Wedding hadangs + silat

Ok nari kan..mood nak membebel terlebih sikit ah!

After last week’s experience with wedding…this topic came to mind, pasal hadangs and silat…

Would BTBs discuss with family members pasal how many hadangs is allowed or da pre-warn family first..coz memang ah nak meriahkan majlis tapi kalau da sampai terlebih hadang like 5/6 gantry tak melampau….it’s wasting time yang kita tahu we have an itinerary to follow or kesiankan pihak lelaki kan…
Sampul pun prepare brape aje kadang2 1st gantry je dabes…then nak gy rempuh lagy gantry yg still waiting…

So for my perceptive im not a bridezilla but yes i would discuss with my family like look, this is how many hadang je I allow you guys to do…main point is everyone has fun..second bridesmaid discussion..I still remember when I was on bridesmaid duty..we seek approval of my gf and her family of what we planned to do…2 pun dapat rejection coz parents say nak hadang bole but jgn la menyusahkan pihak lelaki sampai nak kene joget or we respected that and proceeded with pantun balas membalas! Whoi testing my malay laaa..

Then pasal silat pun sama…ive seen silat sampai 10 mins!! Hahaha kesian pengantin terpinga2 nak salam lain nak tgk ngn muka senyum lain… sampai naik penat tgk…

So yeaaa nie la my membebel am I wrong to feel agitated or bitchy kalau hadang plus silat da sampai 20 mins??? But its just my 2 cents worth of thoughts….


7 thoughts on “Wedding hadangs + silat

  1. I agree with you babe about having too many hadangs. I think max I would have 3. I would also let them know what they can and not do. I don’t want my groom dancing pasal nanti berpeluh kan da tak hensem. Heheee 😛

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