Budget, budget, budget and MORE!!

So yes it is Dinner time…mak cooked another feast again…but o wells i have to blog this first as it has been on my mind lately…

So BTBs I do not know if you girls have a habit of even setting up a budget tracker first before you all start recce on vendors and then just choose whatever affordable  or whatever you seem to like or any other reasons….

I am basically an events coordinator/project manager in my daily line of work.. so for every event i handle it is a basic thing for us to start budgeting before we sign the contract and start work…

Thus nak pendek cerita! I am actually doing it for my wedding planning as well…from there baru la kita tahu how much to save! How much we budgeted but its overcost suddenly or undercost (save duit laaa!!)

So advised for all BTBs don’t get too excited when a budget is not in place yet…Budget spreadsheets are good for you to also have a bigger view and tengok pape yang tertinggal…It can also act as your reminder of which deposit is needed or due….

I am not the most organised! But i have my way of putting up spreadsheets which i understand la…so here is a screenshot of my budget spread…


You can have it your way your style yang MOST IMPORTANT! have one before you jump the wagon on selecting your vendors…DON’T do it after all the vendors are selected baru nak buat…2 bukan budget spreadsheet…da dipanggil EXPENSE spreadsheet…when you set a limit to spending insya allah you will be more disciplined to follow it…

It also makes you prepared of how much a wedding cost and how much you will have to save and prepare for all the deposits….


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