Lelong Lelong di Tanah Abang~ Jakarta Trip

As you all know budget is ultimately the top priority for all BTBs…
I so do not want to burst my budget and takot of overspending…

So I planned a getaway to Jakarta for a short break + cari kain expedition!
Mission is to get my bridesmaid cloth, kain nikah, kain/lace gown, family kain…
This idea of travelling to Jakarta was decided in early January, and we have planned to go ahead in CNY 4 days holiday break…

You would say that I would not save money but spend more so let me show a breakdown of how much I have spend in Jakarta for everything including my accomodation, transportation, food and lodging. At the same time holiday plus having my side agenda of shopping.

pic 1pic 2

Do not mind the super selekeh babats self, most importantly the super nice lace and songkets as displayed.

Costing spend in Jakarta
Lion Air flight: return flight
Accomodation: 4D3N, 3 bedroom apartment shared by 6 pax
Bridesmaids blouse top, red chiffon, 20.5 meters in total(10 pax):
Bridesmaids bottom, bronze glittered satin, 20.5 meters in total (10 pax):
Bride/Groom songket, 8 meters in total:
Bride/Groom bridal satin, 8 meters in total:
Bride patterned white cloth, 2.5 meters in total:
Bride silver lace, 2.5 meters in total:
Bride white lace, 3 meters in total:
Family lace + lining, 28 meters in total (3 pax):
Total amount of $750

Do a comparison, I have surveyed Arab street, where normal satin lining cost $5/meter so can you imagine for 20.5 meters is already SGD 100++ not inclusive of tax.

I have saved probably 1/2 of the cost of the amount spend in Singapore itself, not inclusive of taxi rides. I got 3-in-1 experience in Jakarta, good food, holiday plus shopping!! Siapa yang tak suka kan,ladies being ladies. I even had to control my Mom from overspending, it was the wholesale super Awesome EXPERIENCE.  Of course as well, I did not declare I am SINGAPOREAN! because they will just ketuk you on the harga without even giving discount. Thank god, I can speak bahasa very well, Melayu berterabur Indon bole lak berbual…must be the darah jawa emerging…pakcik security nak tipu duit pun da kene maki abis-abis…So tips for future BTBs travelling to Bandung or Jakarta, please declare you are from KL/Msia and do not discuss openly conversion rates. Kalau nak disguise, disguise all the waaaay…

So for BTBs, please research the materials you want to spend on and if you ade lebih ongkos nya, bisa aja langsung ke Jakarta. 🙂 🙂

Honeymoon Extravangaza!

Like all the couples, honeymoon destination is another thing that needs to be brainstormed, researched and of coz checklisted!

At first ingat nak honeymoon to beach destinations but it seems like tak ada response from Mr. A much! Despite the fact kita LOVE travelling to beach destinations..

So it was put on hold and suddenly I saw my friends travelling to Japan…and how much I miss Japan altogther..Mr A and I did went for a short Japan trip when I was on business trip last year but yet again I have a hibernating Panda for a fiance, he literally malas nak berjalan-jalan..and we did not really do sight-seeing..

So I have yet to go and visit places in Tokyo! and also I did not do Osaka trip and visit Harry Potter! And thus guess whereeeee our Honeymoon shall be this year! Jeng jeng jeng….
JAPAN + OSAKA!!! babeeh!

Hehehe excitement!! Japan is a must travel country to enjoy culture! great sushi and just nice weather in winter especially….

More honeymoon planning SOOOON!!!

Advice from #cinta

Well…today while working..I was busy daydreaming, listening to the radio, replying emails and doing my paperwork! Multi tasking at its best..Daydreaming about the future…

Sebab my work nie always busy..the months have passed by really fast and the 1st week of Feb pun danak habis..sampai I have lost track of time! Of how freaking fast it is to my wedding eventhough cam end of the year la..but I travel for work so memang i rase selalu tak cukup time…

So nari with all the busy things..i pun envision my after marriage life with Mr A. Super excited seh…11 more months la kan…so i texted Mr. A happily cerita cerita…pasal my daydreaming nie…

He is of coz as excited as me..(*tak excited! Aku ketuk kepala!) But he stop me in my tracks of daydreaming…and said “Jgn..kalau tak macam you fikirkan..sendiri bingit..biarkan ia terjadi” (Mr A. mmg super melayu)

So that advice was like ok! Good one…its been 4 years and we are turning 5 this year…that’s y I’m marrying him because we really compliment each other and when 1 tends to go way overboard..the other 1 will pull him/her down firmly to the ground…

We ladies always envision how a perfect husband we would like…after marriage not realising sometimes it doesnt turn that way like you may find out he loves throwing his clothes off anywhere around the room..don’t help with dishes…but you thought he would…da macam macam lagi.. (ok! Don’t be scared…its not all that scary!..chill ok)

So that advice makes me realise like.. OK! let’s take a step back…and get our priorities straight…A husband and wife is a team…banyak bersabar and banyak bertolak ansur…fights arguements will always bound to happen…so learn to adapt….

So Mr.A thank you for your once in a blue wakeup call…and that’s y I CHOOSE YOU!