Welcome to her Blabbers & Membebel Moments

A typical extro-introvert, will only warm up to you if she is comfortable with you…Most of the time daydreaming about her perfect wedding…becoming a wedding planner and her travelling adventures…extremely loves food and would try it once unless it looks too gross or too smelly….Loves singing and humming to tunes and is most of the time plugged into music so she stays focused



3 thoughts on “Welcome to her Blabbers & Membebel Moments

      1. Oh!! No wonder! Yay! So i will see u la during my wedding (if u are free!) cause I dah put deposit all! I cant wait la! hehehe I know Aja Aji n Akbar since their dk days in Hikayat and when I saw that they bukak Akrab, cepat2 nak book! hehehe

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