5 more days to Mini Affair….

It is about 5 more days to having our small mini affair of meet the parents session as well as the exchanging of engagement rings or “promise” rings!!

Did our last minute shopping in JB yesterday and yea! It was soo tiring….well the reason why I did my shopping in JB is due to the fact that I am taking advantages of conversion rates and of coz the vast variety of different items needed for a malay cultured wedding preps…


Choice of Jeweller is Habib Jewellery…of coz there are other Jewellers around such as Wah Chan Jeweller located at Angsana Shopping Mall…

Being prompt shoppers we did quite abit of all within a day and there isnt any delays..Alhamdullilah…

FTB was being so understanding…when choosing the ring the fact that it has to be gold as requested by his mom…he compromised that I can choose the design since I was wearing it…I did my choice something unique that the sales lady mentioned not many bought it as they do not know how to wear it on which direction! And my sis was spot on…she said…haish its difficult when she loves unique stuff!

And that ring was my exact choice! Like i said the newer generation hates wearing gold coz it looks MAKCIK-ish (outdated old woman’s fashion)…and would prefer diamond’s ring! But well sometimes you just have to compromise situations….

So abit more shopping to exchange dulangs (engagement presents) and I am so done for Friday’s preps! 🙂


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