Strike off my Bucket List

Aside from wedding preps…I have been relatively busy meeting up with my friends to pass Bridesmaid baju…buat activities or just lepaking which is my almost every weekend duties… It is tiring but time does not wait for you…cherishing friendships or the people I love matters most..

Some of my friends call me nuts coz I literally have no time for myself..travelling for work…traveling to meet my friends..coordinating every single thing on my own for the wedding…and juggling date time with fiancee…its hard but I guess worth it

So last few month I did mention I joined Lyanaz Bridal Plus Size Model Search. I have a reason for this because! Firstly I am a strong believer that everyone is pretty just some are lazy or clueless in looking good.. so being fat or called fat my entire life despite me being a UK 10 when I was younger I did not know what was thin.. I was slashed at called names and my nickname was Mok. It hurts alot and pulled down my confidence level damn shittiest the lowest pit ever!

But then as I grow older i was like F*** that shyt…I look back at my old photos I was a lean healthy physique! Just chubby but lean!



That was probably at the age of 19-20 i was weighing my best! 2 pun kene panggil gemok!

So I realise because of humans that are full of crap and rubbish…I do not care whether I am 90kg now or back then I knew I was looking good!

And my bucketlist before marriage was to be a model for FUN for plus size models! To empower your mind body and soul!  I got into the FINALS for Lyanaz Bridal Plus Size Model Search! And i just realise no matter what I am feeling superbly good about myself no1 else matters..If people don’t respect you! You gotta be strong to respect yourself! Aint a care in the world with those kind of criticism! They don’t owe you a living….

I thank my Kak Ezan from Lyanaz Bridal for the awesome makeup!




I can’t wait for the final photos that will require votes! But I would not be disheartened if I lost because I knew all of us are winners!

LBG Plus Size Bridal Model Search

It’s been a few days that the voting has started.  So I am asking if all of you BTBs could help me with voting too!! Hehe… 🙂

Lyanaz Bridal Gallery (Click Here)

PS13 Nur Nadhirah Rohani
Make up by Tini Kembar

Please help me to vote! I am very excited for this competition. 1st time in my life  I do such a thing la kan…. Please show me some LOVEEE 🙂 <3!

Surprise surprise!!

The other day…Lyanaz Bridal open up a plus size model search!

Hehe with gusto and build up confidence I pun join! Without thinking much… and knowing i have stage fright!! I just joined…chose photos and send through email! 1 full length and 1 full face!

So after filtering! I was shortlisted for the top 30! Alhamdullilah…quite shocked coz after signing up it was a month later that I received the email response…aku pun da lupa la by that time kan!!

And TODAAAY!  we had a mini makeover to take photos of us to be placed on their fb and afterwhich to vote by viewers….kinda nervous igt org slim je ader competition?! Kita yg plus size also lawa lawa ok! Very stiff competition when I saw them all today… let me show you ladies k..


That my grp 2…10 of us…despite that i did make a few friends…puffy girls always super friendly la…must be the extra character God instill for us…


The 2 ladies really make me laugh…thank you aisyah and yana!



Yup feeling feeling model la jap…muka abit fair eh! But well hopefully I did well for my shoot!

So the photos will be up in about 2 weeks time on Lyanaz Bridal Gallery FB…hope you ladies vote k! Hehehe…menang leh use duit for wedding…hehehehe…

Ill post soon bout my outdoor photohsoot which is another HOT topic!!