Triple Combo Packages!!!

Hey hey hey!!

Back in life and bouncing onto work lately!! Anyways, I have started my own photobooth business and also will venture out designing and also event planning.

One step at a time hopefully! GREAT NEWS for 2016/2017 brides to bes! I have collaborated with my dear friends from the same industry. So we have Bizkode for Videography and Nifty Degree for Photography!!


AWESOME right…all 3 under one roof for $3,000. I paid mine much more expensive than this! So if you guys are interested, do drop us a Whatsapp for further enquiries.

We are more than willing to meet face to face to discuss further! With no Obligations.

Furthermore, Ohana & Co. which I am currently developing further understand there is always budget for every couple yet wanting to add in more fun! So we have this;


Personalised PRICING…. you can just again email or whatsapp me, inform your needs and I will try my best to accommodate to your budget with personalisations. As a ex-bride I do understand the pain in the hole pockets so I would like to help future brides too!…

We even do photobooth for all sorts of events NOT JUST  wedding related!!

Even you need event planning or event coordinator, I am more than happy to also provide a QUOTE!!

lotsa loves from the Bride da basi!!!













Japan Trip~ Useful Tips for Travel

  1. FOOOOOD!!

Whenever I travel, there is the issue of finding halal food in other countries which is not that easy like Malaysia, Indonesia or other SE Asia countries.

When I travel to other countries I tend to eat more seafood since no need halal la kan that one.. but it can be boring and sometimes overkilled till I cannot telan already…

One of the apps that was introduced to me when I was in Japan was this awesome food app:


Halal Gourmet Japan is where you can find restaurants or food in Japan with selection of options like Halal sign, muslim owned, Wi-Fi connection, you can even select areas that you will be like I was in Odaiba and didn’t know of options to eat, thus I saw 1 buffet restaurant it’s not entirely halal but they serve halal meats and indication on the food labels so you wouldn’t consume pork for eg.

This app is very useful, even the Muslim Japanese uses them and Msia students whom I’ve met along the way recommended me this godsent app. However do bear in mind not all halal eateries are listed, so do walk around sometimes you may find a hidden halal gem in Japan.

Another wonderful thing about Japan is their FOOOOD HALLS! located mostly at basements of supermarkets, or shopping malls. Their food halls slalu ader sample, so if lapar – lapar can just walk around as customers and have a try, SAPE TAK SUKA try try makaaaan!! korang rugi ok! kalau da suka sedap baru belikan! Sg-reans are always KIASU, so this is definitely worth going!

giphy (4).gif


2. Travelling Ez-link in Tokyo (SUICA Card)

This is exactly like your EZ-link. It is prepaid and you can use it to tap into their different JR/Toei Lines. So if it has value you can just tap in and tap out no need buy train tickets.

The card also bole beli bende k! Like buying stuff at convenient stores or something just like our EZ -link or like vending machines ke.. So awesome and the logo is a happy feet so cute la! Just look out of these signs to use them;


Senang kan, basically Japan is like Singapore but just different language and of coz sorry eh org dorang lagi berbudi bahasa..takde KBKB KNN semua takde…

Like previously we asked for directions and we asked if they spoke English. Most of them cam tak bole bual sangat la..but SOOOO BERBSAR HATI, bawak kita to the restaurant or kedai that we wanted to go eventhough they were heading to the station already and it is quite a walk! SUNGGUH BANYAK berbudi bahasa…cuba ah tanya kat SG kene stare or ignored..irrits…

Will be talking about my JAPAN work trip in the next entry which I found some interesting finds bahahahah…

Pssssst 2016/2017 Brides

Heard there is a TRPLE THREAD PROMO! uoolls…woohoooo

Video X Photography X photobooth
#bizkode #niftydegree



More details will be shared sooon! You can check out their Fbs/IG for portfolio while waiting for DETAILS alright! 🙂

Eh Da Kahwin Ke!! Part 2

Ok I da ader mood to blog..still on leave/hospitalisation leave. I was supposed to be on my operation but it got cancelled since I am still recovering from fever,flu and bad cough.

Let’s talk about my WEDDING! I just got back the mood coz hubby was watching youtube on all our wedding videos done by our wonderful family of Akrab Kompang and Dendang Mutiara Dikir Barat.

19 Dec 2015~ The awaited day of #barnana marking a history of #barnanajourney. That morning at 1030am was our nikah… I woke at 6am to prepare myself bathed and stuff. MUA came nearing to 8am. At this point Mr.A had gone off and went to have breakfast at Telok Ayer witg his org kuat! (That was what i heard!) Sucha a bochap couple eh…org lain da panic kita dua chill je…I was busy getting ready at the same time berzikir…it calms down the nerves alot!
By 915am I was ready to go and my family were gone! Lencah pe! They were out by 9am..mind you nikah 1030am at Masjid An-nur…cam nak gerak gy JB..I went out of the room with no family members around…hmmmmmmm thanks!

So yea I was travelling with my gf in her car to masjid…eating biscuits and talking…busy story telling..Al maklum my brunei cousin was there and its been ages we met! So lepaskan rindu la skali…busy eh!

At masjid! After berpantang for 3 weeks or so..i SAW Mr.A back and it got me excited…tgk belakang abang berbaju kurung bersamping songket..tak handsome ke?! Of coz la handsome kan! I sat down. This was at 10am. How punctual was everybody…Kadi came early as well! WOW!!! we were at main prayer hall Masjid An-nur..

Within 5 minutes, formalities were confirmed. And the ceremony began! Sekali lafaz yang super loud and clear. Mr.A became my official HUSBAND…WOOOHOOOOO


Kadi: Ustaz Suhaimi


Love how our songkets colour pop out! Its customised made..i got my baju tailored in JB. It was a happy occassion. ALHAMDULLILAH!


We suck at taking official lovey photos…muka annoying la please!!!


Sorry on shaky photos as we were laughing too much…these are not my bridesmaids! But these ladies are my support system! PEARL FC LADIES…WAGS(wives and gfs) of Dendang Mutiara which tudungs are sponsored by me..Alhamdullilah…they look like ready to nasyid! again..and I have my other two good friends beside me.

After Nikah Mr.A siap at his bestman place while I proceed with my siap at CC backstage room. Thank goodness for awesome aircon I was cool and calm. This is where sanggul lintang is placed. I demanded a less extravagant outlook! But nevertheless as painful! And berat.

Pantang petua by my MUA i was to think positively and keep having nice tots to my head. NEVER ever say its painful. Again alhamdullilah i forgot I was donning it. It felt comfortable heavy but not extreme.



I even had time to nap while waiting for Mr.A to come. With my sanggul lintang i slept for 10 mins hahahahha!

At the sound of kompang, i was behind the kipas MUA not knowing what was happening but you can catch the video here:
#Barnana BerArak 19 Dec 2015

The boys silat and cried. I was holding back tears. These boys were literally under my care . I literally hold back when my fav boy silat and cried so much. Ibarat “mommy” proud moments!

After performance we were flooded with dear friends taking photos with us. Colleagues and friends came which just make me sincerely appreciative and happy. Photo taking was overshot we ended 1st half near to 4pm! When I was supposed to be out for 2nd outfit but I did not want to compromise and cut short meeting up with my friends. So it was alot of play by ear moments.

Vendors were on full force. Guests came blessed with a glorious spread of choices of buffet from SMR…10 choices for air.. desserts were to die for! Makanan jangan cakap main staples were so sedap! Thumbs up! I am a fussy eater..and this was up to my standard. I had guests saying they felt like they were at hotel buffet eh.. yela makcik and pakcik nie semua rezeki masya allah..thank you so much! It is so nice to hear it.

Epure flavoured ice cream was on the ball as well! Gooooood service awesome toppings…very very nice vendors. They also served guests at the tables with order taking as well. AWESOME!!

DAINTY CANDY my wedding cake was sooo pretty and super yummy!!


How pretty is that! And its sucha a steal at only $300. Loveeee it so much and the cake is just soft and melts in the mouth..





Second outfit was my IRONMAN and Ms Gatsby Inspired image…i love vintage while Mr.A loveeeees IRONMAN. Thus again our inspirations of our BAJUs..



We had a shorter time for 2nd outfit as we were off for our outdoor photoshoot!


The day ended with us rushing off from wedding at 530pm to Woodlands Waterfront to catch the sunset moments.
I had 90% bridesmaid involvement….and this was our stress relieved moments for once!!

The flow of wedding was smooth sailing. EVERYONE WAS HAPPY! Some cockups but I was always involved via Whatsapp and despite everything..My BMs ran the show smoothly…thank you ladies and my babyboy!

Let’s end day 1 of fun! Day 2 is on another post! I want to repeat again la pleaseee…


Eh da kahwin ke! Part 1

Its been a week plus already from #barnanaloveaffair wedding fever…I DARE to say everyone who has came..joined in the celebration enjoyed every second of the wedding…i felt like nak bersanding lagi….

As I am currently in Tokyo..honeymooning and my husband (ehemehem…feeeeeeling best eveeer) busy watching ‘Suites’ reruns..i shall summarise the best 2 days of my life..

17 Dec~ My busy henna night…my wonderful simple henna was done by Rini! She is the most sweetest person… #inaibyrini super humble and super cheap… her rates are at $80 without any length limit or patterns..awesome right! It was a busy night with all my close cousins/aunties/bms/friends! I had Ana,Shana,Nurul and Rina who came and eventually helped me with my bunga pahar yg super susah to cucuk and make it fluffy!! Super love these babes of mine!!!



I washed off the henna at 130am as I am a super rimas bride who cannot sit still….and of my tips was to warm up both my hands thus i had tampal koyok near my veinlines,soles of my feet…and dab minyak was extremely red by the next day!

18Dec~ I was busy running errands still and I have not slept a wink at noon my baju sandings were all ready and my place…after maghrib went to to check my venue! Yes i was the mastermind/coordinator of my own wedding…and i was walking on clouds upon entering the CC hall…my Gatsby theme came alive…





All were fresh flowers I love how spacious it looks and so much of walking space…This is special thank you to Uncle Lan from COMEL MOLEK!! He managed to capture my vision and make it super awesome…masya allah! My gfs were saying I was the most chilled bride no tensed up moments…did all my preps myself…no bridezilla bitch up tantrums…*pats on my back!! Highlight of my night was this…put a smile on my face for this!

Lets blog my actual two days in the next I super kenyang since husband keeps feeding me so much! And in Japan which is 1 hour later I am super tired la eh!

Staycays in the month of Oct~ Bach Nite Part 2 & 3

What? Bachelor nite again??? Korang mesti pikir tak abis-abis pe nie btb keep having her bach nites…

Yes I have been away practically every weekend attending the bach nites! from my lovely girlfriends…masya allah i could not thank them more for all the things and planning and money spend on me to make it memorable!

24 October ~ NTSS loves
These lovely gfs of mine have knew me eversince I was 13 years old! We were in the same secondary school and it was a friendship of what 14 years! OMGEEE…they have seen my kental self up to now the mak nenek lady. They knew how important the wedding planning is to me..they have knew I have planned my wedding since forever despite not having a boyfriend or tunang back then…

So I did not know where we were heading.. and they exclaimed to me 10 minutes before picking me up! “Na! Bawak passport…”!!and i got panicky! My passport was with my mom whom has went out to send the cards and ziarah orang meninggal…Astagfirullah got the shyt outta girls that I do not have my passport with me. So they had to call my sister and she had to call me to direct me to my passport..Thank goodness the almari tak lock k! If not no bachelor nite! Baru betol betol ‘SURPRISEEEE’!!! harloooooow padan muka koraaang plus aku skali…

So we masok JB! had lunch and shopping at JPO…me being very cheapo i did not shop at all except from Ripcurl for a colourful maxi dress at RM55!! cheap like tooooots…aku sebenarnye tak suka shopping!! malas nak tgk nak try nak carik size ke aper bende laaa…

We had WONDERFUL massage session for 2 hours at Thai Imperial for only RM109…bloody cheap also! And their service was super goood lor…my berangin body felt sooo relaxed after the session..I was served with hot tea and thai bubur chacha( i have no idea at all what is that)

And off we went to our HOTEL sooo dalaaam in JB….pUteri Harbour Bay Hotel Jen! AWesome big room! We had connecting rooms where as usual i sleep with my bimbo bucuk Fara…and the room was seriously super nice please…

Lunch at Tony Romas the next day and I was relieving our teenage kental la please lols….the best part of bach nites is always the story telling! Always i must say…14 years of friendship passed by just like that..sometimes I forget I am 27 year old already…maybe that’s why i look so full of energy! hehehehehe

Come i SUMBAT some photos for you to seeeeee…




31st Oct ~ PearlFCladies

These ladies I have befriended as we are all WAGS of Dendang Mutiara…Mr.A is in a dikir barat group…thus being friends woth the gfs and wives allow this wonderful sisterhood to be form…of coz we have a bigger group of girls..but these ladies are one of the closest ones Ive been…

Got pranked by the masterchip Ahoy! Fiza! Who is sooo annoyingly irrinoying babe ive known..but yet the superfunny kakak and hipster babe as well!!

Annoyiny kan nie MAK BUDAK!!

Said that Faj the driver in Green Tudung is my Grabcar driver….yela 2! Aku kene tipu rabak rabak…

I got bullied..dala buta for awhile..kene langgar ngn ERP gantry laaa…curb laaa…because they forget I was blindfolded harloooow!!

Since it was also Halloweeeen!! I was also forced to take a photo with a kakak PON! Thanks la eh..korang..

My priceless face!!! Yes!! I am super surprised i really felt like crying coz omg such effort these ladies have planned! Lawaaaa laaa the place!! I am in STUDIO M!




So we went swimming had supeeer late dinner! From spize! Chit chat all the waaay!!! PERUT DECIDES TO BE LAPAR! so we grab MacDs from Liang Court!!

thank you sooo much for the night…it was filled with gossips as usual la kan! Joke merepek! We played heads up! More chit chatting..sampai nak tido pub ketawe ketawe tak betol!
Next day was chek out day!

We grabbed lunch from Krave!! Craving rabaaak kenyang sampai perut nak meletops wei!



Thank you my sayaaangs for the super duper CLOSING to my bachelorite nights!

I had 3 staycays/bach nites…i had uncountable dinner dates with my friends…im thankful to squeeze those times with you guys…remembering singlehood memories are awesome..Im a tiny bit more prepared to start prepping for my couply halal certified memoried with Mr.A now…

Insya allah beautiful friendships will always last…

77 days AWAY!!Assciting October!!

September has been awesome what more is October!!

25Sep~ Mr.A, me, bapak and mak went to ROMM for the oath taking and declaration of information. Mak obviously wants to tag along as she wants to jalan jalan! Excuses eh Mak! Ader hati cakap, nanti Bapak kau tak dengar…Mak kene ikot! Hahahah…that is my mother whom will take every opportunity to go out jalan jalan.

We reached at 930am took a Qno. And waited for awhile for information checks. It was a short wait..checked everything through and then we had to wait for the interviews which took a much longer wait..and by then the ROMM was filled with couples…20 or more! Mak obviously la did her people watching and observed all the different couples….and provided a whole SUMMARY PROGRESS REPORT…cam kat Custom Immigration like that!

When it was our turn..bapak and mak went in to declare Im their anak yang sah..hari nikah yang betol..he is my wali yang sah…

By this time! I have sweaty palms..nervous la! Like harlow! Its ROMM means that I am getting married sooooon!!! Lols..when it was my turn I just needed to confirm all my particulars..declare my father and what was the relation of my Saksi/witness…lastly did I ever had another pertunangan before this..simple and straight forward..all this was by Cik Karim(tak tau nak panggil Ustaz/kadi)
Mr.A was simple questions as well!We were done after bout 45 minutes wait in total at ROMM…so yes Friday is quite packed so do try to avoid this day.


My mak and bapak! So I follow who? My mak or bapak face???


We did not managed to get a photo by the Famous Love Shape thingy…. And we are super done with the ROMM formalities!

1st Oct~ Next!! I received a package from HDB to have our 1st Lease Agreement on 1st October!! Exciting gile lor!!! Coz it’s sorta really confirmed we are having a house soon…

Yesterday our appointment was at 4.30pm and I just rushed from work at 3.30pm thank god for understanding managers!
Waited for Mr.A and we got our Qno.


Awesomeee we got called up within a minute! And as normal went through the documents…the confirmation plus cpf 5% deductions(da terbang 10k!!!)

So projected completion was October 2018! But the Kak HDB…please expect earlier completion and as early as march/ju e 2017!

Masya Allah! My eyes lit up with STARS AND HEARTS….best nye…i was like insya allah if God really blessed it and rezeki well insya allah Ill have my house soon….


The start of the phase foundation was done in May when all units were chopped! So at this stage, I must say it is moving fast! And i cannot wait!! Wooohooo….

Mr.A has kept teasing..Awak nak ader rumah eh?! Hahaha i was like shuddup la…it is my dream k…having to own one Alhamdullilah!

Deco Recce-ing

I have been getting quotations from a few preferred vendors for Deco. From yang paling mahal to the middle range. Having this theme in mind, i really wanted it to be somehow executed tapi also thinking of the budget I was a bit tempted to go all out and request for customisation but then again, I could use the savings for other part of the wedding planning. So i have face to face meeting with two vendors yang ader slot available for my wedding date.

1) Wedding Meets Design
First time i saw them, I was quite pleased with their workmanship displayed and their designs. So i thought why not meet up to discuss further on their proposed costs and packages. The first time I met the vendor, Hakim. It was a nice chat and explaining what I wanted or envisioned it to be. It was cool and we got along well. So a final quotation was emailed to me a week after the meeting, where I requested for candy booth and cake, customised deco. But gut feeling wasn’t there, I was still dwelling on the decision nak go ahead ke tak.

Sambil 2, ader la jugak email-email deco lain, but quotations were not up to what I expect it to be.

It was a good proposal by WMD but sebab takde feel cam half-hearted la sangat. I feel cam they don’t get what I was trying to explain, connection was not as strong.

Sooooo…back to googling and looking at other vendors. I have been reading up alot on Comel Molek from other BTBs and also browsed through FB dorang. I was mesmerized by some of their deco and its simplicity but ader Oomph! Impact.

2) Comel Molek

Thus! I fb messaged them and met up with them yesterday. Corresponded with Abg Idil but meet up with Uncle Lan instead. First time meet orang memang la kekok kan..I went alone lagi coz I do not like having too many people with too many feedbacks causing confusion and too much inputs.

First thing he kenal kan diri die…ask my name and explain bout wedding preps.
3 Major Planning:
1) Catering
2) Bridal
3) Deco

And also being comfortable with who you are working with. My exact sentiments and I did mentioned this in my essential wedding planning post. Comfort and connection is key! If you tak click with your vendors mesti tak menjadi or unhappiness will happen.

He never pushed for his deco services. He gave me pointers to ask certain questions with vendors and what to avoid. It was a good connection and conversation. He asked me what kind of bride I think i would be…the pastels kind or the bold colours. I told him I was both…I love calm and suddenly a burst of colours.

I must say… by every minute of the conversation I fell in “love” with this deco company. Uncle Lan hits all the right questions, my concerns. The best part is! Die faham isi hatiku…my vision!! Molek sgt laaaa ader orang faham idea aku nie…


Soooo these are the two vendors available for my December 2015 wedding. Anggun Decor, Royal Boudoir, Kasai Sayang are all fully booked.

Belom decide lagy…I still have other decors yang baru masok the wedding scene, ISS weddings mentees; NAF Designs, Qyra Designs and a few more.

Let me sleep about it over the weekend before I decide….Any comments BTBs????