Honeymoon Extravangaza!

Like all the couples, honeymoon destination is another thing that needs to be brainstormed, researched and of coz checklisted!

At first ingat nak honeymoon to beach destinations but it seems like tak ada response from Mr. A much! Despite the fact kita LOVE travelling to beach destinations..

So it was put on hold and suddenly I saw my friends travelling to Japan…and how much I miss Japan altogther..Mr A and I did went for a short Japan trip when I was on business trip last year but yet again I have a hibernating Panda for a fiance, he literally malas nak berjalan-jalan..and we did not really do sight-seeing..

So I have yet to go and visit places in Tokyo! and also I did not do Osaka trip and visit Harry Potter! And thus guess whereeeee our Honeymoon shall be this year! Jeng jeng jeng….
JAPAN + OSAKA!!! babeeh!

Hehehe excitement!! Japan is a must travel country to enjoy culture! great sushi and just nice weather in winter especially….

More honeymoon planning SOOOON!!!

Wedding Research Part 1

Well whenever I need a break from work.. I would start googling for ideas for the Wedding… I have been fantasizing since I was small of what a dream wedding feels like…

In Singapore it is not as cheap relatively due to the ever inflations of EVERYTHING…and thus wedding vendors needta hike up their packages to earn a decent living…

My Personal tips on finding the right vendor:
1) Identify your needs first whether you want a HUGE overthe top wedding..a normal AVERAGE wedding or the most basic nikah/kenduri wedding
2) This leads to you guiding your budget and be committed in saving for such costs
3) Identify your idea of a wedding (themes/colours/quantity)
4) Don’t jump the wagon search for vendors…do your homework on prices…evaluate all vendors and their workmanship
5) This is very IMPORTANT! Google on your vendor and look out for signs of fishyness..bad reviews lack of publicity..too vague and when you do not feel good about such vendor..DONT push further…
6) When enquiring always be humble and polite…if vendors are sincere in their business..response time and the way they reply to your queries plays a HUGE part….most importantly when you feel there is chemistry with them…

Here is just my 2cents worth of thoughts…i have been researching on vendors for many years and analyse the market for past time hobby…yes my hobby is to go to wedding fairs..coz konon nye 1 day nak jadi Wedding Planner…so this is what i personally feel when exploring vendors….step in when you have knowledge coz if you dont you might end up being EATEN ALIVE by dishonest vendors…