Hari ini..takde wedding related! Cuma hal kisah tudung! When I came back from Jakarta previously I bought plenty of tudungs back…I do not don the tudung but insya allah in the future…

The reason i bought so many is because i bought this instant tudung which is easier to belit without much fuss!


So i have sold of completely the balance of tudungs that i am left with..
Alhamdullilah..i sold it off pun takde la mahal it was at $10 je…

Sooo i was thinking should i continue to bring in tudungs or not for side income… hmmmm…


One thought on “Tudungs…fascination…

  1. If the designs are hard to get in singapore and it is pretty, why not? Although I would suggest u start small.. Coz there are too many hijab sellers plus you dont want to be left with a big inventory just in case the stocks take too long to sell. Just my two cents 🙂

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