112 Days Awaaay ~ Yeay Mak!! Saya da pass kursus daaaaa

Da macam sarang semak betol my wordpress..It has been tooo long I have yet to frequently update as much as I want.

Cut the bullshitting crap away, so a few weeks ago, for 2 full weekends! Pagi pagi buta, I attended the Marriage course with Mr.A.
Started from 8.30am up till 6pm, my brain was overworked and put into school system mode. We were really hesitant about this course, and it took me quite awhile to actually sign up for the course and convincing Mr. A along for this. So who did we choose after all the GREAT reviews from fellow BTBs. We opted for Suchi Success!

Headed by Mr Khair and wife, Mdm Suriati, I would say Power Couple laaa..they facilitated very very well. Topics such as communication was touched on, and of cause the feedback session of putting inputs and feedbacks about each other partners.It was frustrating and during the whole time of the course, I was communicating via whatsapp with MR.A and we have our differences as usual…klakar! tapi benar, what ever topics that was laid out sure got feedback! lols

But all is well, it literally open up my eyes to alot more of issues faced by different couples, different problems outta which is not fake, I am literally facing some situations it myself! Not me but of other couples I’ve known who are facing common issues potrayed during the class, I got really sad as well at what the society it facing but not faced with the truth.

Did you guys know?!?! Statistically, out of 4 couples, 3 would file for divorce/are divorcing!!!! Kau gila peeeee, but it is the hard truth!!! and the fact Marriage Course is not even compulsory now, it worries me more of the future generation!!!

I learn alot more of my personality apparently, without me realising I have changed over the years and tend to be a thinker and analyse situations more! So I was categorised as a perangai PISANG!! PISANG DOK! I will not admit defeat…pisang pun powderful k!

While Mr.A is perangai! ANGGUR!!! Mr Serba Boleh,OR Jack of all trades!

We are not entirely that different as a couple, ader la perangai MONYET sama-sama, but whatever differences have completed each other flaws and weaknesses as well, Insya Allah, AMIN!.

So I urged all BTBs to really consider for marriage course and this center has 1 of the better kursus which I was happily attending despite the early timing and long journeys. It has made my and Mr.A communication better!!! I could see it! and we have look at perspectives better too.

Promoting! SUCHI SUCCESS for the WIN!!!!

Wedding Cakes! Research

Ok i have been trying to get a good baker yang buat wedding cakes which is affordable.

Anyone who knows a good baker yang buat customised wedding cakes? Need your help BTBs…

1st post in 2015 bual pasal cake eh..kecohrables betol! LOLS….

Budget, budget, budget and MORE!!

So yes it is Dinner time…mak cooked another feast again…but o wells i have to blog this first as it has been on my mind lately…

So BTBs I do not know if you girls have a habit of even setting up a budget tracker first before you all start recce on vendors and then just choose whatever affordable  or whatever you seem to like or any other reasons….

I am basically an events coordinator/project manager in my daily line of work.. so for every event i handle it is a basic thing for us to start budgeting before we sign the contract and start work…

Thus nak pendek cerita! I am actually doing it for my wedding planning as well…from there baru la kita tahu how much to save! How much we budgeted but its overcost suddenly or undercost (save duit laaa!!)

So advised for all BTBs don’t get too excited when a budget is not in place yet…Budget spreadsheets are good for you to also have a bigger view and tengok pape yang tertinggal…It can also act as your reminder of which deposit is needed or due….

I am not the most organised! But i have my way of putting up spreadsheets which i understand la…so here is a screenshot of my budget spread…


You can have it your way your style yang MOST IMPORTANT! have one before you jump the wagon on selecting your vendors…DON’T do it after all the vendors are selected baru nak buat…2 bukan budget spreadsheet…da dipanggil EXPENSE spreadsheet…when you set a limit to spending insya allah you will be more disciplined to follow it…

It also makes you prepared of how much a wedding cost and how much you will have to save and prepare for all the deposits….

It is coming…

Finally that step to moving forward in planning for a proper marriage is nearing…Alhamdullilah….

Am sooo looking forward..that meetup between both families will be comin up soon…So once Im back from all my business trips…Bf and me would be searching for my merisik ring..And we are talking more bout wedding preps which is really ASSCITING!!

Thus we decide to recce Habib Jewels from Malaysia…I used to be all Tiffany & Co. kinda girl…but o wells..as you grow older priorities and demands changes as well…

Anyways we had a couple of Bloggers who had their wedding engaging Akrab Kompang! Wanna wish a blessed start to the marriage life…


Preeety brides…Congraats! Once again dearies…. Syukur Alhamdullilah masjid telah dibina and insya allah it will be till Jannah…