77 days AWAY!!Assciting October!!

September has been awesome what more is October!!

25Sep~ Mr.A, me, bapak and mak went to ROMM for the oath taking and declaration of information. Mak obviously wants to tag along as she wants to jalan jalan! Excuses eh Mak! Ader hati cakap, nanti Bapak kau tak dengar…Mak kene ikot! Hahahah…that is my mother whom will take every opportunity to go out jalan jalan.

We reached at 930am took a Qno. And waited for awhile for information checks. It was a short wait..checked everything through and then we had to wait for the interviews which took a much longer wait..and by then the ROMM was filled with couples…20 or more! Mak obviously la did her people watching and observed all the different couples….and provided a whole SUMMARY PROGRESS REPORT…cam kat Custom Immigration like that!

When it was our turn..bapak and mak went in to declare Im their anak yang sah..hari nikah yang betol..he is my wali yang sah…

By this time! I have sweaty palms..nervous la! Like harlow! Its ROMM means that I am getting married sooooon!!! Lols..when it was my turn I just needed to confirm all my particulars..declare my father and what was the relation of my Saksi/witness…lastly did I ever had another pertunangan before this..simple and straight forward..all this was by Cik Karim(tak tau nak panggil Ustaz/kadi)
Mr.A was simple questions as well!We were done after bout 45 minutes wait in total at ROMM…so yes Friday is quite packed so do try to avoid this day.


My mak and bapak! So I follow who? My mak or bapak face???


We did not managed to get a photo by the Famous Love Shape thingy…. And we are super done with the ROMM formalities!

1st Oct~ Next!! I received a package from HDB to have our 1st Lease Agreement on 1st October!! Exciting gile lor!!! Coz it’s sorta really confirmed we are having a house soon…

Yesterday our appointment was at 4.30pm and I just rushed from work at 3.30pm thank god for understanding managers!
Waited for Mr.A and we got our Qno.


Awesomeee we got called up within a minute! And as normal went through the documents…the confirmation plus cpf 5% deductions(da terbang 10k!!!)

So projected completion was October 2018! But the Kak HDB…please expect earlier completion and as early as march/ju e 2017!

Masya Allah! My eyes lit up with STARS AND HEARTS….best nye…i was like insya allah if God really blessed it and rezeki well insya allah Ill have my house soon….


The start of the phase foundation was done in May when all units were chopped! So at this stage, I must say it is moving fast! And i cannot wait!! Wooohooo….

Mr.A has kept teasing..Awak nak ader rumah eh?! Hahaha i was like shuddup la…it is my dream k…having to own one Alhamdullilah!