soo the cheaap can…of coz there are some conditions applied.. so if interested! Email: Akrab Kompang for more details!

It went Viral!!

So last weekend…the team terkejut bila sorang satu on FB have been tagged by many of our friends that Akrab Kompang has went viral on certain famous Malaysia troll/entertainment pages…


That feeling macam terkejut ader…syukur ader…but most importantly feeling of OMG im so proud of the boys moment…of coz there is a lot of room for improvement but our basic principal is always to entertain the bride and groom with their families…and Alhamdullilah! That mission is accomplished.. we might not be colourfully dressed up and no fancy massy percussions! But niat is always ikhlas…that is where i learnt from the Boss who start Akrab and the meaning behing Akrab is our main goal for everything!

Insya allah to more rezeki! And i miss them truckloads…busy prepping for my own wedding ive not been actively involved with their wedding keluarans and to video them!

But we are just 2 years old into the industry syukur teramat sangat atas yg diberi…

Click click Photobooth!

Ok da lama tak blog coz I have been busy for the past weekends with alot of work and weddings… and of coz preps!

So I da managed to find the most suitable caterer for fiancΓ¨…Dia nye dad yang the fussy one…as an indian muslim…briyani die must be the proper briyani taste and texture! Thankfully I went to a friend’s wedding and she briyani dam served! Walaupun lauk die super minimal takde variety! i tell you it was puas hati…i can literally jus eat the briyani without adding other dishes! So Mohd. Shah Catering and Services was the final choice for the FIL….finally 2nd vendor down for fiancΓ¨..

Next is the question for photobooth….i have been searching high and low for a suitable one… Firstly the question of nak DIY ke nak use a vendor… Then the prob is vendors which are the good ones???I thought i found the 1 but bile i enquire it was hmmmm annoying..i find this request where i have to get the extension from deco for them…

This is very merepek for me because for once you are a vendor…why cant you invest on your own extensions for yourselves…secondly we did not pay the decos to provide you with extension..nanti pape jadi like short circuit ke aper ke..who are you going to blame…and i seriously do not see professionalism in that…yes it is a simple request..but i just think as a vendor you should have your equipments from a-z!

Then I have seen the hoohaaas of wishing wand which everyone is using…but i have been personally involved with my friend’s wedding as a bridesmaid..and sungguh dissappointed with them! I would have expected more props from them since konon-konon nye they are the pioneer so they would have up the game…but props die je da minimal…and not as much as what i expexted…and the guestbook questions were always repeated causing the greetings being quite stagnant…

So I am left with no clue which photobooth vendors are around with quality yet affordable…BTBs! Feeeeedback and opinions pleaaase!!