Wedding Cakes ~ Sort of done

Alhamdullilah..My wedding cake after much trying to figure out good wedding bakers..
I have a friend who is sponsoring the cake for me…She said she will get it from her own wedding baker whom she engaged last time or from another wonderful talented baker, Suhaimi Yusoff’s wife..totally forgot she does baking as well… I couldn’t be more grateful for this present and am very thankful for this.

Well that is off my mind for now but i have other stuff to settle..i still cannot believe lagi 11 bulan kepe till my wedding DATE!!

And everytime i do shoot for Akrab nowadays, i lebih tengok pengantin dari concentrate video shoot eh..I sooo cannot help it..Taking some ideas on hair accessories, makeup details..daydream pasal my own wedding..pfft! perangai perangai….

O wells…so babes! what are you up to…and i HOPE semua checklist is ticking off from yours…