The Road to Recovery

It has been almost a week since you left us… I had to stay at my mom’s place for recovery and during these few days, we were frantically searching for kakak/makcik urut. It was not easy as we had to ask around friends whom might have contacts.

Thank goodness Mak with her pasar friends, we found one who stays in Gombak and is affordable as well. She was available for urut session and that is the most important.

Having miscarriage thought me to be patient. It was as similar to giving birth just without the Baby…your body feels drained out, your tummy feels pain from the bleeding, your body felt like it was being beaten up and sore. Legs, arms, hips were too sore that I had to take 1 step at a time. Feet without socks make it sooo painful to even place a step. That was the pain that Mothers had to endure, and I had the chance to face it. Drinking Polleney or Chicken Essence was so tak sedap as well. I literally gag after the last drop hits my throat…

So despite all the motivation, I understand how miscarriages can be as depressing…People might advise to try again and bla bla bla…but no one would understand the pain physically and mentally a Mother who lost their child has to face…To go through the same confinements of a new Mother who gave birth yet again without the Child.

I don’t know I was lucky or whether I am naturally a strong willed lady, I bounced back to life a day after of grieving  but I still shun having people around me, I just hate entertaining the same questions all over again.

  1. How did it happen?
  2. How long were you into it? How did you find out?
  3. Are you ok? Are you fine?
  4. Is Akbar ok?

I dealt with grieve differently from normal humans I guessed, I don’t naturally cry over such things, I hate it…I hate showing my expressions. I bottled my emotions but at the same time I rather be alone…

The makcik urut did a good job in massaging all my stress points, pushed out my water retention, tried to place back the uterus coz its terjatoh…and gave me words of advice to prepare for the next pregnancy….

I also was recommended to eat this…


Manjakani was proven to tighten the vagina walls and lessen vaginal discharge, good for post delivery…Well let’s see how it goes la kan…The sengkak urut is super damn painful…I am not in favour of pain and I think most of the ladies here knew I have low tolerance masih la terpekik pekik if sakit sikit.. But it is to get well so must endure la..ketap bibir tahan sakit…But at times it was soo painful I literally felt like passing out PENGSAN…it was soo excruciatingly painful…masya allah..but definitely now I felt better and badan da rase ringan…

doa mengelakkan  keguguran.jpg

Amalkan la surah nie to prevent from future miscarriages. I thank loved ones whom has supported or taken care of me. Hopefully we will try to help in different ways for friends or loved ones that are in is not an easy road masya allah..but I prayed that one day I will have rezeki and amanah to take care of..and for my fellow ladies to be strong…there will always be challenges but none will be difficult for any ummah-nye to endure.. Insya Allah…


5 thoughts on “The Road to Recovery

  1. insha’allah. we are all keeping you in our prayers. jgn degil, makan semue bende yg berkhasiat tu yer no matter how disgusting they are.. and spam on the manjakani! hahahahaha.

  2. Good post Nana. I have no idea how a woman can go through these phase until I read your’s. Jamu ek..i have people eaten it says it works. 🙂

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