BTO~ Ballot No is OUt!

In November last year, MR. A le fiance and me have applied for the Tampines BTO which I believed alot of the Easterners applied as well causing a huge demand sampai terlebih applications than the flats allocated.

We applied for the 4-room flat and also the Married Children Scheme to receive priority as his parents are staying in Tampines as well.

So out of 938 flats, we have like 2000++ over applicants applying. Seram kan! So of cause, we were kind of nervous as I am really hoping to get a flat in Tampines despite living all my life in Bukit Batok and working in the West, but literally since we have mutual friends, most of them are staying in the East and 90% of my activities are also in the East.

So doa punya doa..results pun da keluar for balloting number. We did received a number but well it is not within the 938. We got a almost near number! 1022!

So now being kiasu, hari-hari log in tunggu ethnic quota! As Mr A. is categorised under the Indian race, I am patiently waiting for the quota nervous la kan. Prays hard we can really get a unit in the Tampines area!

On a side note! WE ARE LEFT WITH 11 MONTHS to go la! This is soooo exciting!