Click click Photobooth!

Ok da lama tak blog coz I have been busy for the past weekends with alot of work and weddings… and of coz preps!

So I da managed to find the most suitable caterer for fiancè…Dia nye dad yang the fussy one…as an indian muslim…briyani die must be the proper briyani taste and texture! Thankfully I went to a friend’s wedding and she briyani dam served! Walaupun lauk die super minimal takde variety! i tell you it was puas hati…i can literally jus eat the briyani without adding other dishes! So Mohd. Shah Catering and Services was the final choice for the FIL….finally 2nd vendor down for fiancè..

Next is the question for photobooth….i have been searching high and low for a suitable one… Firstly the question of nak DIY ke nak use a vendor… Then the prob is vendors which are the good ones???I thought i found the 1 but bile i enquire it was hmmmm annoying..i find this request where i have to get the extension from deco for them…

This is very merepek for me because for once you are a vendor…why cant you invest on your own extensions for yourselves…secondly we did not pay the decos to provide you with extension..nanti pape jadi like short circuit ke aper ke..who are you going to blame…and i seriously do not see professionalism in that…yes it is a simple request..but i just think as a vendor you should have your equipments from a-z!

Then I have seen the hoohaaas of wishing wand which everyone is using…but i have been personally involved with my friend’s wedding as a bridesmaid..and sungguh dissappointed with them! I would have expected more props from them since konon-konon nye they are the pioneer so they would have up the game…but props die je da minimal…and not as much as what i expexted…and the guestbook questions were always repeated causing the greetings being quite stagnant…

So I am left with no clue which photobooth vendors are around with quality yet affordable…BTBs! Feeeeedback and opinions pleaaase!!

6 thoughts on “Click click Photobooth!

  1. Hello! From my point of view the vendor should provide their own extension. Like what you have said we don’t pay our deco to provide them(photo booth vendor) for their extension. If I were in your shoes I would like to DIY for my photo booth, Mcm rasa puas hati but then have to think a number of manpower that is going to help with the setup and such.

    1. Hello zila! Yes thats y la…when i saw that request i macam ok not comfortable and dnt see the rationale..actually i am more for DIY…but like you say also la..manpower yg lagi 1 pening..i do not have any1 yg pandai in photography and gadgets stuff… :(..i can definitely provide everything just no manpower..hahaha

      1. Precisely! That’s why I skip photo booth and guestbook. I am not going to have them for my wedding. Hehe. Have you try Ezypics? If I not mistake their quotation is quite affordable. You can check them out with you want.

      2. Ezypics eh?? Okie i will check them out…actually another concept is just to DIY my booth without cameramens…guest take their own pics and upload according to our hashtag..but dnt noe work or not! Hahaha…i shall check out Ezypics! Thanks babe for the tip..

      3. No prob dear. That is great idea too! You can name it as #Selfie Booth instead of Photo Booth! Hahaha.Try it dear and mane tau will follow in trend. Heh.

      4. Hahaha good idea for the hashtag! Now i got more ideas coming in! Hehehehe thank you so much! Best nye bile ader btbs nie semua bole share ideas!

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