Photoshoot Locations

I will be having a pre-photoshoot with Mr.A + cousins + 2nd sis, hopefully with Akrab Boys as well. I love to do things in groups coz it looks more fun than just me and him in photos nak lovey dovey. Blueks! Maybe a few photos but not all.

So I was asking my dear cousins where to do a photoshoot. 1 suggested in botanic gardens, fair enough it is one huge place I could definitely play around with.

After that, I cannot think of other wonderful places. So here are my thoughts of some other locations which signifies us.

1) Botanic gardens
– We do picnics at times and loves just lying around looking at the skies

My fave shot I've shot so far! #wedding #photography #malay #traditional #outdoor #singapore #botanic #garden #silhouette #love
2) Dempsey hills
–  I love hanging out at Dempsey as Ben & Jerry’s is awesome there..super chilled
3) Singapore Flyer
– Our official 1st date was on the Singapore flyer

I have tried contacting IKEA, another favourite spot for us but apparently we cannot do photoshoots on Public Holidays and Weekends! Boooooo! It would have been wonderful if we do it there.

So another idea is supermarkets…because I spend tonnes of hours in supermarkets. Mina suka grocery shopping and that is my therapy session. So I cannot think of wonderful supermarkets that is convenient, I might be approaching AgroBazaar in Arab st area for supermarket shots. We could do lane shots as well!

Lotsa prepping as I am doing it loads of the itinerary planning on my own….


12 thoughts on “Photoshoot Locations

    1. ouh btw, i just realize our initials mcm same2.. A & N.. tt if i use my full name la, klau short name da lain skit, A & W.. ok now mcm teringin plk nk mkn A&W..

  1. Ohhh, babe! Ada banyak tempat u can go! If u like tmpt yang alot of trees, ala ala forest, there is a patch at ECP, sebelah National Sailing Centre. Good spot.
    Then there’s the polo club, there’s punggol end kalau u suka lalang lalang….if you like old architecture, chinatown ada banyak! Research around and ull be surprised! Singapore ada bynk hidden treasures gitu! hehehehe

    1. Hahahaha yea…thats why i have selected these few places…i dnt like lovey dovey shots too common with the places mentioned…and if displayed during wedding nanti kan bnyk mulut orang orang tua nie… my theme is places we used to go on dating or loves doing…that is the reason we doing group shots also…hehehe….but thanks for the suggestions…..

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