12 September and its Present!

12 September was our mini family session of Merisik cum Engagement…I do not know why but huge engagements were never my dream since young and i do not get it..culturally despite yes it is a colourful culture of its traditions and ways…i just deem that it was unneccessary and a waste of $$$.

I did not take leave for this special day..was working till evening when they were suppose to arrive at 7.30pm… It was kinda rushed I had to prepare the last minute preps and get ready for their arrival…

The feeling was super exciting!! I was like  O M Gee!! Im becomin someone’s fiancee in a few more minutes..I was in my baju kurung..getting ready..


Busy whatsapping my friends…multi tasking! And all till 5 minutes before they reached! Feeling hungry tired and abit cranky i was probably one of the most chilled most weird fiancee ever! Waiting in the room watching tv! Audio messaging with my kekek friends! Whatsapping my bf and sis with whats happening outside!
1/2 hr later..my sis came in! Thought it was not done still watching TV! she stared at me! And i was like what?! She stared at me back and “Harlow! Time to go out la!” … *bimbo moment la sangat…perangai abis!

And so all the sarung cincin happen!


Took looads of photo! And yes it was all over..and they had a feast! While i was busy taking more photos! And then back to the kitchen to take care of logistics! *cuci pinggan mangkuk babe!


And we are OFFICIALLY ENGAGED!! Alhamdullilah da selesai..it was easy and fuss free less than $500 spend..Everyone was happy…and it ended on well…syukur alhamdullilah..



Now the Express service of preps are ongoing!! Let’s do this!
#raikan  #cintaAnN #barnanawedding #countingdown


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