3rd Vendor Sealed!! ~ Bridal Andaman

Semalam dapat la gy dating sekejap with le fiance! Punya la busy this few weeks, nak jumpa berbual pun susah, just because Mega Perdana Semis are around the corner… #fianceetoamalayculturalguy

So appointment was at 12noon with Kak Fifi!! muka da tersenyum-senyum nak jumpe die!!
Sape la Kak fifi nie korg mesti tanyekan…so i have chosen Qist’s Bridal!!! Baru 2 tahun dalam industri but so far i have love their super traditional songket..but of coz la pasal sanggul lintang i am not a fan of that but okie la can la, sikit sikit je la ok!


Bride semalam haish so the sweet! terserlah seri pengantin!!!!

So pasal package lak i tell you she is sooo flexible la! Alhamdullilah…I am sure banyak will ask “sure or not mesti ader die nye hidden costs kan”..but nope she has explained everything clearly and I am very very happy…

We choosed the 4 baju plus-size package which is $2500, this is inclusive of the following;
– 4 pasang baju
– 2 days make up with no time limit
– Accessories are all provided (eg. fresh flowers, sanggul, brooches, jewellery + etc)
– Henna night
– Fresh flowers bouquet
– FOC accessories + makeup for nikah

Some may think it is expensive, but then again I am a Plus Size bride to be, so our prices nie slalu terlebih…hais! annoying but what to do! nasib badan dok!

Since i also nak bollywood costume as one of my choices and she does not have a plus-size for that, I DO NOT need to pay additional costs for rental ke brand new costume. She will cari for me according to my colour that I wanted. Alhamdullilah! rezeki, amin…..
She is such a nice Mak Andam and so sweet la…Lastly she said, if I lost weight and is able to fit her non PLUS SIZE costumes………drum rolls pleasseeee…..

I can just SWITCH to her other normal packages….ooo shuddup la! Seriously…i have not heard of any bridal andaman which is as flexible as this! and if i don’t think i can get my personal nikah baju i can just tell her and she can just provide hers….omg! I tell you it is amazing….such a nice Mak Andam, very sweet person non pretense…always laugh at me and fiance nye mini menyakat sessions!

Memang la dalam hati nak all those super popular Andamans kan…but well da fully booked pun ader…yg fiance tak berkenan pun lagy banyak….So we make do and go for non-famous yet….or the UNDERDOGS! and alhamdullilah…it was a good deal and package plus a nice person..Insya allah everything will be fine with his blessings…We are just here to plan, everything is determined by HIM…Amin!


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