Al Fateha untuk Arwah Saudara Ashmi Roslan

I may not know him personally but I have always envy his acting skills and his personal behaviour.

When I knew that Syirah, a junior of mine during ITE got together with him, I was very happy finally she has found some one that makes her happy. But yesterday night, we received news he has passed away, the last we had was were memories of him collaborating with Akrab for Projek Kasih…

It has deeply left an impact on some of the boys and I had felt the same.. Masya allah sekelip mata jika kita dijemput pulang begitu sahaja die menyambut kita….Alhamdullilah he was chosen earlier than any of us..that we must redha..only prayers can we forward for your soul to be placed among the righteous… Inna lillahi wainnai rojiun..amin..

When i showed this to Mr A. He said it could be just like you or me having this post..may Syirah be given strength..may the family be given strength in this difficult times…insya allah amin….


4 thoughts on “Al Fateha untuk Arwah Saudara Ashmi Roslan

  1. Salam dear me too saddened but Allah loves him most. Your last sentence mashallah deep thoughts I would felt the same way too. Hugs semoga his family & syirah will be strong for this.

    1. Yes it is..that is why i sort of redha when receiving sucha that we will always be remembered our turn could only be next…yes i pray that syirah will be a tough lady like she is usually is…amin…

  2. You’re right. Any one of us might be next. ):
    That thought saddens and scares me. Masyallah.

    May his soul be placed among the Most righteous. Syirah’s sister is a dear gf of mine and have updated that Syirah dah redha with his passing, even though its hard. His family has the support of all of us because he is such a good man. A couple of months ago, he even saved up enough to send his mom to Umrah….insyallah he IS in a better place….

    1. Yes alhamdullilah she has redha and accepted the passing…may we take this as a reminder to all of us babe…no doubt arwah is a good man who always tak lokek with his senyuman…masya allah..

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