Diet and Exercise~Bleargh!!

I have about 11 months to lose these BABATS of mine plus thunder thighs..

All because I have been very inactive over the years..I used to be a 65kg girl and now i have put on 30kg more…scary but true all because I am sitting down all day! And no exercise..makan sikit pun takde beza tetap gain weight…Main reason because of water retention! So all these impact a very unhappy self…

So this year 2015..azam nak lose weight..not because of kahwin but also because of wanting to be healthy..

I have started eating clean foods like for eg. Greek Yoghurt, salads, more vegs and lesser carbo!



So let’s see if it really helps!!! So what are your other dieting tips! Coz water retention is crazy! I need to really sweat it out….