Sugaring~ Yea or Neh?!

Yes that is my title, writing this while listening to boring presentation slides of prostate cancer.

How apt, remembered prostate to my unforgettable Sugaring session… so what is sugaring it is of natural products (water, sugar & lemon) mix together to get a Malt-like paste which is spread across area wanted to wax.

Benefits of sugaring

So last week, I have set up appointment with Jasmine from Sugared to have my session after reading and getting feedbacks from the rest of the BTBs on how wonderful sugaring is…

Sucha lovely lady, I had whatsapped her and the response was swift and easy. I was kinda nervous with the appointment as my treshold of pain is immensely low. I have never done waxing, even with shaving I had to do it very little due to slow hair growth. So to meet the friend down there is very rare.

The day came, went over appointment after work. Her new place is super near me! Its Trivelis Clementi and this is sucha PLUS POINT!  hadta wait downstairs for awhile before I could proceed upstairs. Did the formality of Q&A, fill up the form before proceeding to the room.

The room is professionally taken care of, private and just the right temperature. By this time I was nervous, and HELL YEAH! i screamed at the first pull. My mind just went WTF! and I keep repeating why do girls even do this yourself! Beauty sure come with a hefty price tag. To those whom are virgin to waxing or sugaring or anything and naturally gets bruised easily during pinching I think we are on the same level.

Pain: 15/10 (i kid you NOT!)

Of coz different people have different levels of pain. Mine is the worse, I did not tear thank goodness…no crying at all but my reaction to every pull of the sugar, I literally screamed and curl my legs in pain. However Jasmine is really nice, she was still patient and talked to you in a calm voice and encouraged you to go on!

I have not much hair but I have very very stubborn hair, that is sooo stubborn she has to repeat sugaring on that part a couple of times. I almost wanted to give up let me tell you! But I cannot walk off the door with half of it sugared and half of it not!

So!! I gelt my 1/2 hour session was an eternity….After the feeling of sugaring, it was sore and uncomfortable coz my skin was thin…however it was also a nice feeling to feel that it was smooth and clean down there. Yes ms Vajajay you are clean!!

Jasmine did asked me if I would come again, honestly I told her let me think about it for the fact I am that 1/5 customer that has low pain tolerance, and got me shocked and in pain.

No skin tear or anything just the pain was scary. However overall service by Jasmine was:

Overall Service Standard: 4.5/5

She is really professional and very friendly. No doubt I would recommend her, ladies but just beware for those whom are weakling like me!!!

Do check out her FB! Sugared – Body Sugaring Singapore

So I have listed out the pros/cons….if you have any other Sugaring experience whether with Jasmine or with other vendor! Do share your experiences, would love to read more of the stories….