Turnaround Events

This post has got nothing to do with wedding related stuff…but I just needed to pen down my thoughts on the recent events happening.

While I was away on my business trip feeling the aftermath of Japan earthquakes…and also the Paris attacks..my small little heart here cannot take it much more as I had friends holidaying in Europe where Paris is one of their stops.

Through out the whole day of meeting, I was blogging on another topic to get my mind off abit but at the same time, my fingers were whatsapping non stop to ensure my family I was fine in Osaka, secondly checking on my friends whom were travelling in Europe. It was an uneasy feeling and just something keep keep ringing in my ears and heart.

FB was being sucha good newsfeeder, feeding loads of posts shared here and there…Of muslim friends explaining here this is not the work of ISLAM.. to haters of Islam….to news of fellow muslims in danger of being attacked by racists comments, racists acts where they have no clue of what is happening around them.

This is where humanity is challenged and it just stopped me in my tracks these few nights. People are condemned for just #prayforfrance where other parts of the world is being shot down, bombed and whats not. Yes there might be truth why are we just siding one country, but look it is as contradicting that you are condemning this as well, shouldn’t positive vibes be shared along the lines.

I am not a good preacher of the quran nor am I a saint. But this dying thought keeps repeating in my head, have we reached that finishing line is this where the test is completing its round, where everyone is against your religion being brainwashed to see evil in it. We forget our true being in this world, instead social media is taking its control on you. Where prayers are made via words typed out.

Shouldn’t we instead strengthen our beliefs to be prepared for worse, sedangkan zaman nabi di-uji dengan kekejaman semata-mata, but it’s just a different outlook, we are tested with situations pin-pointing it back to us. Zaman firaun dulu kan lain, just that things have changed but situation is the same.

Wallahualam, we can never be sure only YOU know it, masya allah, how scary it has been …I am not good enough to be near your Jannah, but I am sure am afraid of the fires of hell..please strengthen the iman of all muslims including myself to go through this journey of yours. To forever remember you and the very being of us in this Dunya..it’s my two cents worth but it has been a thinking process these few days…and a deep one…


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