Kpak Bing Bing vendors

1) Catering:  SMR Catering
2) Deco: Comel Molek
3) Bridal/Henna/Bouquet: Personal Contacts
4) Photographer: Nifty Degree
5) Videographer: Bizkode
6) Photobooth: DIY
7) Kompang: Akrab Kompang
8) DJ: Mega Entertainment
9) Dulang Hantaran: DIY


6 thoughts on “Kpak Bing Bing vendors

  1. Hi Babe! We’ll be using the same bridal! Hi-5! Their make-up nice and natural and baju pun da banyak lawa2 seh! hee.. when is ur first fitting? Mine in June.. 🙂

    1. Hehehe is it?! Mine is about after raya coz my wedding end of the year… eh dnt forget to update excited seh! Finally ader btb same mak andam! Who will be doing your makeup eh? Yes more baju lawa2 from kak fifi….

      1. Ok dear.. I will update bile i g first fitting.. 🙂 Haha.. I think my makeup Kak Fifi buat.. Yup.. Just saw their fb page, ade baju baru.. Just hope i leh muat je.. hee..

      2. Haha.. No worries.. I pn plus size.. hee.. In shaa Allah ade yg lawa.. Nnti i update further kt my blog k.. take care babe! 🙂

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