It went Viral!!

So last weekend…the team terkejut bila sorang satu on FB have been tagged by many of our friends that Akrab Kompang has went viral on certain famous Malaysia troll/entertainment pages…


That feeling macam terkejut ader…syukur ader…but most importantly feeling of OMG im so proud of the boys moment…of coz there is a lot of room for improvement but our basic principal is always to entertain the bride and groom with their families…and Alhamdullilah! That mission is accomplished.. we might not be colourfully dressed up and no fancy massy percussions! But niat is always ikhlas…that is where i learnt from the Boss who start Akrab and the meaning behing Akrab is our main goal for everything!

Insya allah to more rezeki! And i miss them truckloads…busy prepping for my own wedding ive not been actively involved with their wedding keluarans and to video them!

But we are just 2 years old into the industry syukur teramat sangat atas yg diberi…


14 thoughts on “It went Viral!!

  1. Yay! I hired Akrab for my wedding & i know i made the right decision. I ni tak pandai sngt bab-bab kompang ni semua. Got to know pun when one of the BTBs recommend.. So when people asked who i booked & i mentioned “Akrab” they will go “Oh you totally make the right decision!”.. hehe.

    1. Hahaha yay!! Tts awesome to know! Yes we will always try to be the best for every couple…thats what we teach the younger boys!! Insya allah i will see you around if im following the team!!! :):)

      1. We have 3 videowoman who rotates to accompany akrab to record their performances and take group shots…so im one of them…:):) certain weekends if i tak busy i will take the duty…and my tunang is one of them as well 🙂

      2. I see. You guys are like family eh. I heard from Izhar his sister is one of the videowoman too. Keep up the good work guys! 😉 If u gg to be there, tegur i tau. Bcs i ni rabun orangnye. Hehe.

      3. Hehehe yes..izhar older sister and adik sedare are the other 2 camerawoman…basically most of us tak related some je…but we try to teach the younger ones we are part of a big family! :):) k sure if im dere nanti i tegur….

  2. I’m glad that i engage Akrab too! After seeing their performance in one of my gf wed, i told my bf that i wanna hv them for our wed. Nasib baik member okay. Hahaha! And still considering to take their entertainment service too. 🙂

    1. Hehehe aawww thank you babe for all the support….appreciate it alot! If you take entertainment…dnt worry takde org karaoke…dj and soundmen leh nyanyi kan skali! Hehehehe

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