Videography Sealed!!!

So its almost end of December and as mentioned me and fiance supposed to seal the deal for our videography..abd we DID!!!

Well we have selected Bizkode as our wedding videography vendor! Sooo excited gila…coz i am actually working with my own group of friends…


I da pilih package Cinematography! Its sooo cheap and all the required things i would need! 🙂 da settle da video! left to seal with photography lak! But i would settle that in January instead..and I would be done depositing all my core vendors…
Unfortunately Bizkode is fully booked for 2015 & 2016 afterwhich wedding videography are out of their jobscope…sedih kan! Baru nak promote dorang…well they will be focusing on TV video production lak…So all the best for them and I am 1 YEAR left to the WEDDING!!!

On a sidenote! AKRAB KOMPANG got invited to TV3 on 23 December on Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI)! For an interview and performance… Alhamdullilah…due to the viral FB posts we have receive enquiries on overseas weddings…this is ultimately good news and such a motivation for us to strive forward!



Sooo proud and bangga for this opportunity!! Anyways…if you are interested to catch the segment..catch it on !!! Register and look out for MHI 2014.

Also..psst psst…excited nie dengar dengar Akrab pun nak ader NEW UNIFORM!!  Aku lak yg super excited!  Hehehehehe….


I was happily looking at rings the other day and searching online… Which girl does not fantasize abit of the rings they would someday be wearing…whether simple or not…

Most of us would just buy off the rack, ordering the required sizes and that’s it…That’s how the malay Singaporeans men handle it…hehehehe

However, rings can be customized in different shapes adding details making it your own unique ring that might not be worn by other BTBs,brides or grooms.

A year ago, i did some research on customized rings and fell in love with Fairy’s Inc. I went to accompany my Chinese guy friend who decided to propose to his gf which is also my friend. So we set an appointment with them and went down to take a look..The place is owned by two nice ladies who designs the rings on your request, provides opinions, advices, and tries to help you fit your budget. They are absolutely pretty…tak tipu!



So if you are interested do drop by, but it is better to make appointments so they can attend to you properly with better customer service…It is a small shop and the owners are the ones mending it. Trust me, you will fall in love with their customisation pieces coz they are simply just unique….

Second on the list was Orro… They are a shop that has man-made cut diamond stones as well as the real deal…Now you must be thinking yg bedek mesti nampak cheap kan! I have friends in the jewellery industry, and this is the piece of information you would want to know…Diamonds have no market value if it is not been evaluated. And it all depends on the 4Cs…so do you think you want to spend on a proper ring with all the 4Cs which has no value if you do not meet them??

Another reason to go for the cheaper option is the fact that man made cuts are as similar to the real deals. It can never be detected by the naked eye, no expert could differentiate it unless it is under the scope. This gives you better options to want the real deal and the fake 1 to be used daily maybe so that if it is lost! Your heart wouldnt be screaming of pain due to money flies off the pockets into the drain….kecoh kalau cincin hilang…I have seen cases of this plenty of times…

So ask yourself perlu ke tak perlu! What is the best thing ever…diamonds are marketed to blind us woman into thinking it is every girl’s dream! (learnt this in Marketing last time)


Well these are my 2 brands that caught my eyes, but of course there are the many Jewellery shops available kalau tersuntuk masa ke, or just fuss-free;

1) Lee Hwa
2) Soo Kee Jewellery
3) Citigems
4) Love & Co.
5) Poh Heng

*Dreams on for a perfect ring still…hehehehehe


Akrab Kompang Services

Actually I am suppose to be resting and nursing a fever…but since mata belom nak terlelap…I decided to blog about Akrab Kompang Services…

BTBs must be wondering y is Akrab Kompang page on my blog…First and foremost….I am actually one of them! Videos yang korang semua google and search dekat youtube…is the hardwork of us the ladies AKA camera/video women of Akrab Kompang services…

Alhamdullilah we are currently 2 years old in the industry and basically we try to be ourselves while performing for all the lovely Brides and Grooms whom have hired our services…

Sebenarnye…setiap wedding yang kita hadiri is all pure fun and passion…and when you guys smile on the pelamin! It just makes us more semangat to perform even better….

These few weeks I have been reading other BTBs blogs to solidfy my wedding research..but syukur alhamdullilah I have stumble a couple of BTBs that have hired us for their upcoming weddings blogging about US too!!  and if i am assigned to your wedding…feel free to say HI!! to me ok!

Check out more on Akrab Kompang via the page…as well as our youtube uploads!! Such as this:

Akrab Kompang – 1st June 2014


There are more videos on our do subscribe! Yea….

I promise to have more updates for any upcoming Akrab Kompang activities if I have the time…bole jugak tengok-tengok other Brides…and taste their food….coz Sharing is Caring uolls!