Happy 23rd Bday Rahman

This is one of my BFFs i have met in my life during my Poly Days….i am an introvert mind you when i am in a new environment and not comfortable…I am quiet as a mouse…

But thanks to this guy here…i managed to be myself around any1 and make my poly days manageable and breatheable….

So watching him grow from a boy to a man..makes me cry…How he mirrorred my hehaviour at times…is funny!

Anyways this year…i wanted to have a small sweet surprise and decided to order customised cupcakes which were sooo pretty! I could not bear to eat them… Happy 23rd Bday Rahmaaan!! 😆:)💓💓


Loook at how detailed and preeeetty they are! Arent you impressed….if you guys are interested..check them out in IG: _naise_
Email: naisebakery@gmail.com

They have really NAISE cupcakes and yummy flavours…not to mention that they just have the right naise sugary level not overly done and every bite is flavourful….

Sooo..CHECK out Naise Bakery for HALAL customised cupcakes and cakes! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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