1.1kg Baby S…

I took an evening drink that has caffeine and now Im awake…yes I hear your naggings about caffeine in pregnancy..i do have a cuppa which is usually Tea..coz I am a Teh C avid lover but not on a daily basis! however I do have that occassional cafe coffee flavoured drinks when Im hanging out with my friends/hubby.. 1 cuppa/day dnt kill you in your pregnancy..it is recommended to stick to 2 cuppas/day…everything in moderation…

Here is my principle if I am too careful in my diet during pregnancy I believe Im just curbing my baby too much resulting in problems where allergics could happen or a fussy eater in the future? so i just balanced my meals and eat most stuff in moderation….that’s my theory and I dont need other young mamas to judge me…. insya allah my baby’s health is something I look after and doa daily but all these are also from HIM above…

So back to my appointment on Friday! i had to do the diabetes blood test resulting in drowning myself in a glucose bottled drink! after the first shot of blood drawn…

“This is the worse drink in my entire life” I seriously had the hangover feeling..nauseous attack plus light headedness and burping sensations!”

So I hold it up and mind you I went for the appointment alone coz hubby just came back from night shift and hadta rest…no problem there…

So I really felt like I was in my younger days holding up a hangover and not to fall flat! for 2 hours later I had to take the 2nd blood test again! Thank goodness no vomitting if not redo!

I bravely survived the glucose drink mania dreaded by all pregnant mommas!

And I saw My BABY S!! baby has grown miraculously well and has reached its 1st milestone!! 1.1kg yeaaaa

Grow and become my chubby squishy baby!! Mummy and baba cant wait to meet you!! and bite you my lil 1…

Starting to prep my neccessities for the lil 1…and of coz myself!! Shall blog maybe tomorrow..it is tomorrow already! maybe later la ok….

Needta get some rest! & not become an owl!!

Nitees ladies!!


5 thoughts on “1.1kg Baby S…

  1. Is it still the super disgusting manis nk mampos guey drink in a white cup?? Hahah.. If it is, then i am not going KKH for my nx pregnancy. I heard NUH used a better version. Mcm those ribena kind of tube packet drink. N e taste not so manis and it definitely taste better. I rather go for that. LOLS!!

    1. Its not anymore..now use bottle babe! Mine was orange flavoured! And like i think 500ml…but massih tak sedap nak mampos!!! And kkh uses tt and tmc also uses tt

      1. Eh…tu sedap peeee…. i tasted tat too. I prefer that la. HAHAHAHA. If u tink tat is yucky, u dun wan to know wat i had during Qaseh’s time. I gagged and vomited so had to do it twice. Pala bana betol!

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