Unexplained Emotions

It has been a rollercoaster ride lately..Eversince the wedding is nearing, i have been battling inner feelings which is hard to explain.

I do feel sad that I am leaving my bedroom into a new bedroom(my husband’s)..I will definitely miss being without the bras and whats not at home..Trust me all girls feel liberated without the bra thingy…
I get tired lately overthinking and missing plenty of people….till i cry myself to sleep..yes that’s how much I miss certain peeps in my life…

I have a love hate relationship with my parents especially NOW! that my mom wants this and that for the wedding as if she is the one that is going to nikah! Pffffft! but i will definitely miss her cookings…

I’m getting very emotional as maybe because I seriously have no room to breathe lately…it’s been packed packed weeks….WORK is piling up causing this packed packed weekdays…I can’t wait for my almost a month of break from work and just to sleep in actually away from people for once…that’s after the wedding of coz…NOT that i hate my job i love it but i feel like it is just getting busier…i can feeeel it…and i have comments from my friends i have been extremely busy..

Mr. A nak ajak makan no time ALSO..yes that is how busy I am…how sad this sounds but I seriously need my alone time from people..Maybe I am experiencing burnt out moments since i have not taken any holidays since last year….

If only…if only………..


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